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Kingdom Come Deliverance: side quests

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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Pestilence

It’s not often that main and side quests overlap in the game, but here we are. During the main quest Questions and Answers, Henry will have been to the village of Merhojed and noticed the mysterious plague that has fallen upon it. There, the local bailiff Melichar dispatches you to see Johanka in Sasau, initiating the side quest we’re going to tackle now.

It’s an optional quest, but it’s worth completing to help the people of Merhojed – and it will lead to a better outcome for Questions and Answers. But before you head out to Sasau, first ask around about the plague in Merhojed.

Examine the plague raging in Merhojed

Walk around the town and stop at any door bearing a cross – there you’ll find victims of the plague. A little way west of the fast-travel point, you’ll find a woman named Bedrishka, whose husband succumbed to the illness. She asks you for help, so agree to dig a grave for him behind the house.

Once you’ve dug it, next to the tree, carry the body from the bed and put it into the grave. Ask Bedrishka about the symptoms and she’ll tell you that he suffered from fever and abdominal pain, as if his stomach was filled with stones.

Further findings are provided by an old man, whose hut lies not far the shed holding the prisoner. He’s very aggressive torwards Henry, but if your skills are better than 2/1/13 you can convince him to let you see his dying wife in the adjoining room. Examine her to discover that she, too, is suffering from a fever.

Daniel is in the hut southwest of the yellow quest marker. He’s deluded and believes that you are his brother, which you can go along with if your speech skills are better than 3/2/12. He doesn’t tell you anything you don’t already know, however, so you should now head to Vincent in the east of the quest marker circle. He complains of fever and frequent shitting, before giving Henry yet another side quest named Last Will and Testament.

Let’s leave that one for now. After you have chatted to the afflicted, your investigation in Merhojed is finished and you can make your way to the infirmary in Sasau.

Talk to brother Nicodemus

Johanka passes you on to the doctor of the ward, one brother Nicodemus. He spends most of his time at the alchemy station in the next room, so head there and ask him about the plague. He asks about the symptoms, so tell him.

At this point, you can either read the recipe book at the alchemy station until you discover the cure, or speak to Nicodemus again, telling him that you already know the cause of the plague. If you tell him that the symptoms point to water poisoning, he’ll give you the (correct) recipe for the cure; if you tell him anything else, a cure can still be made, but it will fail and the afflicted people will die.

If you know anything of alchemy, you can create the antidote for yourself, or you can ask Nicodemus to make it for you. Either way, he sets off with Johanka to Merhojed. If you’re keen to make it yourself, here’s the formula:

  • Go to the alchemy table and search the tome for the entry ‘Remedies for Merhojed’
  • You need 1x charcoal, 1x valerian and 2x thistle (you can find everything on the shelf to the left of the alchemy table)
  • Get the ingredients ready and fill the kettle
  • Take two handfuls of thistles out of the bag and put them directly into the kettle. Leave the mixture to cook for two turns of the hourglass
  • Put valerian into the pot, and let it cook for one hourglass turn
  • Allow the mixture to cool briefly, then use the charcoal. Put the finished antidote into a vial
  • Deliver the antidote to the sick

    You’ll find Nicodemus hanging around Old Straw and his wife. Talk to him first, before going to deliver the medicine to the other sick people in town. Once the cure has been administered to Bedrishka, Vincent and Daniel, return to Old Straw’s wife and talk to her to complete the quest. Melichar the bailiff will then allow you into the shed to see the prisoner, and the main quest Questions and Answers can finally carry on.

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