Rocket League’s Spring Fever event kicked off today

Though snow is still piled up on my street corner, Rocket League is ready for this winter hell to be over and today launched its Spring Fever event. This brings lots of colourful new cosmetic items to adorn sports cars with, including sprinkled doughnut wheels, a fluffy dandelion, and some fantastic floral trails and goalblasts. It looks wildly at odds with the futuresport’s Hot Wheels aesthetic, and that’s great.

Spring Fever brings a Spring Fever Crate of cosmetic doodads, which is added to the pool of post-match drops, can be unlocked with the ‘Flowers’ event currency earned by playing, or with cold hard digicash. And in the usual Rocket League event way, Spring Fever also brings ten new items to buy with Flowers.

I do like how much the floral cosmetics stand out in the world of curved metal and glossy paint. The car trails of stems and flowers look like illustrations, the dandelion is just a plant, and it’s all very calming in a sport of high speed and hot dunks.

The Spring Fever event started today and will end on April 9th at 5pm Pacific (which is actually at 1am on the 10th for us here in the UK).

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  1. edna says:

    Ah rocket league, when will I stop playing you? I’m about 750 hours in and still struggle:
    a) To be any good.
    b) To play any other game for more than 10 minutes before switching back to RL “just for a couple of games” (which usually swallows about 2 hours)
    c) To stop incrementally improving and thus continuing to thoroughly enjoy myself.

    It’s just such a well balanced game. Amazing stuff.