Vermintide 2 mod tools expected in late April

I’ve barely scratched Warhammer: Vermintide 2 yet myself but if you’re hacking through fiendish hordes at an alarming pace and are starting to wonder when the planned mod support might arrive: late April is the current plan. That’s what developers Fatshark told cheery RPS fan zine PC Gamer, in a chat which also touched on intent to smooth out some of the game’s difficulty spikes, especially on lower difficulty settings.

“We’ve been working together with Vermintide 1 modders for the last six months to be able to build a system that both caters to the concerns our unmodded users have had with mods and offers our existing modding community more power to change more things,” Fatshark CEO Martin Wahlund told PCG. “For instance, during the winter we have enabled Vermintide 1 modders to start altering and adding things like textures, character models and not only code.”

“All this will carry over to Vermintide 2 with the previously mentioned ability to separate the modded realm from the standard realm that our unmodded users have requested.”

Still being low-level myself, my only mod request is oh my god remove all of these horrible crufty persistent progression systems this is more mess than many free-to-play games why can’t I just have good swords already please give me a good sword and never, ever make me craft anything ever. That’s maybe more a suggestion to Fatshark than modders. But oh my god.

Speaking of newbies with funny ideas about how the game works, Wahlund spoke a little about Fatshark wanting to smooth out some difficulty spikes. “Watching streams of new players playing the game has been a very helpful tool for us to understand what has been the largest obstacles for new players,” he said, and pointed out several recent patches trying to make microbosses and elite groups friendlier on the easiest setting.

The mid-level bosses have felt a little silly at times to me, deadly in a way that’s more frustrating than challenging – several minutes of kitting and rezzing and chipping away at vast health bars. But, as I said, I’ve been using terrible swords because oh my god this progression system.


  1. treat says:

    I’ve been mostly uninterested in this apart from many of my friends playing it. Modding would be the thing to tip me over the fence if done well. I played L4D and L4D2 for years with a large group of people thanks to the abundance of custom maps/campaigns, I only worry that this might be too little too late if Vermintide 2 doesn’t have the staying power I keep seeing hints at.

  2. akaks says:

    i dont know what kind of game you have been playing but crafting is the easiest way to get a good sword, you just need to grind some recruit level loot and salvage it to get the best weapon you can craft (wich is the same level as your highest loot with your highest character) forget about weapon colour untill you hit champion and go with the highest power you can get, then just craft your favorite weapon untill you get an orange one slavage it again and recraft

  3. Chem says:

    The loot system is way better this time around, you get mediocre whites and greens until about level 10 then you start getting some good items. The crafting is rather straigh forward once you give it a proper look and allows you to guarantee whatever item you want.

    Best suggestion I saw was to not open any commendation chests until at least 10-12 and even then save a bunch till about 20+ so you can get some really good items with higher chances of oranges without having to grind champion/legendary.

  4. Winters637 says:

    The loot, crafting, and progression systems have been some of my favorite improvements over the first game, and I have enjoyed the sense of steady progression that comes from increasing your current highest power level item. Not sure why the author would find it messy. Maybe they don’t understand how it works? Or, like they mentioned in the article, just want everything maxed immediately with no work? I’ve found the work/reward ratio very satisfying so far, but I also just enjoy the gameplay tremendously. Improving my gear is just a side thing, albeit a fun side thing.
    Remember not to open your Commendation chests until your set highest power level is 200 or above. Use Recruit chests and crafting until that point, otherwise it’s half-wasted progression. Plenty of easy, straightforward descriptions of how the power system works with a quick Google search.
    But to each their own. One of my friends thinks Candy Crush is the only game worth playing and everything else is either too complicated or boring. Maybe the free stuff mod would actually make the author enjoy the game more. I’d like to think so, but if not, this game might just not be for them.

  5. Daemoroth says:

    Biggest difficulty spike I’ve encountered so far in my (very short) career: Spawn of Chaos…

    Every time one shows up it’s been “game over” for us.

    • Daemoroth says:

      *Just to add since people might make an assumption (And maybe someone can answer?):

      All the tips talk about dodging etc. and that’s fine and dandy (I’m still new so lots of room to improve), but is a SoC random on *when* he shows up or can we control it/delay it?

      Because every SoC I’ve ever faced was mid-swarm often combined with mid-Chaos Warrior or two, so trying to juggle him, other minibosses and NOT get trapped by the swarm pretty much wipes everyone out each time.

    • Winters637 says:

      One of those mini bosses (ogre, troll, spawn, fiend) will spawn after any one player hits a specific point in the map. It’s not based on time or anything, and can’t be delayed unless you delay advancing your progress. This makes it very hard to predict when one will show up, but after enough time playing each map you’ll get an understanding of where the potential spawn points will be (there aren’t that many). You can make the boss fight easier by waiting and defeating a horde (which IS time based, but also affected by other things) before advancing through one of the potential spawn points. This’ll give you some breathing room to whittle the boss down or even defeat it outright before the next horde arrives.
      Also, career abilities will stagger the mini bosses. This can be used to make a spawn drop a player (very, very useful), prevent a troll from vomiting, etc.
      Certain high-burst or large area classes can make things easier as well. I main a pyro Sienna and the burning head can one-shot a chaos warrior with a headshot for most power levels and difficulties. A conflagration or other large-area staff can really help with crowd control as well. even minimally-charged conflag bursts can repeatedly stun large groups (and all specials except chaos warriors) long enough for the rest of the team to take them out or regain a good front line. On pre-champion difficulties, thse bursts can be used inside your teammates as well, to clear out their flanks and push enemies to the outside of the group.
      More generally, any horde can be defeated by good team placement. Each map is different, but putting your back into a safe spot is always a good idea so you can focus on covering a smaller angle. The smaller the angle to defend, the easier the horde is to defeat. Most times, my teams wipe when one person rushes ahead and everyone else goes down trying to save them. The rest is all experience, practice, and experimenting. Watching a video or ten of people playing on legendary can also help demonstrate many of the smaller skills that make you a better player.
      Hope you’re enjoying the game so far! Good luck!

      • Daemoroth says:

        Thank you for the advice, really appreciate it! Been using Sienna with a Beam Staff for that shotgun to clear and beam blast to aim for (But still missing) headshots. :)

        At least I know it’s “kinda unavoidable” when a SoC spawns but will try to apply what I’ve read here and in many other tips and guides to get rid of the bastard.

        Hehe, also, pretty tough to put your back to a wall to deal with a horde when there’s a SoC who’s mother you apparently insulted and will NOT let you be. :D