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Kingdom Come Deliverance guide: walkthrough, tips and tricks

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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Ginger in a Pickle

As you have just learned from Jakub, you can find what you are looking for among the Charcoal-Burners. He mentions a camp located to the south, which should be a good starting point, so let’s head there. Ride south along the narrow stream near Neuhof until you reach the point marked on the map (it should be marked with an A). Once you arrive there, either persuade or bribe the Charcoal-Burner spokesman to help you, who will only send you to meet with some of his colleagues in the north. Look for them in the clearing at the bottom of the search area that opens up when you arrive there.

Again, you can either try to persuade or bribe their spokesman for the information you need. The former option won’t be easy, but a good 25 Groschen should be enough for him to loosen his tongue, telling you to continue your search near Talmberg.

The location of the next camp will now be marked on your map, and if you want to avoid a scrap with a camp full of bandits along the way, best follow the river. When you finally arrive at the next camp, ask the twins for information about Ginger. They say they have him, but they’ll only release the lad on the condition that you eliminate a couple of troublesome bandits.

Kill the bandits

In this sub-quest, there is also the possibility of lying to the brothers and pretending that the bandits are already dead, which is the option you should take if you’re looking to complete the game without killing unnecessarily. The easiest option is just to kill them, however, so head for the middle of the forest to the point marked on the map – the bandits can be found at the place where the central path through the forest starts to fork.

You can talk to the bandits before you attack them, if you like, however that will prevent you from sneaking up on them for a stealth advantage. If you come at night, you can also assassinate them in their sleep.

Once the bandits are no more, return to the Coal-Burner camp to inform the twins of your heroic deeds. True to their words, they’ll tell you where to find Ginger, who turns out to be hiding in a small hut to the north of the third Coal-Burner camp.

Inside, Ginger asks you what he has to do with the attack on Neuhof – it turns out he’s blameless. Let him know that you’ve taken care of the bandits, before either assuring him that you’ll smooth things over back in Neuhof, or that he should go back there and explain his story himself. If you pick the first option you’ll have to return there yourself to clarify the matter with Zora, but the next time you see Ginger in Neuhof he’ll thank you with a bag of Groschen, and offer to increase your riding skill.

Regardless of how that pans out, Ginger will also clue you in about a limping man in Uzhitz, who has something to do with the bandit attack – but let’s save that for the next quest, Mysterious Ways. Before you embark on that, return to Captain Bernard and Lord Radzig, who will give you your reward.

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