Duelyst’s Trial Of Mythron expansion out next week

Both of our resident deckheads are elsewhere this week, so it falls to me as a recovering shuffleholic to nervously peek at news of the next Duelyst expansion. Over 100 new cards are coming to the free-to-play CCG in Trials Of Mythron, its sixth expansion, with new mechanics and a new one-per-deck rarity. I’m told Duelyst is good, though I nod along enthusiastically with a look of terror and my nails drawing blood from the palm of my hand-holding hand, so this is good. Here, check out the pretty sprites of the expansion’s new units:

Beyond new units, new abilities. The Intensify keyword will feature on certain Minions and Spells, giving stacking bonuses that them more powerful each time they’re cast. The other keywords are Trial and Destiny, which always appear together; the Trial is an objective which must be met before the card can be played, then the Destiny is a powerful game-changing ability the card will pack when it hits the field.

Also new is the Mythron rarity grade for cards. Players can only have one Mythron card–one, of any, ever–in their whole deck. They’re seven bonus cards found in Trial Of Mythron orbs (one in your first, then one in every ten after that). Fancy fancy.

Trial Of Mythron is due to hit Duelyst next week.

If you’ve not Duelyised before but are curious, do check out Young Matthew’s review. “Duelyst is Hearthstone’s child,” he says. “You can see the shared DNA everywhere, from the menu layout and free to play business model to specific minion abilities and hero powers,” he says. “Almost everything Hearthstone does, however, Duelyst does better,” he says. Oh la la.


  1. Thomas Foolery says:

    I really enjoyed Duelyst when it first came out (I was a Kickstarter backer), but 6 expansions for a game that’s not even two years old yet is too many. There’s no way to keep up with that pace unless you’re playing the game constantly. I wish they’d stuck with the original Kickstarter pledge to make it a one-time purchase game with no microtransactions. The underlying game is really good, but the business model doesn’t interest me.

    • Scio says:

      The business model this game has is truly unfortunate. “Better than Hearthstone” is not a shining endorsement as far as business models go. Duelyst deserves better.

    • Ashabel says:

      At least you can still play. I’m a Kickstarter backer from one of the countries they randomly and inexplicably locked out from accessing the game, and all my attempts to contact the developers to refund my pledge have been ignored.

      Between that and the ongoing saga regarding their refusal to fulfill physical reward pledges, and I’m amazed RPS are still covering this game at all. Counterplay Games are thieves.

    • Boronian says:

      I am glad, they changed it to the F2P model otherwise the game would probably be dead. Not many people would pay cash in advance to try Duelyst if all the other competitors are f2p.

      And all in all it is very fair with drop rates and amount of cards needed to build competitive decks (not like Hearthstone) and it got much easier to be f2p when they introduced Twitch Drops (free stuff once every 48h after watching a stream for 30min)

    • kwyjibo says:

      The last expansion was over 4 months ago. The meta is stable and it’s fairly good. It shouldn’t be that hard to keep up.

      You can create a solid deck from the core set alone. Duelyst streamers can take a new account to the highest rank within a single month, and they’ve done it using decks without epics or legendaries.

  2. Muzman says:

    “Both of our resident deckheads are elsewhere this week”

    That’s a self identification that’s liable to cause problems in New Zealand. Hopefully that’s not where they went.

    • protorp says:

      You just reminded me of 2 Kiwis I worked with years back in a ski resort hotel, who’d come from a summer working on yachts in the Med. They had the unfortunate habit of using the phrase “all hands on decks” whenever things got busy…

  3. ilitarist says:

    Mandatory reminder that Bandai Namco (their publisher) are twats and not allow you to connect to a game from certain countries. They do not tell you directly that your country is not supported, they do not release any list of countries, they do not compensate anything you’ve already spent on the game. You have to use VPN to play the goddamn game, which is especially troubling when using Steam version.

    Shame on them. Shame!

    • Boronian says:

      While it sucks a lot that certain countries are blocked and that the communication on that should have been handled way better I have to say they at least posted a list with banned countries:

      “Individuals from the following countries will not be able to create an account or log in to the BNEA platform:

      Central African Republic
      Democratic Republic of the Congo
      North Korea

      We will not be accepting new accounts from the following countries:


      Existing BNEA accounts based in the following countries may continue to login to the BNEA Platform, but will not be able to make payments on the BNEA Platform. Creation of new accounts will be restricted:

      Russian Federation

      Players may still create a BNEA account and login to their accounts from the following countries, but will not be able to make payments on the BNEA Platform:

      Bosnia and Herzegovina
      The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
      South Sudan

      Source: Duelyst forums, thread “An Update on Region Blocking”

      • ilitarist says:

        They did, huh.

        Still, it was posted in August while the problems started in July. For some time you could download game from Steam and even make purchases while being blocked. Plus even now when I try to login Dyelyst site tells me “SORRY! We are unable to offer you service at this time.” which sounds like they have maintenance or something. You have to go to forums to learn that the game is not available to you.

        And they stated no reasons for cutting the access. Which makes you wonder.

        Is this because of some sort of unstable political or economic situation? This would explain Venezuela and Yemen and Syria. Maybe even Russia (they’re sanctioned), but Ukraine?.. And Belarus? And especially China? They’re certainly capable of paying as much as many countries that still have access like Benin or Rwanda or Niger.

        • Boronian says:

          Yeah they were slow on responding. It seemed legal reasons complicated the situation and stopped them from responding earlier. At least that’s what they claim. It is also the reason they can’t give more explanations.

          There seem to be some political reasons behind the bans if you look at the list and consider that Duelyst has a partnership with Bandai Namco North America.

  4. April March says:

    On the one hand, I think it’s a good thing that the game is phasing out old expansions as it brings new ones. It’s already constantly on the edge of game-breaking combos, and the more sets there are available the more of these combos there will be (and it’ll be the devs’ responsability to fix all of them).

    On the other hand, I’m not looking forward to having to remake all my decks because half the cards phased out, and the only fast way to play if you don’t have any friends online is ranked ladder.

    On the two hands on my head, not really excited for Mythron. A beneficial effect you can do squat about and lasts to the end of the game? This makes Grandmaster Variax look like Grizzly Bears.

  5. Smaug says:

    Really can’t wait, I have tried every online CCG out there and the strategic depth and genuine fun in Duelyst far surpasses anything else out there (though MtG:Arena seems promising).

    I am super sad that most of the conversation around the game is about the new publisher lately, the game is still really good! I would use a VPN if I had to honestly.