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Kingdom Come Deliverance guide: walkthrough, tips and tricks

How to survive the middle ages

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an atypical roleplaying game even putting the lack of supernatural creatures aside. There’s a greater focus on simulation, and a much steeper learning curve – getting into it is not easy or overly intuitive, especially compared to the majority of games that tend to lead you by the hand. Explanations for Kingdom Come’s various systems are particularly hard to come by, so if you’d rather not bash your head (and indeed your lockpicks) against every secured door you see, then take a seat, pour yourself a Saviour Schnapps, and have a gander at our guide to the game. This article was updated on March 9th 2018 with another million side quests and things.

This is not a game where you’ll blindly follow the quest arrow until it takes you to your intended target (at least, not most of the time), and so in the table of contents below you’ll find walkthroughs for the main and side quests, with their various solutions and possibilities handily mapped out. We’ve also included a few general tips and explanations, to give you a leg up and gain more of a foothold in a harsh medieval world that really isn’t too fussed whether you live or die.

Words by Tom Sykes, based in part on articles by Sebastian Thor.

Main quests

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Unexpected Visit

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Run!

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Homecoming

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Awakening

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Train Hard, Fight Easy

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Keeping the Peace

Kingdom Come Deliverance: The Prey

Kingdom Come Deliverance: The Hunt Begins

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Ginger in a Pickle

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Mysterious Ways

Kingdom Come Deliverance: On the Scent

Kingdom Come Deliverance: My Friend Timmy

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Nest of Vipers

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Baptism of Fire

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Questions and Answers

Kingdom Come Deliverance: All that Glisters

Side quests

Kingdom Come Deliverance: The Good Thief

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Mightier than the Sword

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Courtship

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Playing with the Devil

Kingdom Come Deliverance: At your Service, My Lady

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Language Barrier

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Next to Godliness

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Scavenger

Kingdom Come Deliverance: The Horse That Bolted

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Aquarius

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Tough Love

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Waldensians

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Clothes Make the Man

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Robber Baron

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Miracles While You Wait

Kingdom Come Deliverance: A Friend in Need…

Kingdom Come Deliverance: A Costly Brawl

Kingdom Come Deliverance: In God’s Hands

Kingdom Come Deliverance: A Man of the Cloth

Kingdom Come Deliverance: …Is a Friend Indeed

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Saintly Remains

Kingdom Come Deliverance: A Bird in the Hand…

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Masquerade

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Pestilence

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Damsel in Distress

Kingdom Come Deliverance: The House of God

General tips and help

Kingdom Come Deliverance: A guide to lockpicking

Don’t yet own Kingdom Come Deliverance and wondering whether it’s for you? Check out our Kingdom Come Deliverance review. If you’ve bought it already and want to ease yourself in, read on for some general tips…

In general: say goodbye to the idea of strolling around a relaxed fantasy playground. That’s not Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Simple things like a trip from point A to point B can not only strain your time and nerves, but also the body of the game’s protagonist, Henry. Be attentive during the opening quests, and read through all of the various text pop-ups carefully – you’ll learn a lot of useful facts about the game. Beyond that, don’t be afraid to consult the Tutorials tab in the Codex – there, all instructions and tips are stored and can be accessed after they’ve disappeared.

Saving: a particularly vital topic, given that you’re probably keen on shutting the game down now and again. As you may already know, Kingdom Come puts a limit on manual saving, first requiring that you possess a relatively pricey item called Saviour Schnapps. Autosaves are made during quests and (sometimes) when you take a kip in a bed, but they can be quite unreliably spaced out. What to do if you suddenly need to save then? (And you’re not keen on using mods to do so.)

You guzzle down that Saviour Schnapps, of course. This is generally found in taverns, either from the barkeep or a waitress, or behind the counter of a pharmacy. If you have any belladonna and stinging nettle lying around, you can also brew your own at an alchemical table, provided that you follow the necessary steps to the letter. One bottle of Saviour Schnapps allows you to save anywhere – either by drinking it from the inventory, or by selecting ‘Save’ from the pause menu – but uses up the beverage in the process. It also gets your character drunk. Well, it is alcoholic.

Unfortunately, this special booze is not particularly affordable, although the price does vary between suppliers. We’ve seen it on offer between 20 and 100 Groschen, so it’s worth shopping around for the best deal. The best deal, naturally, is to pay nothing for the liquid, by mastering the steps necessary to manufacture it yourself.

Quest markers: we’ve become used to games telling us exactly where to go in order to complete objectives, and precisely who to natter to for essential info. Kingdom Come doesn’t do this, at least not most of the time. In general, when you’re dispatched to an area to perform a specific deed or to chat to an individual, you’ll be sent to a vague yellow circle on the world map. This gives you only a small hint, the approximate location of the thing in question. Often enough, you’ll have to comb this yellow area to find the NPC, location or item you’re looking for.

World map and symbols: get familiar with the map and its myriad symbols quickly. The map itself is beautiful and stylishly drawn, but it’s also full of detail, its various symbols (once you know what they mean, at least) telling you where to find butchers, bakers, taverns, pharmacies, cobblers, shooting ranges, blacksmiths or whetstones. To discover what each icon represents, switch to the Legend tab while on the map screen.

Plan ahead: understanding where to find something when you need it is an essential skill in Kingdom Come, saving you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent blustering your way around. A small example: in the evening you’ll become tired and need to bed down somewhere, so be sure to have some accommodation lined up. After waking up you’ll feel recovered, but also hungry, so keep a bit of grub handy, or some spare cash so you can go and purchase a slap-up breakfast. Meanwhile, it pays to memorise the location of whetstones, as a blunted blade will do less damage – and it can be pricey to pay someone for the privilege of repairing it.

Much like in real life, your daily life in Kingdom Come is generally a matter of sticking to a schedule, so it will save plenty of time each day if you know where everything is located beforehand. Time you can spend on other pursuits, such as exploration, foraging or riding lessons.

Fast travel: while there is a form of fast travel in the game, it’s a little different to the one found in, for example, Skyrim. You can only travel to specific fast travel points – usually major cities – locations that will be marked out by a blue banner bearing a picture of a wheel. Click on these and Henry will make towards it, however it’s not as simple as instantly teleporting there. His physical needs including hunger and sleep will continue while he’s on the move, while time will pass inexorably as he marches forward. Take a little trip around the world on an empty stomach and you’ll pay the price when you finally arrive at your destination, so it’s better to stuff your gullet before embarking on a long voyage. (Also, for that matter, before a lengthy kip.)

You’ll watch Henry make the voyage from the comfort of the world map screen, instead of jumping directly to your destination as in many other games. In the process, he’ll occasionally stumble upon random events, be they an encounter with bandits, corpses ripe for plundering, or knights travelling with the intention of duelling you. These surprises can be pleasant, or a royal pain in the medieval arse, so if you’d rather just ignore them, you can whistle for your horse and scarper without engaging.

Player menu, buffs and character development: your character is the centerpiece of Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s medieval banquet. His skills define what you’re capable of and what kind of playing style you’re shaping for yourself. Accordingly, it’s important to keep an eye on and to understand Henry’s development. In general, skill advancement in Kingdom Come is based on the learning-by-doing principle. So if you’re doing something active you’ll be gradually getting better at it, be it riding, picking locks, hunting or potion-brewing. You can keep track of all these improvements on the Player screen, with the Stats, Combat, Skills, Buffs and Reputation tabs going into more granular detail. Increasing your skills and stats will add additional, permanent boons to your character, but it’s just as important to pay attention to your Buffs. These are effects that will temporarily affect your character, in both positive and negative ways.

Here are a few examples. If you’re starving and haven’t eaten for a while, your health will drop until you push something behind the gills. If you’re sent to jail – for instance, for walking around at night without a torch – your stats will be diminished for a bit. Meanwhile, if you insist on lugging too much stuff around, you’ll become over-encumbered and restricted, movement-wise. Whenever a new symbol appears next to the red life and yellow endurance bars, check the Buffs screen to see what it means.

Theft, property and murder: are equally important issues to be aware of. In this strict medieval world, you can’t just do whatever you feel (or at least, not if someone’s watching). For example, if you bust into a stranger’s house, a fade effect on the screen indicates unlawful entry into a private area. The inhabitants will warn you briefly before taking further steps – which can include reporting you to the guards. The same applies to theft: if you pinch an item in front of its owner, they’ll do everything in their power to get it back. And even if you steal an item without being noticed, you may still fall foul of a later pat-down from a guard.

Thankfully, stolen goods can be fenced, for example to Rattay’s Miller Woyzeck after you’ve completed The Good Thief side quest for his mate Peshek. If you have the resources and skills, a career in thieving can be quite lucrative – as long as you don’t get caught.

With these basics in mind, you should find it a little easier to get started with Kingdom Come Deliverance. You’ll still have problems here and there, but don’t be discouraged: should you find yourself in a hopeless situation, remember that you can always run away. It’s not what a hero would do, but you’re playing the rare game where you aren’t one.

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