The Foxer

Warm-up Foxer (What am I?)

I’m roughly twenty-eight years old. I have something in common with both hearts and diamonds. My homeland is a country with a ‘w’ in its name. My smaller offspring can be found in two European capitals. I’m indebted to a ripped flower. If she was alive today, this woman would definitely approve of me. I have my own website. I’m part Protestant. I’m probably not popular with PETA. I make Roman think of Logan’s Run. I have something in common with this invertebrate.

Feature Foxer

The 127-cell honeycomb below is a fancy form of wordsearch in which every cell is used, and words can curl and zigzag but never overlap. Each hive foxer has a unique theme (some past themes: roses, Harry Potter, gold, postage stamps, and The 39 Steps) Identifying this theme is a vital part of the defoxing process. Today’s puzzle contains nineteen answers.


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Last week’s warm-up foxer: I was here (defoxed by phlebas and Gusdownnup)

Last week’s word chain:

tundra – A vehicle muscular enough to move this (Rorschach617)
draken – A Cold War cloud cleaver (AFKAMC)
encarta – Killed by Wikipedia in 2009
tailwheel – Something the P-51 has that the P-38 doesn’t
electrolysis – A process important to modern submariners (AFKAMC)
islamabad – An Asian capital (AFKAMC)
adric – Travelled by TARDIS for a couple of years (AFKAMC)
ricin – Low-tech Novichok (AFKAMC)
cinnabar – A moth and a mineral (AFKAMC)
archimedes – He invented a very early form of this machine (AFKAMC)
escapade – Electra was one of her sisters
decapod – The last BR steam loco for example
odeon – A Metro station in central Paris
onager – Related to the zebra and the ballista (Gothnak)
ergot – Malign Medieval bread ingredient (Stugle)
gotha – A German city once seen over a British one (Stugle)
thailand – A country bombed by the Allies during WW2 (Gothnak)
andropov – A General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR (Gothnak)
ovate – Shaped like a Model 39
termit – It sunk several ships in 1971
italeri – Some of their latest products sport this logo on the box (Teek)
eritrea – A country represented by one athlete at the 2018 Winter Olympics (Stugle)
reaper – German aircraft carrier
perm – The city shown in this Google Street View snap (Gusdownnup)



  1. Little_Crow says:

    F11) CATNAP

  2. Gothnak says:

    D6 or D7: BERGAMO

  3. Gothnak says:

    I have just had my lunch, but:
    H7: PORK
    J6: PIE

    Probably not right though.

    • Gothnak says:

      Actually, H7: PORKCHOP

      Makes me think it’s something to do with the KOREAN WAR.

  4. unacom says:

    e5 NEPAL

  5. Stugle says:

    C8 – GABBER link to

    Probably not what we’re looking for. :)

  6. Little_Crow says:

    A few sleepy ones:
    G1) DOZE
    F11) CATNAP

    Seems far too simple though
    G2) PILLOW

  7. AFKAMC says:

    A7 – CHITON – either a class of mollusc, or an ancient Greek garment.

  8. Stugle says:

    G8 – CANVAS

  9. Gothnak says:

    M3 – TUBMAN (A Foxer Favourite)

  10. unacom says:

    e1 UMBRA

  11. Stugle says:

    For the warmup, the picture of the portly lady is of the Russian empress Anna Ivanovna. According to slate, she hated love: link to

    • Electric Dragon says:

      The invertebrate pictured is a mayfly.

    • unacom says:

      Not sure, but am I the Jukkasjärvi Ice Hotel in Sweden?

      • Stugle says:

        Probably – first built in 1990, has a church onsite (operated by the Swedish Church, which I assume is protestant), uses reindeer furs for bedding (PETA won’t be pleased), Logan’s Run features a robot who freezes people, like a mayfly the hotel only lasts a short while. Fits with dear Anna’s ice hotel. I don’t know about the ripped flower or the European offspring, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the concept has been emulated. Oh yes, ‘Sweden’ has a ‘W’ in it, of course.

        So yes, I think the odds are very good you’ve got it. Congratulations!

  12. Stugle says:

    Out of context of the Foxer, but I just noticed I’m getting Amazon ads on this page that are trying to interest me in a FOXER handbag (a steal at $85.00) and a Revell model kit of the aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin. Oh, the horror of tracking cookies. :)

  13. brulleks says:

    Got it, I think:

    1. doze
    2. repose
    3. siesta
    4. pillow
    5. slumber
    6. sandman
    7. duvet
    8. crib
    9. rip van winkle
    10. kip
    11. couchettes
    12. lullaby
    13. Chione
    14. polysomnogram
    15. catnap
    16. apnea
    17. somnambulist
    18. Hypno
    19. REM