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Kingdom Come Deliverance guide: walkthrough, tips and tricks

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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Train Hard, Fight Easy

This quest concerns your training under one Captain Bernard. To begin, leave the castle grounds and head back towards the village, before going east/northeast to find the battleground (it lies just outside the protective walls). He’ll only be there during the day, so if it’s night-time either get some kip or use the Wait function to advance time until about eight in the morning. Talk to him to start your training without further ado.

Training under Bernard

It’s up to you whether you want to re-acquaint yourself with some basic combat first, or to go directly into the more advanced techniques. Since the fighting in Kingdom Come is quite unique and more than a little cumbersome, there’s no shame in beginning with the basics, even if you’ve already picked some of it up. In any case, pay close attention to his instructions, as there are plenty of worthwhile techniques to learn.

Do as Bernard tells you, and you might notice that some of your skills are already improving – you’ll be a master warrior in no time. At some point, an arrogant snob named Hans Capon will interrupt proceedings to announce that his archery training will soon begin. But before that, you will learn how to feint and dodge to outwit your opponents.

Bow training on the shooting range

Afterwards, go straight to the shooting range, where you’ll learn how to perform archery. Bernard will lead you right to the range, and even give you a pair of vambraces for your trouble – stick these on or you’ll damage your arms when firing. Aiming with a bow is a little tricky, given the lack of a traditional cursor, so take the time to shoot a few targets, to get a sense for how your stamina affects the bow’s alignment. Shooting continues until Capon decides to challenge you to an archery competition and, finally, to a good old swordfight.

If you succeed, you’ll receive Capon’s bow as a reward. If you lose, the haughty Lord will make you feel about two inches tall. Talk to Bernard afterwards and he’ll give you a new errand:

Report to the bailiff

The bailiff is located in the west part of the city, but before you head to see him, you might like to peruse the nearby buildings where you’ll find shops selling armour, weapons, clothes and alchemical supplies. Near the tailor, a wooden staircase on the right leads you directly to an inn, where the lonely bailiff resides.

Caution: there’s a bug that occasionally shows the door to be locked, a lock that you may find difficult to pick this early in the game. In our case it helped to go and sleep in a bed for a few hours until the game autosaved, before we returned to find that we were able to enter the building as normal.

Go inside and tell the bailiff that you want to work for him, and you’ll be given the next main quest, Keeping the Peace.

Continue with: Kingdom Come Deliverance: Keeping the Peace.

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