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Kingdom Come Deliverance guide: walkthrough, tips and tricks

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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Nest of Vipers

By the order of Lord Radzig you should now scout out the bandit camp. You’ll already begin to feel the effects of your previous decision. If you and Runt are on good terms because you cooperated with him during the previous quest, then you will have learned exactly where you need to go. If you sided with Timmy, however, you’ll have to follow his slightly more vague directions. Use the landmarks he gave you to discover your destination, which lies east of Skalitz and northeast of Rovna, within the large, eye-catching forest in the extreme north of the game world. Go to the middle of the yellow circle and you’ll eventually discover Pribyslavitz, which is the camp you’re looking for. You’ll be given a fast-travel point so you can return later, if you desire.

Infiltrate the bandits’ camp

Radzig wants only basic information about the layout and nature of the camp, but you can stick around a bit longer and do a more thorough job if you wish, which will make the following quest easier. Walk along the strategically important parts of the camp (for example the moat, the fences and the central church, which serves as a fortress) and Henry will mutter something at each point, letting you know that you’ve come to the right area. After a few of these remarks, you may return to Radzig.

Ultimately, however, spying on the camp plays out in one of two ways:

1. Runt likes you: you can move around the camp at ease

If you helped Runt out before, you may look around the camp without worrying about sneaking around, or having to run away from the bandits inside. In fact, the first bandit you see will hail you as you approach, before leading you inside to wait for Runt. Take the man at face value and you’ll be led into an ambush that will likely lead to your demise – however, you’ll be safe if you wander off before that, at the point when you’re told by the man to sit still for a moment.

2. Runt doesn’t like you: sneaking around the camp

If you’re on the bandits’ bad side, you’ll need to stay out of sight as much as possible, so it’s best if you come here at night. If you’re having trouble keeping to the shadows or reducing your noise output, you can always creep around the camp from the outside. You probably won’t find everything of tactical interest, but you’ll find enough for the quest to continue.

Optional secondary targets: sabotage the arrows, poison the bandits

If you want to really ruin the bandits’ day, set their arrows on fire. (Hey, they need those for firin’.) You can fulfil this optional objective by standing next to a single barrel full of arrows and lighting it on fire, but you’ll need to do this without being seen, which may prove tricky. Drink a Saviour Schnapps first if you’re intending to carry this out, and the more barrels you can manage to destroy the better.

If you like, you can also poison the guards’ provisions. Poison can be found in pharmacies (not that there are any of those nearby), or from the herbalist who just so happens to live in the woods to the southeast of the camp. There are also a few chests in the warehouse containing the unpleasant substance. Once you’ve attained it, locate the cooking pots near the hearths, hover the cursor over each of them, and select the poison from your inventory to pour it in. Once again, one poisoned pot is enough to fufill the secondary objective, but the more pots you can ruin, the better.

Talk to Radzig

Return to Radzig to report on your findings. After Henry describes what he has seen, the Lord will ask how many bandits, in your opinion, can be expected inside. Tell him that there are a lot, which is only speaking the truth. Based on your estimate, he’ll adjust the number of troops he dispatches to storm the camp with you.

Prepare well for the ensuing battle, as it’ll be the toughest you’ve been through so far. Sharpen your weapons, brew a few performance-enhancing potions, and above all get a good night’s sleep. When you’re ready, speak to Sir Divish in Talmberg to ask for reinforcements. He’ll ask you if you’re ready to begin the battle. Well, are you?

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