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Kingdom Come Deliverance: side quests

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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Playing with the Devil

As part of the main quest Mysterious Ways you’ll come across the town of Uzhitz. Speak to Father Godwin there, who often trains during the day in front of the church. A little way along into your dealings with him he’ll tell you about a herbalist named Getrude, who is said to have sold a magical ointment to three women from the village.

Talk to Gertrude

You’ll find the herbalist in the middle of the forest, north of Talmberg (just follow the quest marker there). Before you advance the quest, you might like to make use of her alchemy table to brew up a few potions, or improve your Herbology skills with her if you’re of a sufficiently high level, and you have enough spare change.

Be persuasive on the subject of witchcraft, and Gertrude will eventually open up to you, revealing how the supposedly magical ointment was made. Belladonna and devil’s berry are the key ingredients, so feel free to make some yourself if you’re feeling devilish. The woman says she meant no harm when she sold the women the substance, but that she now fears for their safety, as it can cause some…unusual visions. From her you’ll learn where to find the three Uzhitz women.

Talk to the women about the ointment

You’ll receive three quest markers to aid the next step of your investigation: one in the north, one in the middle of town, and one in the south.

Krista can be found in the south of the village and often works in the fields during the day. Even with a bit of persuasion, she’s rather evasive and won’t tell you exactly what’s going on, only that she and the other ladies are definitely not up to anything evil in the woods at night. Well, OK then.

You’ll find Vera in the fields as well, however she won’t tell you anything more. The last woman is named Zlata, who is a little more talkative about the ointment, but who won’t tell you anything you don’t already know. Well at least we know that something suspicious is going on in the woods at night.

Follow the women to the forest

As evening approaches, the three women set off independently, leaving the village for the dark embrace of the forest. You can start to follow them from about seven in the evening, but be sure to keep your distance so you aren’t seen. They meet at the eastern entrance, right on the path. Stay back as the trio chat amongst themselves, before resuming your Assassin’s Creed-style tailing mission to a campfire in the woods.

After a short cutscene, the women will mistake Henry for the devil. You can either agree to their request or refuse to grant it, but the result will be the same: the women will smear Henry with the ointment, causing him to pass out by the fire.

Cavort with the women

An…interesting vision ensues, during which you’ll need to use your lockpicking skills on one of the animals. You don’t need a lockpick in your inventory, however, and you can try as many time as you need to succeed.

Once done, some mysterious figures will appear, who you’ll have to fight. The vision will end when combat does, and Henry will wake up in the forest, more than a little worse for wear. Those mysterious figures were ordinary woodcutters, as it turns out, who decided to attack the women, believing they were witches.

Return to Father Godwin to tell him what just happened, and that will conclude this memorable quest.

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