Best Frenemies Forever – Batman: The Enemy Within’s final episode is live

Batman: The Enemy Within

The worst kept secret of Telltale’s digital choose-your-own-adventures is that there’s really not much choosing involved. While incidental details may change, the main thrust of the story doesn’t. That may also be the case for the final episode in Telltale’s well received second season of Batman adventures, but while your decisions may eventually lead roughly to the same end, it feels like every call carries extra weight this time, as you help define your personal origin for a truly legendary antagonist.

Concluding Batman: The Enemy Within, the fifth and final episode – Same Stitch – is out now, and its two launch trailers paint two very contrasting pictures of the man who is to become The Joker.

First up, the Vigilante trailer, giving us a look at the softer side of John Doe – enthusiastic but unstable sidekick, just one step away from going over the edge:

And then a look at a more overtly villainous iteration of the character, the casually murderous psychopath that we all know and love:

It’s obviously not the most subtle of takes on the Batman, admittedly. Or subtle in the slightest, come to think of it, but it’s interesting to see a semi-official Batman story spell it out, straight and clear in the trailers: Maybe the Dark Knight’s particular brand of bone-shattering vigilantism isn’t the most widely applicable of models for social improvement. In fact, between Batman’s spinning Rolodex of villains with grudges and Arkham’s weekly scheduled breakouts, probably half of Gotham’s crime is targeted at Bruce Wayne directly, one way or another.

The twin trailers do imply that there’s going to be somewhat more divide here than your average Telltale finale. While undoubtedly things will go terribly wrong by the end no matter what decisions you make, the path by which you’ll create Batman’s arch-(fr)enemy seems to be more open than standard Telltale fare, and it’ll be interesting to see just how much divergence they can deliver. I’ve not managed to find time for either this season or the preceeding one, but now both are complete, I’m considering slipping on my darkest pajamas for a few nights of casual crime-fighting.

Episode 5, Same Stitch, is out now for anyone who owns Batman: The Enemy Within, and you can pick up the whole season via SteamGOG and Telltale store for around the £14/$19 mark. You’re probably not going to be able to save the Joker’s soul, but you’re probably going to try anyway, you big brooding do-gooder, you.


  1. Blowfeld81 says:

    What I learned from the trailer:

    Crossing Joker on the bridge: Villain ending.
    Huggin Joker on the bridge: Vigilante ending and a cake.

  2. Kefren says:

    That’s the daftest Batman design I’ve seen. Lights behind the eye-holes? How is that going to help with hiding in the shadows?

    I stopped buying Telltale games because I got sick of the unskippable spoilers for the next episode (even if you bought them all in one pack and were playing them on the same day) and recaps of what you did five minutes ago at the start of each (ditto).

    • Evan_ says:

      Unskippable spoilers are a crime against the consumer. Glad I’m not the only one who feels that way.

      These days I routinely turn off the monitor and audio at the end of each episode in Telltale games, and go for a coffee. But it would be infinitely better if they just stopped that silliness. I already drink too much coffee.

  3. Kollega says:

    I don’t know if it’s the character modeling and animation style, or texture and rendering style, or dialogue and writing style, or something else. But all throughout watching these particular trailers, the only thing I could think of is “Handsome Joker”. Which, in hindsight, is just bleeeeeuuuugh.

    • maninahat says:

      He’s actually kind of adorkable in this game and I’d do anything for him; it’s the freshest take on the Joker I’ve ever seen, pitching him as this people pleasing, love sick loser who is on the edge of breaking, and Harley Quinn as the domineering, abusive bully who keeps him down.

      • geldonyetich says:

        I guess taking Batman’s nemesis whose entire MO is being a completely unsympathetically monstrous madman and pretending Bruce can reform him by being a good example could be described as, “Fresh.”

        Personally, I’m leaning Telltale apparently forgot they weren’t making another episode of Walking Dead and Joker ain’t no Clementine. In any other portrayal of Joker, any illusion that he could be reformed would be a sick joke of his conception.

        It would have made a lot more sense if the subject were some protege of Batman’s, another Robin. Treat them wrong, they go back. You can’t bring the damn bandersnatch around.

  4. Someoldguy says:

    He was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar…

  5. phlebas says:

    I’m not exactly sure what it was. Sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes another… If I’m going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice! Ha ha ha!

  6. AlienEyes says:

    What I hope is that there aren’t only two patchs. You don’t feel your choices matter if it can only lead to two different stories depending on how you treated the Joker.

  7. Stillquest says:

    “We’re taking the Batmobile? We’re taking the Batmobile!”

    I cringed.

  8. DevilMaySob says:

    So Telltale are we gonna get a season 3? I hope the answer is yes. How about the next season has Deadshot or Deathstroke in it?