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Kingdom Come Deliverance guide: walkthrough, tips and tricks

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Kingdom Come Deliverance: My Friend Timmy

You suddenly find yourself surrounded by three shady characters, who will go straight for the offensive. Hold back and wait for Reeky to get their attention by running away – you stand little chance against the bandits in a fair fight. Either wait for them to separate, taking them out with stealth attacks, or scarper on the back of a horse – there’s no shame in that.

Head north once you’ve dealt with the bandits, to the windmill southwest of Talmberg and almost exactly north of Ledetchko. Chat to one of the passers-by to learn that Timmy has a sister here named Mirka, who you’ll find either in the building next to the windmill, or walking around the grounds, depending on when you arrive. Without too much effort you’ll discover where Timmy is hiding out, before she suggests that you talk more behind the windmill.

Follow Mirka and talk to her again. The two of you are interrupted by Runt, the particularly vicious bandit who knocked you out back in Skalitz. They want to find Timmy as well, but unlike you they plan to kill him.

At this point, the situation will lead to one of two different outcomes, resulting in a diverging story. Whichever way you proceed, try to keep Timmy alive, as he’ll no longer be able to tell you the whereabouts of the bandits’ camp.

Note: joining with Runt has serious consequences for the next story quest, which asks you to scout out the vast bandit camp. If you’ve sided with Runt, you’ll be able to visit there with no trouble, but if you’ve put yourself in opposition to him, then you obviously won’t be welcome there, making the quest more difficult as a result.

1. Reject Runt’s offer and have Timmy tell you where the camp is.

The dialogue with Runt ends in an important decision: do you want to join forces to locate Timmy? If you’d rather not parlay with the murderous bandit, you can attempt to mislead him and claim that Timmy is staying in Rattay. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll succeed. If the situation escalates and blades are drawn, our advice would be to leg it, as these three are too powerful for you.

Ride to Merhoged and visit Kolben’s farm. You’ll find Timmy here, who dances to your tune by giving you directions to the bandit camp.

2. Collaborate with Runt and kill Timmy on Kolben’s farm

The other approach is completely valid, however. If you have something against Timmy, and you can forgive Runt for that painful wallop on your head earlier, you can agree to help him find, and to kill, poor Timmy. (Note that before you agree, you can also ask for an advance on your payment upfront.) After that, it’s still possible to fool Runt by telling him that Timmy is holed up in Rattay, but you’ll need a high Speech skill for that.

Either way, Runt sets off to kill Timmy. As he doesn’t trust you yet, he leaves one of his people behind to watch you, who will be hard to shake. Walk to Merhojed next. The shady characters are already there, and may already have murdered Timmy. If he’s croaked it, speak to Runt to receive the other half of your payment, before asking if there’s anything else you can do. Runt finally begins to warm to you and gives you the location of the bandit camp: it’s at Pribyslavitz. If you’re feeling particularly devious, you can also untie Timmy’s corpse to find a key that will unlock his house – clear it out if no one is watching you.

You’ve finally achieved your goal. Now to let Lord Radzig know, who you’ll find just northwest of Merhojed. Claim your reward, and agree to take a closer look at this bandit camp for the next main quest.

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