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Kingdom Come Deliverance: side quests

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Kingdom Come Deliverance: The House of God

Speak to Sir Divish at Talmberg castle, who will mention an accident at the construction site in Sasau. Henry is to go there and play detective until he fathoms out what really went on.

Talk to the overseer

By day, the overseer of the site walks around the monastery grounds. Ask him if you can see the scene of the accident – he’ll refuse at first, but relent if you persist. Before you head there though, check in with Karel the master builder, who should be in the same area, wearing a grey top.

He has quite a story to tell, involving a demonic skull and other strange occurrences at the site. You’ll receive two goals then: ‘Question Leshek about the skull’, and ‘Search for clues’. Let’s get to work.

Search for clues

This part of the quest is not only vague, it’s completely optional, and you can end the quest without ever having investigated the monastery or accident site. Let’s do it though, by heading to the building next to the monastery. You’ll spot some bloodstains at the foot of a wooden ladder, which is where the boulder fell on top of the poor worker. The boulder itself is only a few meters away; examine it and Henry will take a piece with him.

Discover the origin of the stone

You’ll be given a quest marker pointing to a quarry near Talmberg. Speak to Rupert there, who says the stone didn’t come from here in the quarry. Head back to Karel and tell him the news.

Find the place where Leshek threw the skull away

Leshek is one of the stonemasons on Sasau’s construction site. Listen to his story about the bedevilled skull, which he says he threw into the river. The game now marks an almost triangular search area north of the monastery, where you’ll find the skull to the lower-right, on the shore, under an inconspicuous overhang of roots and foliage.

With the skull on your person, head to the southern part of Sasau. Near the fast-travel point you’ll find the knacker (in this case also the grave digger), who tells you plainly that it’s a forgery. Sounds like Henry now has to talk to Leshek, and discover whether he placed the skull at the site himself.

You’ll be given a fairly comprehenseive quest marker leading to his location, however Leshek is no longer there. Speak to Zmola the assistant, telling him about the skull, and he’ll suggest that you meet with him and Leshek in the evening.

Meet Leshek and Zmola at sunset

Sleep until about 10pm, then head to the large scaffolding at the monastery. You’ll get into a short, somewhat puzzling cutscene, in which Henry is nearly killed by a falling brick. Climb the scaffolding after your attacker, where you’ll be surprised by a murderous stonemason. Beat him up to learn the truth: he was hired for the attack, by Zmola himself.

Find and stop Zmola

Jeshek is hiding at he mill, it seems, and Zmola is currently making his way there. Hurry there immediately, as this part of the quest is time-sensitive – in fact, it’s better to just jump off the scaffolding so you don’t waste too much time. Whistle for your horse as soon as you can, then ride to the yellow search circle around the mill. You’ll find him at the second building (there’s a cooking pot and a campfire in front of it), where Zmola is dragging Jeshek’s dead body away. If you lose him, you can still report Zmola and finish the quest, but you won’t receive as much money as a reward.

Zmola claims to have found Jeshek like this, and that he was just bringing him to the doctor, but you can counter his lies with the First Aid II skill. Either way, Henry will eventually catch him out on his lie, and the pair will come to blows. Kill Zmola and report back to Sir Divish to receive a hefty sum of Groschen.

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