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Kingdom Come Deliverance: side quests

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Kingdom Come Deliverance: At your Service, My Lady

Gossip in Talmberg has it that Lady Stephanie is organising a wedding for her cousin Sophie. Speak to one of the guards in the southern part of the castle, or speak to Stephanie directly, to receive a side quest helping out with her preparations.

Stephanie normally resides in that southern building during the day. She’ll ask Henry to retrieve three items: an ornamental crown from Master Jerome in Sasau, fine wine from a Rattay merchant, and a horse from the stables in Uzhitz. Talk to Stephanie about each of these topics to receive 19 Groschen, along with detailed information about where exactly they can be found.

Buy wine from the Rattay retailer

You’ll find the dealer near the church, by the baker and butcher. Tell the merchant that Lady Stephanie has sent you, where you’ll be disappointed to learn that the promised barrel of wine is no longer there. The dealer has donated it to the local archery competition.

Archery competition / get the wine a different way

If your archery skills are up to scratch, you can compete in the tournament and gain the fine wine that way. In this test of marksmanship, you’ll earn three points for hitting the centre of a target, two for hitting the white area, and just one for landing the arrow at its edge. Our tip is to save before you attempt this challenge, take some time to find the correct orientation of the bow, and then to hold it exactly in place – don’t move the camera, don’t move the mouse or the right analogue stick. Hold the bow in position as you fire one arrow after the other.

If you move away from the archery range during the competition, you’ll fail and will need to obtain the wine another way. Follow the winner and his newfound booze after the competition, and either persuade/bribe him to give it to you, pickpocket him when he’s not looking, or steal it from his home later on. If you were particularly forward-thinking, you could have even pinched it from a chest at the Archery contest before the tournament began.

Either way, you now have the wine, which completes the first part of the wedding prep.

The crown in Sasau

If you have not yet been to Sasau, start in Ledetchko and ride west from there. The town has several fast-travel points, including one in the centre and at the monastery a little way to the north. Nearby you’ll also find Master Jerome’s workshop, where naturally another calamity has occurred. The crown’s moldavite gem has not yet arrived, while the man responsible for the delivery cannot be found. Either tell the smith to replace the gem with an inferior stone, or look for the original – your choice.

Find the missing moldavite

Jerome tells you where the man was last seen – west of Sasau, near the footbridge over the ford – so head there. In the yellow circle you’ll find a cart with a conspicuous blood trail leading away from it. Follow it to a campsite, where you’ll find two bloodthirsty bandits waiting for you, and also the merchant’s body. The gem won’t be on his person, but it’s not far away as it’s in the locked chest sitting next to him. If you didn’t bring a lockpick – always bring a lockpick – you can find one on one of the bandits. Be sure to save before attempting to pick it, if it’s your only one.

Bring the gem to Jerome, wait about a day for him to fit it, and finally you can pick up the finished crown. Now to see a man about a horse.

The roan at Uzhitz

Go to Uzhiz village and visit the stable master. He says that he horse in question can be a little bad-tempered, before he directs you to his assistant Vashek, the only person who knows how to calm it down. After some persuasion, Vashek finally teaches you how to calm the mare yourself, which thankfully works a treat; mount the steed and ride it back to Lady Stephanie.

As a thank you for all your hard work, Stephanie will reward you with…a shirt. Great. It’s her father’s old shirt, so it’s not even new. If you’re interested in romancing Lady Stephanie, agree to change into it when she asks.

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