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Kingdom Come Deliverance guide: walkthrough, tips and tricks

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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Questions and Answers

With a nice big battle under your belt, you’re probably ready to offload some of that equipment you’ve been dragging about, which was helpfully, ah, donated by the Cumans cut down on the battlefield. Do that now, and use the downtime between quests to freshen up a little, too. Hanush gives you a room in Pirkstein, near Rattay, which you can use for this purpose.

When you’re ready, find Sir Radzig in the hall of the upper castle in Rattay, and have a chinwag with the man. Your next objective is less about murder and manslaughter, and a little more civilized, calling for your detecting and conversation skills. It seems that, while you were gone, bandits attacked the town of Merhojed, west of Talmberg – however, the villagers managed to capture one of the attackers, who might be persuaded to divulge some useful information if he were pressured hard enough. So it’s up to Henry, very much a medieval Cadfael, to ride to the town and chat to the locals about the situation.

Once you arrive at the town you’ll learn that it’s not had the best time of it lately. In addition to the bandits, it’s also been subject to a mysterious plague. Henry becomes concerned about his old friend Matthias, who survived the attack on Skalitz and who now resides in Merhojed. Speak to one of the villagers about your friend and you’ll learn that he lies injured in the stables in the west/northwest part of the village. Let’s go there and check up on him.

Find out what happened to Matthias

Once you’ve made your way to the stables, talk to Matthias, mentioning the bandit raid you’ve been sent there to investigate. If you haven’t heard about it already, he’ll also give you the lowdown on the plague currently sweeping through the town.

Ask the local bailiff about the situation

Our next stop is the bailiff, Melichar, who resides on the west side of the village. During the day, however, he’ll most likely be roaming the streets, where he’ll tell you that he has no time to talk to you, and that he won’t give you access to the prisoner until the plague is cured. It’s up to muggins here to do that, of course.

Now, you can try to force your way into the barn to talk to the prisoner, either by bribing the next-door neighbour or picking the lock on the door, but even if you manage to finagle your way inside, the prisoner won’t talk to you, as he is also suffering from that curious sickness. So your only real option is to complete the Pestilence side quest that will have popped up while you were exploring Merhojed. We go into that in the side quests section of the guide, so if you haven’t completed it yet, be sure to head there before reading the rest of this page.

Done it yet? Great. After that quest, you’ll either have a working remedy for the affected population, or, well, you won’t, depending on your choices.

If you’ve discovered the cure:

The bandit will recover to the extent that he is finally ready for conversation. And boy is he informative about any and all things bandit: about Pribyslavitz, the attack on Merhojed, the counterfeit currency, and the group’s mysterious leader. He tells you he was given the forged coins by someone called Menhart, who he was planning to meet up with soon. He then gives you a letter from the leader that he was supposed to give to this Menhart.

You’ll now have to make a choice regarding the prisoner. The executioner, Straw, is eager to kill the man, but if you persuade him after he busts in on you, you can convince him to leave the prisoner to you. Or you can let Straw kill him, it’s up to you. Speak to the prisoner again (if he’s still alive) and you’ll automatically be taken to Rattay’s dungeon, where you’ll drop the bandit off for his remaining sentence. Speak to Radzig again to complete the quest and receive 175 Groschen (you’ll find him in a camp in the mountains just west of Talmberg).

If you’ve created the wrong remedy:

In this case, the captive bandit will die just like the rest of the population of Merhojed. You’ll have to retrieve the letter from his body buried outside the village – so grab a shovel and look for the large tree in the big field near town. You’ll still get the necessary information, but you won’t be able to furnish Radzig with as many details. The start of the next main quest, All that Glisters, will change a little too, however the impact is minimal.

Continue with: Kingdom Come Deliverance: All that Glisters.

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