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Kingdom Come Deliverance guide: walkthrough, tips and tricks

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Kingdom Come Deliverance: The Prey

The starting point for this quest is the stables east of Rattay, where Hans Capon will be waiting for you bright and early – seriously, he’s there from half-five in the morning. By around noon he’ll be gone again, so don’t tarry.

No meeting with Capon can happen without some measure of humiliation, of course, so after you’ve spoken to the mounted nobleman, he’ll gallop clear away from you, leaving you to bound after his horse on foot. The nag continues eastwards out of town, and you’ve no choice but to follow it.

Go to the camp

Lose sight of Capon and you’ll have to find your own way to the camp, so be sure to keep the man within your sights. The camp is located far to the northeast of the map, and will take a good fifteen minutes to reach on foot – thankfully, you can use fast-travel to get there.

It’s nearly nightfall by the time you arrive at the camp. Once there, Capon asks you to bring him some wine and bacon from his saddlebag, before quizzing you about Skalitz. It would be foolish to hunt at this late hour, so go for a kip in one of the bedrolls until about 6am.

Hare-hunting with Capon

A poacher’s life isn’t exactly easy. First, grab the arrows from the chest in the warehouse, and pick up the bow while you’re at it if you don’t have one. During the hunt, remember to be patient, not to fire off shots prematurely, and of course to always collect any mislaid arrows that are still usable. Those things don’t grow on trees, you know.

However, that’s not the beginning and end of your hare-hunting difficulties, as the hopping creatures can sometimes be hard to find. Don’t despair if you have to stalk through the thickets for a while until you see one. As a rough guide, it can be helpful to avoid overgrown areas, and to direct your attention to the edges of the forest, to clearings or paths with a better view.

In any case, you should crouch as soon as one of the rodents is in sight, so you can creep a little closer for a more promising shot. Patience is a virtue, as is a silent approach, meaning you might want to remove any heavy armour before stalking your prey.

Return to Capon at around noon. If you’ve managed to bag more hares than your rival, he’ll be so impressed that he’ll reward you with 35 Groschen. Not bad.

Free Capon and hunt boar

Capon then decides that he wants to hunt bigger prey. Follow him through the forest for a while until he pulls out his bow and attempts to take down a boar, merely grazing the creature in the process. Capon will gallop after it, disappearing from sight and leaving you on your own to look for him.

You’ll find him in the north-west of the forest, where he is now being held hostage at a Cuman camp (the lordly idiot). If you’re struggling to find it, it’s northwest of the deer-hunting area and just east of Talmberg. The best way to approach the camp is to sneak up on the men, as the archer and swordsman won’t mess around in open combat. Depending on how accurate you are with the bow, you can also attempt to open fire from a distance, but be sure to take the bowman out first.

You should scour the camp for valuables before you release Capon, as that will put an end to the quest and teleport you away (don’t you hate it when that happens?) Once you’ve saved Lord Capon, the newly affectionate pair will return to Rattay, and automatically start the next main quest, The Hunt Begins.

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