Sea Of Thieves devs lay out plans to keelhaul problems

When Sea Of Thieves went to sail out of the harbour and launch on Tuesday, it was quickly boarded by far more many players than anticipated and the game’s servers sunk to the briny depths of Davy Jones’ cyberlocker. Deveelopers Rare even temporarily stopped new players from joining the multiplayer sandbox pirate game. While things are a bit more shipshape now, it’s not without problems so Rare last night issued a developer update detailing known issues and their plans for fixing ’em.

Rare laid out four main problems with the Windows 10 version, which I’ll summarise here.

1. Players having difficulty getting into the game at peak times
Oh god they’re trying to fix it. For now, “Try matchmaking into a crew that is already out on an adventure, as you will join an in-progress session rather than going through the server matchmaking flow.”

2. Player rewards being delayed
They’re trying to fix it but, for now, just wait rather than restart.

3. Achievements being delayed
This should be fixed in the next patch, due out “early next week”.

4. Temporarily missing items
Should also be fixed in that patch.

They also detail a fifth problem involving something named the ‘Xbox One X’, but I know a made-up name when I see one. Nice try, Rare! I won’t fall for your ‘X marks the spot’ pirate japery.

Rare are also planning server maintenance from 9am to noon GMT on Thursday, Saturday, and Tuesday, and oh look – today’s maintenance has just been extended by one hour, to 1pm. Sorry, lunchtime buccaneers.

Oh, what’s the game actually like? Our Alec and Fraser Brown have both written about some of their experiences these past few days, which I’ll broadly summarise “It could be so much fun with the right players, though the wrong players also kinda ruin it.” So it’s promising but we’ll need to see how the playerbase develops and the game matures.

Back over to two fellas standing in front of a whiteboard:


  1. aircool says:

    Do what humans have been doing for millennia. Offer a token of friendship and agree on a peace treaty. Worked for me yesterday and had other people offer me treasure as a peace offering.

    So far I’ve had one Galleon crew chase me mercilessly across the map. All I had was a chicken cage and pig pen, so I quickly tossed them overboard whilst hidden by an island, waited a while for the galleon to pick me up again, then scuttled my ship.

    Respawned, went to pick up my dropped cages and carried on. The galleon chased me for about 30 minutes and got nothing.

    Solo play isn’t difficult, you just have to be defensive. Of course, a full crew is far more fun, but I think that some of the ‘problems’ people are having with aggressive/camping crews is that they’re trying to fight them rather than avoid them, thus giving the griefers what they want.

    • ReverendPhoenix says:

      Another good thing to keep in mind for solo players: If you both have the wind at your backs a galleon can run you down as it is faster with its multiple masts. However, the smaller sloop is faster when heading into the wind and far more maneuverable. Use this to your advantage to keep ahead and make use of small gaps in islands. Storms can be useful as the high waves will throw off the aim of a galleon and let you focus on your sailing, stay out of the center of the storm as it will trash your ship quickly. Finally make use of your spyglass and crows nest. Go up and scan 360 degrees before ever leaving your ship and any time you make an island run. Remember that you are a sneaky solo pirate and treat everyone else like they are the British Royal Navy out to hang you.

      • TheMightyEthan says:

        See, that actually sounds like a lot of fun.

        That said, reading about this game just wants me to go back and play Black Flag more than anything else.

    • Technotica says:

      Encountering other people really sounds fun, I have been playing two day (solo) and haven’t seen one other ship so far… sometimes I think my game doesn’t connect to the internet or something…

    • ironman Tetsuo says:

      Just logged out of a solo jaunt but before I did I spotted another sloop at an outpost and headed over to say hello as I had nothing to lose. They spotted me late and were scrambling for their ship but as I scooted by at close range giving a friendly wave they seemed genuinely taken aback. I parked up and we joined each other for a tankard of grog and a little shanty. They offered me a caged chicken which I kindly declined before giving them all of my cannonballs.

  2. contractcooker says:

    Today I learned the words Keelhaul and Japery.

    • Technotica says:

      Jib! Don’t be at loggerheads with slang, but on even keel with it, then you will maneuver through all the flotsam and jetsam and be squared away for future nautical conversations!

  3. Shadow says:

    Ambitious plans.