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Kingdom Come Deliverance guide: walkthrough, tips and tricks

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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Baptism of Fire

This can be a difficult quest – that is, if you’re intending to fight fairly – so you may well face a few problems if you didn’t prepare well enough during the previous mission. The more arrows you burned, the more cooking pots you poisoned, and the more bandits you told Radzig about, the better chance you stand of making it through this quest in one piece.

Before you storm the camp, it would be worthwhile to restore any worn equipment. So sharpen your blade on a whetsone, restore your armour to tip-top condition, and get in some practice with the weapon class you’re intending to use in the ensuing battle.

Storm the bandit camp

Now it falls to Henry to accompany Radzig’s men to the bandit camp. However, it’s entirely possible to let those men do all of the work, and to wade in only when the odds are in your favour – in fact, this is probably the best approach if you’re keen on staying alive.

If you’re intent on entering the fray, only engage with enemies that are already fighting Radzig’s men, as the AI generally has a hard time responding to attacks from multiple directions. Attack someone from the side or, better yet, from behind, to heroically fight your way to victory.

This strategic/cowardly approach is all the more important as Kingdom Come doesn’t offer the opportunity to heal during combat. Bandages will only mend your wounds outside of battle, so keep your distance and only intervene when you feel certain of victory. Thankfully, within this quest there are a few breaks during combat in which you can stop and heal – when the ‘crossed swords’ symbol disappears from under the radar. Use these breaks well.

Fight your way into the camp

After arriving in the camp’s vicinity, advance along the path beside the marching soldiers. The path takes you over a small bridge alongside the wooden palisade, where you’ll slaughter the first group of bandits with the help of Radzig’s men. When they’re dead, your current objective updates, expecting you to now fight your way through the main Cuman camp. However, while you’re here, take the time to plunder a few corpses to replenish your supplies. It’s what they would have wanted. Probably.

Stay in the background and let Radzig’s men do most (or all) of the work. However, if you want to get actively involved (say, to train your combat skills), then it’s best to do it here, before the first checkpoint hits – if you croak, you won’t have to replay too much again.

Deal with the archers / kill the Cuman commander

There’ll be a cutscene after the first two groups of opponents, during which the wagon will be pushed aside and you’ll finally enter the camp itself. Look to your left: on a wooden staircase you’ll see a group of archers. Take them out first, completing the sub-objective that popped up, before rifling through their corpses to find some valuable Saviour Schnapps.

Follow the men in the direction of the tents. There you’ll find the Cuman commander, who’s carrying a useful helmet. Make sure you loot it after you (or, more likely, the men) proceed to strike the commander down. You’ll receive a new goal:

Fight through to the church

At this point, the men men will rush up the slope towards the church, and if you’re interested in finishing the game, then you should follow them. On the right side of the wall in front of you you’ll see more archers; kill them with a bow and arrow. There’ll be another cutscene then, before you’re put into a battle with your nemesis (or one of them, anyway): the bandit Runt.

Kill the bandit commander in the steeple

Runt puts up a tough fight if you try to take him on in fair combat – there’s not much room to move, and he’s likely more skilled with a blade than you. However, if you put the idea of chivalry aside (he is a murderous bandit, after all), you can take the helmet-less Runt down easily with a bow. When he rushes towards you after the first starts, gain as much distance as possible, before stretching the bow and firing an arrow right at his face. If your aim is true, you’ll take him out immediately and complete the quest. Huzzah.

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