Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered smashing out soon

I’ll never forget that magical summer of 2009 when everyone went around smashing buildings to pieces with an ostrich-shaped hammer. Well, the noughties are back in fashion, baby, and Red Faction Guerrilla is back too. Volition’s smashtastic shooter is being snazzed up a little for a re-release as the new Re-Mars-tered edition, publishers THQ Nordic announced today. They put the hyphens there to highlight the wordplay, not me. Re-Mars-tered will have fancier graphics and, they tell me, will come as a free upgrade for people who own the original on Steam.

Red Faction Guerrilla is, I’m told, a third-person shooter about revolution on a Martian mining colony. I don’t remember much of that because I was too busy smashing levels to pieces. While the first Red Factions had destructible terrain, Guerrilla goes for destructible buildings instead, letting us drive through buildings, blow up bridges, demolish houses with a mech, and generally be a chuffing nuisance. See Karen Gillan’s review for more on all that.

THQ Nordic explain that the Re-Mars-tered Edition will boast “heavily reworked textures and graphic features adding for example specular maps,” improved shadow rendering and lighting, reworked shaders and postprocessing, and native 4K resolution support.

All this is coming our way as a side-effect of them releasing the game on Xbone and PS4. While their official announcement doesn’t mention it, I did ask their PR peeps and they did tell me it’s a free upgrade for existing Steam owners.

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered is due to launch by the end of June.

THQ Nordic have been fairly responsible stewards since buying THQ’s name (they were formerly Nordic Games) and many of their games as the publisher collapsed. They’ve patched Guerrilla a fair few times and most recently in February, have been fixing and improving Titan Quest for years and released a new expansion, have finally got Darksiders 3 started and touched the old games up a little, and generally done their best to pretend they are THQ. They don’t have the same eye for new games but they are taking care of the old.

See you, space asshole.


  1. SBLux says:

    I just finished re-playing this about a week ago. It’s a great game that I think never really got the attention it deserve. To this day no other game has matched the destruction physics and the last mission on hard mode is specatcular.

    • Neurotic says:

      Absolutely agree. In fact, Volition specifically designed it in response to the criticism of Red Faction 2 that it didn’t make enough use of the Geo-Mod engine. Guerrilla had an almost 6-year development process, in which the first thing they did was refine and improve the engine into Geo-Mod 2.0. They sacrificed the ability to damage a level’s border geometry (i.e. walls and floor), and added in stress-based physics simulation for the building collapses, and ragdoll physics for the enemies and clutter. Plus, they worked on the MP from the start, which certainly helped sales I think. Highlight of the series for me, ol’ Guerrilla. I always describe it to people as ‘GTA Mars’. :D

      • DarkFenix says:

        I’d argue that they underused Geomod in Guerrilla too. I mean, it’s the whole selling point of the series, but it was limited to destroying tiny little houses placed sparsely across a largely empty map. I was utterly disappointed when I saw how feeble the game’s gimmick was.

        • Michael Fogg says:

          It was stated in several post-mortems that it has been the price of putting it on the previous generation consoles.

        • Muzman says:

          I remember demolishing a three story building with a nuke once. Then there was the time I drove a truck laden with explosives off a cliff into the upper floor of a guard tower and barely leapt to safety as I set the whole thing off and the debris rained down for about a minute it seemed.

          I mean, it’s completely unprecedented, but it could have been more unprecedented I guess…

    • Michael Fogg says:

      I vaguely remember getting extremely frustrated with the final mission back when I played it on the 360 and finally bumping down to medium to beat it.

  2. Rich says:

    Nice. This has been sitting unplayed in the Steam library for forever. I’ll have to give it a go once the upgrade comes along.

    • Donkeyfumbler says:

      Exactly the same (though I’m not really sure why it is still in my unplayed list tbh). This will be the spur to finally install it I guess.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    This game was tremendous fun back on the 360. I also own it on PC, and it still holds up pretty well.

    I was all set to get all huffy and mad about a remastered rerelease cashgrab, but then the article says it’s a free upgrade for PC.

    Well, nice work, THQ Nordic. A+.

  4. Kollega says:

    Red Faction: Guerrilla is one of the most successful implementations of destructo-physics that I’ve been witness to in all of gaming. I admit that I don’t have the campaign completed on Steam right now… but only because I completed it before, twice. A free upgrade to a remastered version may be a reason to start it for the fourth time.

    Besides me going back to RF:G, this is really good news for three reasons. One: most importantly, it may revive the game’s multiplayer, at least for some time… and multiplayer was incredibly fun in RF:G. Two: it shows that THQ Nordic have actual interest in the franchise beyond selling copies of what already exists – and while them recently buying out Deep Silver is not a very good thing overall, the (deep) silver lining for that is that we may get a new entry in the series from Volition now. Maybe. Three: I’m honestly thinking the game will do nicely with less-muddy textures and new graphical frippery. Its overall neat depiction of Mars was always kind of undercut by middling visuals.

  5. HiroTheProtagonist says:

    On the one hand, I liked RF:G a lot back in the day, but it doesn’t help that this feels a lot like publishers are just trying to wring pennies from their back catalogs. This is probably the 3rd or 4th remaster announcement I’ve seen this week.

    • mitrovarr says:

      At least it’s a good game that deserved more attention and probably needed the graphical update. I played this one through and liked it a lot. Best of the Red Faction games by a mile.

      • mruuh says:

        Sure, but why couldn’t they just make a new game instead? It’s been many years since I played this game, but I do not recall its setting, story or characters as anything memorable, or even above average.

        The physics model was the memorable part. That is IMHO what should be updated, given a face-lift and shown off in a new, fresh game.

        • kud13 says:

          Well, for starters, until they recently (When they bought out Deep Silver), THQ Nordic owned the IP, but not the developers- Volition and the Saints’ Row IP were owned by Deep Silver since the bankruptcy of the original THQ.

          Secondly, given what Nordic did with Darksiders, (2 pun-tastic remasters, followed by eventual announcement of a sequel), we can make an educated guess that re-mastering the game for a new console gen (PC owners get the remaster upgrade for free. Again) is Nordic testing the market for interest before commissioning a sequel.

        • mitrovarr says:

          Remastering an old game probably takes orders of magnitude less resources than making a new one. So, this remaster probably didn’t cost us a new game in terms of resources applied – more like a small fraction of a new game. Which could have turned out to be a turkey (at least we know the story/setting/characters won’t be obnoxiously bad in this).

    • GH Moose says:

      I don’t really mind remasters if they’re at least showing some respect for existing customers when they do it, and I’d say giving it to PC owners for nothing is showing respect.

      Plus, as others have pointed out, this is probably more about making it available on newer consoles and trying to judge interest in a potential sequel. I hope this does well on consoles that never saw the game before and encourages a sequel…or at least a resurrection of the destruction system in something else. I’d be all over a Saint’s Row 5 with a destruction engine. For that matter, I could see a variant being useful in a Freespace sequel (slicing chunks out of big ships FTW?), but that seems so unlikely that I feel bad for even mentioning it.

  6. Vinraith says:

    “See Karen Gillan’s review for more on all that.”

    Thank you for that, Alice.

    • Someoldguy says:

      I had no idea someone of RPS heritage had secretly been moonlighting as Dr Who’s sidekick. How fitting!

  7. tomimt says:

    Guerilla is the only game in the series I liked and finished. The first two games I never could get into and Armageddon was just boring, so I dropped that pretty quickly.

  8. Darkmessage says:

    Just came here to say that I like the headline pun really mars.

  9. mitrovarr says:

    I would also say that this is a fantastic game if you like the gameplay style of GTA or Saint’s Row, but can’t stand playing as a terrible person, or just are sick of that setting.

  10. Solidstate89 says:

    I was pretty stoked to read about this remastered edition because the PC port was always shit from all the reviews I’ve read, so I haven’t had a chance to enjoy this game since my 360 broke many years ago.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      The PC port was great fun, except for the vehicle controls, which were unchangeably over-sensitive with a keyboard and mouse. Some of the audio (including the voice of your main mission giver, of all things) was way too compressed, too, but I suspect that was the same on console. Lastly, the menus were console-centric but better than Skyrim’s, if memory serves…it’s been a while…

  11. KidWithKnife says:

    This game is really super dope, even without a remaster it’s well worth your time and money. I’m looking forward to this and to the possibility of another proper Red Faction game.

  12. Darth Gangrel says:

    This could be one of my favorite games if it just gave me the option of having all weapons/upgrades available from the start (preferably with unlimited ammo) and, most of all, deleted all cries for help.

    In an open world game (though perhaps not open world as in e.g. Skyrim), I don’t want to have someone ask me to do missions when I’m on my way looking for stuff to wreck. “Oh, yeah, a driver is carrying sensitive info and you want me to intercept it? Well, your driving mechanics suck, so I’m not gonna help you.” There are other, more fun/less tedious missions, but it hurts the general enjoyment of the gameplay when you get interrupted. The damage is already done despite the option of ignoring their requests. Also, my conscience hinders me from ignoring them as much as I would like.

  13. Stellar Duck says:

    This needs to go here:

    • RF member says:

      there is more to it not just the brain-washing destruction either, its about revolution,redemption, its the main story duck! not killing everything in your path like a power player xd

  14. awrc says:

    This is pretty great! :D I got the game on steam many moons ago, but never finished it, so a remaster will definitely get me to reinstall it. If I remember correctly I got distracted playing Just Cause 2, you see I could blow more things up and that was important to me.

  15. The withered pickle says:

    When does this release and also does this reset your overall progress or is it like dlc

  16. CdrJameson says:

    I’ve finally got a good enough graphics card to play the original in all its explode-y glory and they go and up the detail. Typical.

  17. RF member says:

    just a fact: the Hammer is shaped ostrich-like to allow balanced weight when swinging, which why destruction with Hammer is easier than with Gutter. Gutter utilizes momentum in your swings, perfect for body blodgening attacks.