Odd god game Crest ascends from Early Access

Crest Cover

Gods come in all shapes and sizes. Video games love to introduce us to gods and let us become them or destroy them or in some cases, eat them. What the new Swedish indirect deity-sim Crest presupposes is this: “What if you were more of a libertarian god?” And that’s a… well, not a good question, but decidedly a very interesting question. Especially when it comes to converting that into an entertaining game.

So after five years of development, Swedish developers Eat Create Sleep have released Crest, an indirect god sim set in a stylized sub-saharan setting with an afrofuturistic vibe that delivers a new take on the god game genre. Your only means of interaction with your followers, and therefore influence on the world, is by issuing commandments but beware, because of free will these are left open to interpretation by your followers. Which is, admittedly, something that feels like a wholly new take. Although a good idea can only take you so far, as RPS discovered when giving Crest a spin back in Early Access.

So what does the end product look like? Here is the cinematic trailer for the game:

So yeah… def some monoliths in there and some more complicated… uh… spiritual concepts that I’m sure we can all agree upon, the uh, meaning. Like, I totally get it. You get it, right? Sure you do.

Crest includes management of natural and man-made elements, ranging from terraforming to the control of animal species. Weather and other ecological matters can help give a push, but your worshipers have an incredible level of self-control.

Things become a bit clearer in this gameplay trailer:

Crest is available for PC, Mac & Linux on Steam for $9.99 / 6.99£.


  1. Heavenfall says:

    Been following this for quite a while. It is seriously interesting to see your commandments influence the sims, and in turn the sims influence the commandments over time. Tell some to go settle in the steppes and others to hunt the lions in the mountains, and pretty soon you’ll have some trying to settle in the mountains and hunt lions in the steppes. The whole thing is very “meme-ish”, since the altered commandments also severely impact the sims’ ability to survive and procreate.

  2. datreus says:

    “What if you were more of a libertarian god?”


  3. Phasma Felis says:

    I immediately thought of Majesty, which is kind of an indirect RTS? You build units, but they wander off and have adventures and you can only influence them by offering bounties to explore/kill/destroy stuff.

    Probably not all that similar, but I really anything with minions that don’t require micromanagement, so I might give this a look.

  4. poliovaccine says:

    If we’re so afraid of AI rising up and taking us over, why would we ever teach it to reinterpret our commands to it in unpredictable ways?? This could be the beginning of the end!!

    Does look like a cool game though, and I like the sort of Populous vibe to the visuals.