Fortnite Battle Royale adds guided missile launcher

Epic Games today add to Fortnite Battle Royale a weapon I associate with the studio more than any other: a guided missile launcher. Find one of these and you’ll be flying missiles around through a first-person camera like it’s Unreal Tournament all over again. Heck, given that it’s possible to ride rockets in Fortnite, I do hope you can also taxi pals around on top of rockets – a bit like ye olde Strangelove mod. Today’s update also delivers lag improvements and the revamped return of the Sniper Shootout event mode.

The new guided missile launcher, as you’d expect, fires missiles you can take direct control of, flying to where you want to explode. Your Fortniter stands stock still so probably don’t do it out in the open, though you can also abandon control at any time to have it fly straight on. The launcher is found with Epic and Legendary rarity in chests and supply drops.

My personal hope is that someone will figure out how to have two players riding atop each other’s rockets, each flying the other around. I would like to see this.

As for Sniper Shootout v2, the limited event mode is returning with the revolver removed and hunting rifle and crossbow added. For a mode meant to be about sniping, revolvers did muck things up a bit.

Other stuff… netcode improvements mean all players get updates every tick, rather than 50 on one and 50 on the other, and other improvements mean the start of matches should be less laggy too. Epic say they’ve improved framerates when loads of players are nearby, and fixed the frame hitching when you get new certain cosmetics for the first time. The Boogie Bomb is re-enabled now a bug which let people carry stacks of weapons with it is fixed. Oh and, to celebrate Easter, the grenade launcher is now blasting out eggs.

See the v3.4 patch notes for the full scoop.

Over in Fortnite: Save The World, the crafty game that started all this, it sounds like Epic are removing some nuisances. Sprinting no longer costs energy, crafting stacks are up from 99 to 200, trap stacks from 20 to 200, searching containers is quicker, dying and resurrecting no longer reduce weapon durability… less nuisance. It has a special Easter event too.

Fortnite Battle Royale is free-to-play through Epic’s client. Fortnite: Save The World still costs money while it’s in early access.

Did you see that Waypoint article about Fortnite Battle Royale being the hit new playground game? Some perspective for old people, there.


  1. Kollega says:

    I’ve been wondering recently… Fortnite: BR is free to try out, offbeat and wacky in a good way, and has a cool art style (the co-op side of Fortnite was on my interest list before it turned out to be an F2P mess). Can someone here sum up for me how intense the gameplay is, and how bad the monetization is? The one thing that keeps me away from the battle royale genre is how you need to be at maximum attention at all times and fights are decided in a matter of seconds after minutes of tension… and Fortnite: BR looks like one game that might be more forgiving. How does it work in practice?

    • GameCat says:

      It has the best possible F2P model.
      You don’t need to buy anything, you don’t need to grind anything, you don’t need to unlock weapons or characters.

      You can unlock some cosmetic stuff by leveling up or buying it with real money, it doesn’t have lootboxes.

      • Kollega says:

        It doesn’t have lootboxes? Okay, now I’m interested…

        • shitflap says:

          The extent of my experience with it is watching it on twitch, but yeah , cosmetics only, but no lootboxes, just costumes you choose to buy or not.
          Give it a look on there, it looks like the most fun of the BR games (perhaps because it’s third-person), matches are about 15-20 mins, you can solo, co-op or squad of 4 it and the building walls and towers aspects of it seem to mitigate getting insta-killed so it doesn’t seem too intense.

      • MrEvilGuy says:

        I completely agree. Those who can afford to splurge on cosmetics will, and in doing so keep the game running so that the rest of us who can’t afford it can play too.

  2. Blackrook says:

    I’ve played over 100 hours, and at no point felt the need to spend real money. At no point does it try to push sales on you unlike a few other games, as the only pay bits are cosmetic.
    It can be pretty intense but only for short times, youre more likely to be sneaking and hiding most of the time.

    My best win was with a friend in DUO – we won the match without killing anyone… the last person fell to his death. Perfect.