Mousy RPG Ghost of a Tale squeaks out of Early Access

Ghost of a Tale

We first started covering Ghost of a Tale back in 2013, and it was quite stunningly gorgeous even then. You’d think that five years would have dulled the edge of a game so heavily banking on the quality of its 3d art, but it seems that every update the game has received during its lengthy time in Early Access has only made it prettier.

Joining a recent glut of indie passion projects finally reaching fruition, the ambitious miniature-scale fantasy adventure has finally left its mouse-hole and ventured out into the scary, predator-filled world of commercial game releases. It’s okay, little fella. We won’t eat you, although you do look good enough to eat…

Impressively, the game has managed to arrive a little early, beating its originally planned March 15th release date by a couple days. Players around the world can now step into the (err, metaphorical) shoes of Tilo, a tiny little minstrel-turned-adventurer mouse in a world built to lilliputian scale, but still dense with dangers. Being a very small thing in a world full of somewhat larger small things, Tilo’s skills tend towards stealth and evasion, always leaving you the option to scurry wildly for cover if things do go south.

I’ve been meaning to try Ghost of a Tale for some time, but never quite found the time. Thankfully, Brendan spent some time with the game back in 2016 and found it a little lacking at the time, mostly due to shortcomings in quest design. Interestingly, Brendan’s 2016 preview mentions that the game has no direct combat, with guards evaded rather than challenged directly. The launch trailer above seems to imply a somewhat more dangerous world, with Tilo using fire-bombs to battle a pair of spiders at one point, suggesting that things do open up outside of the 25% of the game ready for Early Access back then.

We’ll hopefully be able to find out just how much the game has changed over the past two years soon, and bring you our official RPS brain-thinks on the subject, but until then you can at least take solace in the positively glowing user reviews the game has garnered on both Steam and GOG. So, have any of you grubby lot been playing this over the course of its development? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Ghost of a Tale is out now on Steam and GOG for £19.49/$25


  1. Taintslapper says:

    The game end poorly when a man, a dwarf, a witch hunter, and a battle wizard appear at the family reunion…

    • DudeshootMankill says:

      The word Taintslapper made me laugh like an idiot tho.

  2. Daymare says:

    Bought it and played about 90min today.

    2500k, 970 here. Looks great. Wonderful animations, too. Fun to explore so far.
    Lots of DooM-like doors to open with keys (like 4? 5? in the first area.) Wish there were different, more elegant ways to bar entry. Maybe those come later.

    Gets really stuttery for a while when the game loads some new stuff, on 1080p with most settings turned on and sliders at about 60-75%.

    Didn’t encounter any bugs as of now.

    I like what little of the story I’ve uncovered (also one or two typos in the texts I think). Really, really miss voice acting, though. Can’t stress this enough. I suppose it’s a budget thing?, but every time there’s monologue or dialogue I subconsciously think some of my headphone’s channels died. Would have added tons of atmosphere, for me at least.

    • Quickly says:

      Really, really miss voice acting, though. Can’t stress this enough.

      Just to check, was this originally part of the early access version at one point or just a general wish?

      • Daymare says:

        From a quick glance at the dev’s responses on the game’s Steam forums, VA was not planned.

    • pepperfez says:

      The old nonsense-speech trick would have worked perfectly here. Nothing’s more natural than small woodland creatures squeaking and growling at each other.

    • Creeping Death says:

      “Lots of DooM-like doors to open with keys (like 4? 5? in the first area.) Wish there were different, more elegant ways to bar entry.”

      Well.. it DOES start in a prison. Anything other than locked gates would be weird.

  3. woodsey says:

    Looks utterly charming; hopefully the name doesn’t bury it. It’s now on my wishlist, at any rate.

  4. Carldavis says:

    Amazing read. Thanks for sharing it here.

  5. milligna says:

    What a poor title for this project. Really doesn’t suit it at all.

  6. kud13 says:

    Payday is Friday. I’ll be buying some things in the GOG sale (Dying Light, DRM-free @ 50% off? Yes, please!), and I’ll probably grab this game, because it does look adorable and I’m always down for a good action-adventure.