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Kingdom Come Deliverance: side quests

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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Next to Godliness

You’ll already know Hans Capon from the main storyline, where you rescued the snobbish lord from bandits. Since then, he’s become a little friendlier towards Henry, and is now staying in Rattay, where you’ll come across him in the southern castle complex (in his quarters, naturally). He invites Henry to join him at the local bathhouse, which lies just outside the city walls.

Meet Hans at the bathhouse after dark

Hans will be at the bathhouse shortly before 19:00, and upon his arrival he’ll get a girl and go into one of the rooms. He won’t actually let you inside until about 21:00, as presumably he and the girl are busy doing a jigsaw puzzle or playing Ye Olde Top Trumps. Actually, it’s not too far off that – once he lets you into the room, he invites, well demands, that Henry plays a dice game with the bathmaid. It’s a game of strip dice, naturally.

Play Zdena at dice

Remember that you can smuggle dice inside with you before the game if you want, and you might need to as Zdena is rather good. You can win against her, however, and if you intend to, be sure to swig a Saviour Schnapps back before beginning the game. It doesn’t matter if you win though, so when the game is over, talk to Capon again.

Where has he been during all this? In the bathtub of course, and Henry is rather keen to get in too. So put your clothes in the chest nearby and sit down in the water with Capon.

Get the Sylvian Red wine from the Rathaus cellar

The pair get to drinking, but Capon soon demands a nobler drop of wine, and of course it’s up to Henry to go and get it. Before you leave, put your clothes on for heaven’s sake, but also be sure to grab Capon’s key from the chest next to the tub. This will give you access to the basement of the town hall, where the Sylvian red wine resides. (It’s the last barrel at the back-right of the basement, and it’s already been tapped, says Capon.)

Both quest markers – for the wine, and for the pitcher to carry it – point to the same location, near Rattay’s market square. You’ll find the tailor’s shop there, and at the back of the building there’ll be a wooden staircase leading upstairs. Unlock the door with the key, then squat down and creep inside. You’re not supposed to be here, by the way, and guards are patrolling the area.

Sneak downstairs and unlock the wine cellar. Here you’ll find the pitcher, and not too far away the barrel, on the right. Should one of the servants in the wine cellar surprise you, Henry will say that Capon has sent him, presenting the key as proof. The evening in the bathhouse continues in good cheer when you return there with the pitcher of wine.

Collect a bouquet of flowers for Klara

Next Capon will send you to get a bouquet of dandelion, sage, roses and poppies to give to another bathmaid, Klara. You can find them anywhere, but be aware that you’ll have to find them before 6am, or else the task with fail. The quest marker points to a spot on the northeastern wall of Rattay, where the poppies can be found at the battlefield just past the city’s topmost gate.

Sage is easy to find as well. It grows at the wooden bridge right at the Upper Gate fast-travel point, while there are dandelions nearby this location too. They can found in a meadow to the northeast, near a small farm. Be careful not to confuse the yellow flowers with St. John’s Wort.

You won’t find roses anywhere near, but if you hotfoot it back to the garden of the upper castle, you’ll find them growing there, along with any flowers you might have missed. (Feel free to just head there immediately, ignoring the precious quest markers.) To reach the garden, warp to the Upper Gate fast-travel point, walk over the bridge back to the city, and then immediately veer to the right. The door opposite will take you to the garden.

As the evening comes to an end, you’ll be thrown into a fight with a man upset by Capon’s carrying on. Win the fight and Henry will wake up the next morning in a dung heap. Track Capon down (as in, follow the quest marker) and he’ll reward you with a whopping 12 Groschen.

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