Rocket League’s next update makes tourney organization simple

Rocket League

Rocket League‘s enormous success was long overdue. I liked this game back in 2008, but it didn’t seem to catch on until they chopped a few words out of the name. The weight of those extraneous syllables lifted, the game launched into the stratosphere, almost like some kind of supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered battle-car.

Psyonix aren’t resting on their laurels, either. The game still commands enormously huge audiences worldwide, so it’s no surprise that they’re working hard on polishing up just about every eSports feature the game could ask for. The centerpiece of the next major patch, due early next month, is Tournaments, allowing players to organize a jet-assisted kick-around using just a handful of in-game menus.

I’m eager to take a look at the final tournament feature in action. From the looks of it, they’ve only got the one tournament format implemented at present, and I would have loved to have seen losers league matches running in parallel with the main thread. Still, it’s a major step forward for anyone trying to herd the cats required to organize any kind of large shared nerd event, and having an automated system handle the match-ups should streamline things greatly.

Tourney stuff aside there’s a few quality of life tweaks coming to the game. You can read about them in detail over on the Psyonix dev-blog page here, but probably the most important ones are new indicators showing exactly what kind of problems are happening to your internet connection, and some new chat moderation features, including the handy Team Chat Only mode. It’s bad enough being berated by your own team – it’s downright humiliating to be sassed by the other team.

One thing only mentioned off-hand in the trailer above is that there’s not only more music coming to the game, but the option to finally play the whole soundtrack mid-match, rather than just soaking in the noise of the crowd and the roar of your engine. I think this might go a surprisingly long way to chill out the players a little – you can’t scream at someone if you’re humming a tune, right?… Right? Oh, and there’s a new loot crate which can possibly (but probably won’t) contain the Samurai car skin, pictured up top.

The Tournaments update will be going live across all versions of Rocket League this April 3rd.


  1. Nosebeggar says:

    First of all: that guy at 1:08 is funny as hell.

    What I came here to say is: I love this game. The amount of polish, bug-freeness, features, content, stable servers and competitiveness is completely unmatched by any other game in the industry ever. Working at Psyonix looks like a lot of fun, these guys seem to get along pretty well. Of course they aren’t playing all day, but the team dynamic looks fantastic.

    I’m really glad that, while our earth is a few million years old, I got to be around while Rocket League existed. Truly one of the greatest games of our time.

    • criskywalker says:

      You are right! They’re great. They seem to love what they do and the make a game they love and it shows.

      They are one of my favourite developers alongside Klei and CD Projekt.

    • Agnosticus says:

      I wouldn’t judge a dev team by it’s shiny and mostly staged trailer :D

      But I’ll have to agree with everything else you’ve said. Incredible game, 1050h in, still an absolute blast!

  2. SanguineAngel says:

    It’s super fun and I am enjoying how consistently this game is supported but I am so so sosososososo bad at this game it is painful

  3. Dugular says:

    You may have misunderstood the Team Chat option.

    Firstly, this stems from complaints about abuse from your OWN teammates, not the opposition. In contrary to what you said, Rocket League has a bigger problem with team abuse than opponent abuse.

    So, the option is actually Team QUICK Chat Only.

    That ‘quick’ is the key bit. We already had an option to have only team chat, but that still allowed team abuse to come through. Team Quick Chat means you will only hear your team when they use the team quick chat options, meaning you will not see their typed messages, but will still see the important quick chats like “Go for it!”, “Defending”, “I’ve got it!” etc..

    This is a very important update for those who currently play with no chat to avoid the abuse and are missing out on tactical messages.

  4. eRoga says:

    hm Bugfree :D still bugs from its release :) didnt want to start about servers ;) they only care about creating chests to make money and advertise esports so more player come and pump in more money xD But i luv to see how fanatic or some1 loose in a tourney cause of lag haha.