Have You Played… Punishment 2: The Punishing?


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Long before Mark Essen aka Messhof commercially released Nidhogg, he made a dozen fascinating, bizarre, infuriating, joyous free games. Punishment 2: The Punishing was all of those things.

An ultra-hard 2D platformer, you needed to leap between platforms and tiny posts to climb up and up between different levels. What made it truly punishing was that after reaching each new level, you’d need to travel backwards, down through each previously completed level in order to re-flick a switch on the very first screen.

By the time I completed it, I was absurdly good at those first few levels. I could literally complete them forwards and backwards.

What’s interesting now is to view the game as part of the development of Essen’s personal aesthetic. Where Punishment 1 had grey, checkered background art, Punishment 2 places its well-animated silhouette man against a shifting palette of bright, single-colour backgrounds, just as Nidhogg does.

Unfortunately it looks like Punishment 2 – and 1, and Cowboyana, and all Essen’s free games – are no longer available via his official site. A real shame.


  1. Justoffscreen says:

    What I wouldn’t give to have a playable version of punishment on Windows 10.

    • oyog says:

      I was going to say the same thing.

      I got such a sadistic kick out of making my friends play Punishment when I was in high school. Punishment 2 just isn’t the same.