God Eater 3’s apocalyptic monster brawls are PC-bound

Who's going to be eating who here?

Teen Anime-styled monster hunting game God Eater 3 is getting a western PC release, Bandai Namco confirmed today. Soon, you too will be able to gel your hair up to 11, shoulder an improbably large hybrid sword/gun/demon-devouring maw, and go bop some improbably large and angry creatures on the snoot, solo or with friends. Within, a gameplay trailer, featuring some monster snoots being bopped.

The God Eater games are cut much from the same cloth as Monster Hunter. A party of heroes with very large weapons carve up giant creatures, and turn their bits into more weapons and armor to hunt even bigger beasties. What sets God Eater apart is its faster, more arcadey approach to combat. Even playing solo, you’ll have a swarm of chatty NPC friends hacking away at your target as well, and combat tends to be more mobile and responsive than Monster Hunter, with aerial combos being a key part of your repertoire.

Thematically, God Eater sets itself apart with its supernatural apocalypse setting, as the last remnants of humanity (including some techno-magically enhanced brooding teens, of course) fight for survival against the Aragami, a race of demonic creatures, the titular ‘gods’. The ‘eater’ part comes from your shape-shifting weapons, God Arcs, which can be used to bite chunks out of living or deceased monsters, providing you with buffs.

I do have some mild concerns after watching the new trailer. While it does look pleasantly familiar, the design of the game on show looks largely unchanged from God Eater’s initial handheld debut back in 2010. It’s interesting to see them sticking to their oversized anime guns here, and keeping God Eater all about straightforward arena combat against big stompy beasties, but the game has more competition on PC nowadays.

The monsters do get to turn the tables a bit in this latest iteration. By using Devour attacks of their own, they can take a bite out of players in order to power themselves up; it’s a god eat god world out there.¬†Being the first God Eater game in a while, there are a few new weapon types in both the close combat and ranged categories, including the impressive-looking beam cannon, for when only a giant anime laser can solve your problems.

As an aside, remasters of God Eaters 1 & 2 are part of the early unlock selection in the current Humble Monthly, along with Mafia 3 and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, if you want to get up to speed on the series. There’s no release date yet for God Eater 3, but I’d be surprised if it came out much later than this summer.


  1. ZephaniahGrey says:

    I love monster hunting games, but that trailer did nothing to sell me on this one. Guessing it’s directed at fan boys, because it really didn’t sell the game at all.

    • Dominic Tarason says:

      Nah, it’s just not an especially good trailer. It’s poorly cut and the gameplay on show isn’t exactly thrilling.

  2. Kamestos says:

    I haven’t played either of them, but it seems to play very differently from Monster Hunter. I’m intrigued.

    • I Got Pineapples says:

      It’s some decent fun. The combat feels significantly more floaty than Monster Hunter and slightly less satisfying when you hit something. But a good time will be had.

      • abstrarie says:

        As someone who likes the idea of Monster Hunter but loathes its combat because I find it to be slow, unresponsive, and tedious, do you think I would like this style of combat better? Is it faster and more responsive? (I just hate being locked into long wind up/cool down animations or getting knocked over and just watching my character lay on the ground for 30 seconds before getting up.) I want to get into a good hunter game because the co-op and big fights seem fun, but I have bounced off of every MH game immediately, so I was hoping this might be a better fit for me.

        • Kaeoschassis says:

          As somebody who got into God Eater for pretty much exactly that reason I suspect you’d get a lot of fun out of it, yes.

        • Dominic Tarason says:

          It’s a much faster, more arcadey game, yeah. Check out some footage of God Eater Ressurection/2 on PC, and if that tickles your fancy, both games are included in the current Humble Monthly, so, $12/¬£8

        • I Got Pineapples says:

          Then you will do pretty great with either these or Toukiden (really just Toukiden 2) which is pretty much the same deal but with Japanese monsters.

          Be aware that they are vita/psp games, bar the lastest one, with all that entails.

  3. Kaeoschassis says:

    Pretty excited for this one. I played the original GE on psp and enjoyed it, then my brother and I picked up the PC release of the 2nd and had a grand old time co-op together. Great stuff.

    I’d point out that in fact the 2nd had quite a lot of innovations and mechanical differences over the 1st, actually – but if your first exposure to GE1 was the version they bundled for free with the PC release of GE2 then you’d be forgiven for not realising it. That version of GE1 was a ground-up remake with many of the 2nd game’s improvements and some neat new features of its own, as well as other rad stuff like having all the cutscenes redone and the script completely re-written (or at least re-localised? Either way they did a much better job). Frankly I’m still shocked they didn’t just sell it seperately, given how good it is.

  4. Spacewalk says:

    I like gods but I couldn’t eat a whole one.

  5. Memphis says:

    I haven’t played the first game, but I’m a fan of Rage Burst so will most likely give this one a try