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Kingdom Come Deliverance: side quests

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Kingdom Come Deliverance: …Is a Friend Indeed

Check in with Matthew and Fritz, to see how they’re settling in to their new lives at Ledetchko mill. As you approach the pair, you can hear them talking, and it sounds like they’re not particularly happy. The problem is the foreman, Thomas, an apparently arrogant and incompetent man. Speak to both Matthew and Fritz to learn more about Thomas, who Fritz describes as the “root of all evil.”

Bring peace to the mill

It can’t hurt to talk to Miller Oliver about the matter. When you chat to him, he tells you about how his son died in the yard, but he doesn’t want to hear your allegations about Thomas and sends you away. His daughter Julia will come up to you afterwards, telling you that Thomas is a strange man and, on the subject of her deceased brother, that he had a scarf on his person that was stolen from him.

Talk to Thomas directly and you’ll be given several options. The most peaceful solution is to use the central dialogue option, regarding the two carpenters. You’ll then assure him in a calm tone that they are just doing their job, they will leave Julia alone, and that they’ll leave the mill when they have enough money to pay off their debts.

Fritz won’t be happy with this outcome, as he was hoping for a rumble, but what can you do. Matthew, on the other hand, will reward you with 45 Groschen. Alternately – if you fancy that rumble – you can sneer at Thomas during the conversation to initiate a fight with the foreman.

The are other options, in fact, and plenty of them:

The topmost option in the conversation, in which you call Thomas a village idiot, will provoke him in such a way that he will challenge you to a sort of duel, in which Fritz and Matthew, and also a couple of Thomas’ friends will participate. Force all three attackers to their knees to bring an end to the quest.

Or you could talk to Thomas about the dice game with Lorenz from Budin – providing you’ve done that already – answering to his questions that you know Miller Peshek from Rattay. You’ll wind up in a dice match to sort out your problems, which seems a little more civilized, doesn’t it?

You could also ask Thomas about the miller’s son’s death, where he will tell you his version of the unfortunate story. When the scarf is mentioned, it comes to light that Thomas has it. You can either knock him out and take it off his person, or pickpocket it from him, if you’re sneaky enough. Show the scarf to Julia and Thomas will be forced to leave the farm, making your two friends happy.

After a few days…

…Visit the tavern by the forest meadow, which lies northwest of Neuhof (there’s a fast-travel point here). You’ll find Matthew and Fritz here, and you can begin their next side quest, Masquerade.

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