Have You Played… Mission Nutrition?


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It was called Mission Kellogg’s outside of the UK, but we got the much better name so I’m gonna run with that. It’s a platformer made by some people that also make cereal! About cereal! That came on a CD in a packet of cereal!

Excuse me, I’ve got some nostalgia I need to work through.

I’m sure it’d be awful, if it were possible to find a copy now. It’d be a dull, shoddy platformer with nausea-inducing branding that you couldn’t pay me to play. Nobody seems to have uploaded it, so as best I can tell it’s simply unavailable. I’m glad.

It means the version of Mission Nutrition in my head will always be one of unbounded wonder rather than tedious cornflake collecting. It means the jungle level will remain an impossible mystery to me, more exotic and daunting than the one in Spelunky or any other game. It means guiding Tony the tiger, Coco the monkey and Snap/Crackle/Pop (the…gnomes?) across those crocodile infested platforms will remain some of my fondest childhood memories.

Oh wait, I found someone’s playthrough on youtube. It is awful.

Good music though.


  1. Thulsa Hex says:

    I am amazed by how often HYP? is able to dredge up stuff I’ve played but also long since forgotten even existed. Weird little flashbacks.

  2. Cooper says:

    I’m sorry, but the internet never forgets:
    Download link: link to legendsworld.net

  3. HiroTheProtagonist says:

    Let’s be real though, nothing will unseat the glory of Chex Quest in the realm of cereal-based video games.

  4. ComicSansMS says:

    Didn’t play this, and I agree that it looks pretty awful from the video.

    But I did play “Tony & Friends in Kellogg’s Land” a couple of years earlier, which I remember as a not too shabby game:

    • madve2 says:

      Thank you so much for this! I was so hyped when I saw in the RSS feed that HYP finally mentions one of the weirdest and foggiest platforming memories of my childhood (along with the Skunny series), only to get disappointed when I realized that the article wasn’t about *this* Kellogg’s game. (I mean, yeah, I probably could have found it with some googling, but feels much better to just stumble upon it in the comments feed.)

  5. Nosebeggar says:

    My friend, not only have I played this, I still own the original disk, which (if you want to try it again) might find it’s way to you in form of an iso file. Not saying there is anything illegal involved here, but I doubt anyone would even bother to go after redistribution of a free promotional game *cough*.

    If anyone is interested: anonmailsgohere@googlemail.com

  6. Thankmar says:

    Whenever I read about a game like this, I start thinking (without knowing anything about VG-Production in Detail) about the guy/gal who designed maybe the trees. Who thought about the best hue of green for the foliage, the contrasting darker green to give it some more detail. The streaks of dark green, how they should be done to give the impression of some texture. The guy/gal who animated the colorful swirl behind the door, who thought of the animation frames that is has to go through. The guy/gal who would sit before their PC, audio program open, Wavelines (or whatever they are called) all over the screen, mixing the music. Doing what they learned to create a game which is going to be given away with a box of cereals. And then I feel a little pang of envy, because they worked on a completed videogame which other people played (and kinda enjoyed), something I am never going to do.