No Truce With The Furies gets a mad new title and trailer

Disco Elysium

The past year has been such an amazing time for RPGs that I had almost forgotten about No Truce With The Furies, a surreal ‘procedural cop RPG’ that claims Planescape: Torment and Kentucky Route Zero as equal inspirations.

Studio ZA/UM reckon that the title – weird as it was –  didn’t stand out quite enough, so they’ve officially rebranded the game as ‘Disco Elysium‘. I am baffled, but I can’t help but like the sound of it. It’s a satisfying title to say, and a lot easier to type.

There’s also a shiny new trailer for the game, dense with ideas, style and weirdness.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited. Torment: Tides of Numenera gave me a renewed taste for combat-light but systems-heavy RPG gameplay, and the distinct world, aesthetic and concepts behind Disco Elysium are an intoxicating and exciting mix. It’s also interesting seeing violence used in the trailer to dramatic effect, rather than something that just plays out on a combat grid over a series of turns.

The game was originally due out around the end of 2017, but with a suite of amazing ideas as dense as what Alice reported on here, it’s no surprise that it slipped to an undetermined point in 2018. The official press materials mention that on top of rearranging your own character’s internal mental makeup, your choice of clothing will have effects on how the world reacts to you. I’ve not seen that used in an RPG to any real degree outside of the venerable old Arcanum, so it’s nice to see the concept returning.

Also, that is probably the gruffest trailer narration ever, but that’s neither here nor there.

Disco Elysium has a Steam page now, and you can wishlist it to be kept abreast of any developments. Or you could just keep an eye on RPS, because we’re watching this one like hawks.


  1. jellydonut says:

    A far better title, now with 100% less furry connotations.

  2. haldolium says:

    “No Truth With The Furries” would’ve been a much better title.

    But well it’s just the name. Looking forward to the actual game. It is very promising.

  3. megazver says:

    That is Dark Knight levels of growly.

    The game still looks and sounds amazing, though.

  4. Amake says:

    Feels weird considering I wrote a pretty good half a novel long short story inspired solely by the name “No Truce with the Furies”. Now that story is orphaned of its history.

    And it was a great name. Forceful, ripe with bloody mythology and yet presenting a very novel concept. “Disco Elysium” is very “Pandora Tomorrow”, aka “non-descriptive word salad”. (I’m still buying it though.)

    • TimePointFive says:

      But it looked 2 much like no truce with furries so bai

      • Tuidjy says:

        It would have been so simple to change it to “No Truce with the Kindly Ones.”

    • Sarfrin says:

      And it was a great name. Forceful, ripe with bloody mythology and yet presenting a very novel concept.
      I agree. And…I’ve been following this on RPS and at no point did it seem like some weird future 70s dystopia where you star as Ron Jeremy playing a detective. What happened?

    • April March says:

      On the other hand, you can publish it with that title now!

    • cpt_freakout says:

      Yeah, I loved the old name, regardless of the furries joke. :(

  5. welverin says:


  6. KillahMate says:

    Yeah, I’m thinking they finally got tired of every comment thread punter making that tired ‘furries’ joke – which is too bad really, I mean Disco Elysium is fine and I can actually see it being a relevant title for this game but No Truce With the Furies has that particular poetic no-fucks-given vibe that matched the game a lot.

    • Amake says:

      Why has that ever been a thing? Making fun of furries was sad even as bigotry goes for that whole week fifteen years ago when people thought it was cool, not to mention they are two entirely unrelated words that no one who’s heard of the Furies should be able to confuse.

      • April March says:

        I have no problem with furries, am familiar with the Furies, and made the mistake constantly. “Furries” is just way more common these days.

        I also mourn for the new name, though. No Truce With the Furies was a perfect name for a game in which your internal monologue is shown as a dialogue with your skills and trains of thought.

      • Ghostwise says:

        That it is sad certainly doesn’t mean that people aren’t doing it.

      • Premium User Badge

        phuzz says:

        As a dyslexic, spotting the absence of that extra ‘r’ is tricky if I’m reading fast.

  7. Michael Fogg says:

    The real story is they got hit with a cease-and-desist from the creators of Fury of the Furries.

  8. baud001 says:

    Well they changed their studio name from Forteress Occident to ZA/UM, they can also change the name of their game. But the original title was better I think (and was worth all the tired and overused jokes).

  9. April March says:

    Oh boy. That skill selection screen in the trailer is something to marvel at.

    • ashleys_ears says:

      Oh, wow. I did NOT give that a close enough look on first viewing. That is properly fascinating. As if I wasn’t interested enough in this game already.

  10. biggergun says:

    The only game that keeps alive my withering love for the medium. There’s also Pathologic, but technically I’ve already played that, so.

  11. Simbosan says:

    I know that voice, Dungeon Keeper?

  12. Samudaya says:

    Humble Bundle presents? So IGN gives funding?

  13. iainl says:

    Ooh, there has to be some mileage in the “smash two Pet Shop Boys LP titles together” format. Actually Fundamental, a Buckaroo style turn-based multiplayer exercise in removing parts from a machine until it breaks. Bilingual Alternative, the Edutainment variant of Mallet’s Mallet. Please Release, an ARG where you beg Valve to make a second sequel to anything.

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      The internal monologue in this game sounds like Introspective Catalogue.

  14. bill says:

    Random word pair name is much less memorable, but it does avoid all the miss-reading.
    Personally, I’d just have re-spelled the last word.

    “No truce with the Fyuries” or something.
    Or “No truce with the Furiae/Furiaes” if you want to be at least a little more accurate.

  15. TormDK says:

    Looks like a very interesting RPG setting, will be picking this up certainly.

  16. Dilapinated says:

    The furies are at home
    in the mirror; it is their address.
    Even the clearest water,
    if deep enough can drown.

    Never think to surprise them.
    Your face approaching ever
    so friendly is the white flag
    they ignore. There is no truce

    with the furies. A mirror’s temperature
    is always at zero. It is ice
    in the veins. Its camera
    is an X-ray. It is a chalice

    held out to you in
    silent communion, where graspingly
    you partake of a shifting
    identity never your own.

    – Reflections – RS Thomas

    Figured putting the source for the original name (the book Reflections is from is even called “No Truce With The Furies”, which might be part of this) might shed some light.

    I thought it said a lot about where they wanted to go with the tone of the game. I’m not sure if Disco Elysium is an allusion to anything, but I’d be curious.

  17. maximus says:

    im pretty sure the narator is the lead singer from a band called Sikth…

  18. LapsedPacifist says:

    Gods above! They are still making this? Awesome I can’t recall looking forward to a game more. I’m buying this the second they’ll let me throw money at them.

    I’ve had the chance to chat to the developers a bit on their dev blog about RPG influences, systems and the like and they absolutely know what they are on about. I don’t know if it’ll make it into the full version, but the concept of the ‘thought inventory’ they were talking about is the most innovative bit of RPG design since PS:T.

  19. EuanDewar says:

    When they say it’s “procedural” do they mean in the “police procedural” sense or the “procedurally generated” sense? Both?

    • Dominic Tarason says:

      The former. There doesn’t seem to be anything generated, but it looks like they’ve got plot beats worked out for when your character flubs a skill check.

  20. Stevostin says:

    I normally can’t stand anything but FPV in RPG but I may make an exception on this one. The amazing art, animation and world design are giving me the sense of place & characters I usually miss in this view.

  21. Chaoslord AJ says:

    I hope the characters move faster in the release version. Moving around slowly is a cardinal sin in games.
    At least I know now what furries are as I looked it up.
    Also strange as a fury isn’t one to offer a truce in the first place of all entities so refusing a truce doesn’t make sense really.

  22. smeaa mario says:

    When I see an interesting game like this, these days all I wonder is how long it is going to be. Hope this one doesn’t end up being painfully short.

  23. Captain Narol says:

    “Disco Elysium” sounds bland, I preferred a lot the ancient title.

    Nevertheless, game looks very interesting and I’ll keep an eye on it !