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Kingdom Come Deliverance guide: walkthrough, tips and tricks

How to survive the middle ages

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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Keeping the Peace

Much of this quest involves performing your new duties as a city guard, but before you head out on your rounds you should take the opportunity to find some appropriate equipment.

Get your gear out of the armory

You’ll find the armory on the first floor of a watchtower that lies to the east of Rattay, between the shoemaker and the pub. Go inside, talk to the guard about why you’re there, and he’ll give you a set of glamorous work clothes. The light armour and hood don’t offer much in the way of protection, but hey, they’re free, and you can always sell them later if you want.

You should now head to the west of Rattay, to begin your tour with a senior guard there named Nightgale. If you arrive before 11:00 or after 19:00, he won’t be there, so don’t be afraid to wait or take a nap if you need to. If you appear within those hours, he’ll be waiting for you near a cart in front of the church.

Turn up in civilian clothes and Nightingale will (understandably) have a go at you for failing to put on the uniform first, but you can always lie and say that your current outfit has been cleared for duty. Conversation over, you’ll set off on your patrol, with Nightingale giving you a brief tour of the area and its history. Talking to him about Theresa will begin the Courtship side quest, but more on that later.

Dispute between armorer and beggar

It won’t be long before your talents are in demand. The armorer is in the middle of a heated dispute with a beggar named Jane, who the man wants gone from his property. Listen to both sides of the conflict, and step in to solve their dispute. One interesting way to resolve things is by pointing out his charity deficit, which opens up further conversation options. You can persuade him to help the beggar out with a charitable donation, that the two should sort it out among themselves, or if you’re feeling especially cruel you can drive the beggar away with the threat of violence.

This won’t have much of an impact on the rest of the game, so resolve the situation however you see fit. Follow Nightingale and listen along as he resumes his historical tour, which takes quite a while. At some point you’ll end up in a tavern, where he will invite you to play a game of dice. You can choose to play or not, but it’s fairly difficult to win against the man.

Ring the bell

After a short cutscene, the time has come to ring in the changes, which is to say, Nightingale wants you to go and ring the town bell, which will signify the end of the day’s trading. So head back to the marketplace, to the buildings with the colored facades, where you’ll find the bell on the wall of the armorer’s shop. Ring it, then run back to the tavern. You’re supposed to clear it out, but your old friend Hans Capon doesn’t seem to be in any great hurry.

Hans will challenge Capon to a fist-fight. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, but try to get a good few hits in – soon enough, Lord Hanush will arrive to break up the fight. Hanush decides that the two of you should go hunting together, and so begins the next main quest, The Prey.

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