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Kingdom Come Deliverance guide: walkthrough, tips and tricks

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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Mysterious Ways

During the course of the previous quest, Ginger told you where you should be heading to next: to find a limping bandit in Uzhitz, a town located to the northeast of Talmberg. Mount your horse and head north to reach it, but don’t be alarmed at the vast search area once you arrive (the entire place is circled – how on earth are you supposed to find the bandit’s house?) As soon as you approach one of its citizen – for example, the innkeeper – you can speak to them to learn where the bandit lives. If they don’t know, just keep asking until someone tells you.

You’ll discover that Limpy Lubosh lives on the village outsirts, on the road to Rattay. Head towards the small bridge over the river, which divides Uzhitz. His hut is one of the last huts to the south, which some passers-by are currently crowding around. Approach the scene and Henry will talk to the bailiff; as it turns out, your target has been murdered. It’s time for you to play detective.

Get more information about Limpy Lubosh

Talk to the surrounding onlookers, asking about any suspicious activity. They say that Lubosh recently paid a visit to the local priest. You’ll find Father Godwin’s church in the north of the village, while the padre himself will likely be standing outside it, possibly performing some sword-fighting exercises. Just follow the A on your map to locate the priest. He’ll also give you the Playing with the Devil side quest, but more on that later.

Ask Godwin what happened on the day Lubosh died, and he’ll reveal that he came to the priest and made confession, but that Godwin can’t reveal what the deceased told him. You could attempt to persuade him, now, but it’s unlikely your skill will be high enough to succeed. Instead, Godwin will invite you to join him in the tavern that evening, which handily is located next to the church. You can meet the priest here from around half-past eight, but it’s not a big deal if you arrive early – just take a seat and let some time pass you by. Take a seat at Godwin’s table and the conversation can begin.

From here on there are two different outcomes, each dependent on your relationship with Godwin. If you want to maintain a positive relationship with the priest, then talk openingly about your background (always give the first answer), and don’t take too long to reply as most of the choices are time-sensitive.

Positive relationship

If you’re open with Godwin, he will also begin to loosen up, before finally suggesting having an alcoholic beverage or two. It’s worthwhile agreeing to his request, but if you don’t mind getting on the priest’s bad side, you can always refuse. Continue down the drinking path and you’ll wind up being thrown out of the establishment after a scuffle with the other patrons. Follow Godwin to the church tower and, if necessary, pick up the torch if you can’t see the wooden stairs in front of you.

Take over Father Godwin’s sermon

You wake up with a hangover after a memorable night, and next to a priest who is in no mood to deliver a sermon. To stay in his good books you’ll need to deliver it for him, by first putting on some suitable attire, and then following Godwin to the church and hoping for the best.

First, say that God is at the head of the church. After that, that it is human to sin. Finally, speak harshly, but stand up for Father Godwin. That should get the assembled crowd on your side. If the sermon goes well, the priest will keep his word and break his silence over Lubosh’s confession. It seems that the limping bandit was involved in the raid on Neuhof, but that he wanted nothing to do with its more out-of-control violence. According to Godwin, a man named Reeky can help you, in Ledetchko.

Negative relationship

If things go pear-shaped with Godwin you will have to learn what happened to Lubosh in a different manner. Canvassing the public is not particularly helpful, so you should instead locate the Bailiff (you’ll find him in the tavern during the evening).

From him you’ll finally gain a new lead: the Rattay Black Chronicle should be able to help you. Using the fast-travel system you’ll be able to jump back to Rattay pretty quickly. To find the building itself, first locate the tailor, then take the door on the right-hand side, in front of the wooden staircase, where you’ll find the poorly scribe lying in his bed.

The scribe asks you to pick up a salve from the pharmacist that will ease his discomfort – you can conveniently find this next door, where it’s on sale for 40 Groschen. After the scribe’s speedy recovery, follow him to a previously locked room where you’re given access to the chronicle. Depending on whether Henry can read or not, either have a read of it yourself or ask the scribe for help. From the chronicle you’ll learn of Reeky, and the next main quest can finally begin.

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