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Kingdom Come Deliverance guide: walkthrough, tips and tricks

How to survive the middle ages

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Kingdom Come Deliverance: The Hunt Begins

For Henry it really pays off that he rescued Capon during the hunt, as he is rewarded with a position on Lord Radzig’s staff. You’ll also be given a horse, which you’ll need to make use of almost immediately, as it seems the neighbouring village of Neuhof has been attacked by bandits.

At this point, you’ll probably be keen to unload your inventory on the first merchant you come across, but you should resist that temptation and go see Captain Bernard ASAP, as you will technically fail the mission if you don’t speak to him in time. (This being a main quest, you can still complete it, you’ll just have to hoof it to Neuhof on your own.)

If your inventory really is jam-packed, it might be worthwhile to dump some of your possessions into your new horse’s saddlebag, freeing your pockets for all that lovely bandit loot. Once you’ve reached Captain Bernard and acquired the nag in question, follow along with the soldiers as they ride to the assistance of Neuhof, located northeast of Rattay. It’ll be easy to spot, as it’s currently billowing smoke into the air.

Investigate Neuhof and question the survivors

Once you’ve made it to the village the captain will give you a new task: question the surviors. The are four you must talk to, and it makes sense to start with Zora, who is crying over her husband’s body nearby in the courtyard. She gives you some information about the attackers, and tells you who you should go and speak to now: Jakub, Mark and Ginger. You’ll find Jakub just a few metres away from Zora, and when you chat to him he tells you to look for a fence that has been knocked over: a sign that might point to the direction of the attack. Mark is sitting down beside a hay cart to the east of the village square, while aptly named redhead Ginger is waiting just a few metres north of Mark. Once you’ve interviewed the four witnesses, and returned to Captain Bernard, you’ll be dispatched to explore the nearby forest.

Explore the area north of the stud farm

Leave through the broken gate on the left and continue north, where you’ll find a trail that takes you into the forest. You’ll come to a street where you can see a patch of blood. Investigate the bloodstain to advance the quest, moving the exploration area further up the map. Follow the blood trail until you reach a path, and eventually two bandits, one of whom is thankfully wounded, while the other is only too happy to carve you up.

After you’ve dealt with the bandit, you’ll discover that, during the course of your battle, the wounded robber has died of his injuries. Search his body to find a bloody hoof-pick – a quest item – along with a few pennies and helpful items. Who does this strange object belong to? To find out, you must return to Neuhof, the scene of the crime.

Talk to Mark. He tells you that the hoof-pick belongs to Ginger, who in your absence has made a run for it. Return to Jakub at the stables to learn where to find him. He doesn’t believe that Ginger is in league with the bandits, but he knows where you can find him: with the Charcoal-Burners. The current quest ends here and you can once again report to Bernard.

Continue with: Kingdom Come Deliverance: Ginger in a Pickle.

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