Wobbly road trip adventure Jalopy leaves Early Access


It’s been a long, bumpy road, but Jalopy has finally completed its pilgrimage through the plains of Early Access, and has officially launched. It’s one of those games so distinct and original, it’s no surprise that it’s held our attention for years; a low-budget (and low-fi) road trip adventure from Germany, across eastern Europe on a course for Turkey. All the way, driving a crumbling junker of a not-Trabant through rain, snow and mud in service of your weird Uncle’s latest get-rich-quick scheme.

The V1.0 update is a relatively humble one, adding the usual perfunctory launch gubbins, such as Steam trading cards, a separately purchasable soundtrack and (most importantly) international translation support. While initially planned, the developers are sad to admit that they couldn’t quite integrate Steering Wheel or Mac support in time, both due to technical and engine issues, and both seem unlikely to happen now.

The game was effectively completed back in September of 2017, with a major update returning the player’s absent uncle to the game, and along with him the overarching story of the game. Since then, updates have been incremental and mostly focused on bug-fixes and tuning, getting the game as polished as an intentionally low-fi game about rusty, sputtering old cars can be.

Jalopy’s development has been long and storied, with updates adding content as ambitious as Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, with each country having its own distinct aesthetic and terrains to drive. It’s been a real experience watching Minskworks piecing together this one over the past few years, one chunk at a time. And unlike most of Jalopy’s vehicles, it appears to have made it to the finish line without the wheels falling off. Hats off to the devs.

Jalopy is out now and quite sharply discounted for this launch week. You can snag the game for £6.59/9€/$9 on Steam, GOG and Humble now.


  1. Railway Rifle says:

    This looks more charming than ever.

    • DeepFried says:

      Its wonderful, but sadly still chock full of bugs. I’ve honestly never seen so many game breaking bugs in one game in such a short amount of play time, and with near 500 games in my steam account that’s saying something.

  2. revan says:

    While not as worry free as the likes of American/Euro Truck Simulator, Jalopy has been my go to game to unwind for a few months now.

    I never reach far, rarely even cross the German border, but the experience is calming nonetheless.

  3. racccoon says:

    This looks like one crazy road trip, well, lets hope it is :)

  4. ogopogo says:

    Just re-tried this after a go last year and it’s even betterer than I remembered. Good length and a concrete goal really pulls it all together. And nine dollars?? A bargain, my friend.

    If you agree to stream this there’s a hazard– it can turn anyone you’re chatting with into a mechanical engineer real quick, you get this road-trip-with-ghosts thing going on and that isn’t as helpful as it might sound. If various twitchers get into Jalopy then we’ll have like 60 person clown cars hurtling along the ol’ iron curtain which is so excellent words it hard describe how compose to are. Video games!!

    • poliovaccine says:

      Not sure I understand what you mean by that hazard? – At first it seemed like you were saying this game will turn streamers into boring prattlers-on about auto repair, as folks tend to do who know a lot about that, or folks who know computers, or electricians, or basically any other sort of skilled trade which takes a certain amount of in depth knowledge and therefore lends to inter-trade banter and lingo… But then you say stuff about 60 person clown cars and I’m lost – do you mean you pick up hitchhikers somehow, who are also mechanical engineers? Maybe it’s too early for me here, I mean it’s almost time for lunch but early is relative haha, but still, yeah, I’m totally missing what you’re saying, and while I don’t think that’s your fault, I’m still asking cus I’m curious haha. Mainly cus I played an early build of this, liked it a lot, but figured I’d wait til 1.0 to get it for myself, since updates seemed to just casually add whole new countries and such like that – aaand I figured I’d watch a stream of it before I buy, to see if I’m still feeling as interested as I once was. Now you’ve got me thinking streamers will somehow be playing the game differently than I would by myself at home, though.

      But mostly I’m just curious what you’re actually talking about because I’m sort of intrigued by this potential for 60 person clown cars… especially since, as I remember, even just getting everything to fit into the trunk was a bit of a minigame in itself, so I feel like you can’t be possibly talking about what I’m picturing haha..

      • ogopogo says:

        The “60 person” number is just me spitballing the max. number of chatters in any given stream — no matter how many viewers a stream gets the parallel chat seems to cap out at 4-5 dozen active people. Might just be coincidental to the few twitchers I’ve watched, idk.

        I’m looking forward to trying “My Summer Car” soon — backseat gearhead buddies will probably be much more useful for that game. It’s usually pretty clear what mech. part is crapping out on you in Jalopy, the game is more about keeping an even keel and learning the rhythm of cycling/repairing parts as you go. The strategy thats worked for me so far is well covered on youtube: link to youtube.com — pretty solid, sensible approach imho.

  5. RASmith1030 says:

    I thought the theme music would be Kraftwerk, Autobahn?

    • Flavour Beans says:

      There is a song in the soundtrack that can only be described as a loving homage to Kraftwerk, actually. It’s fun.

  6. hungrycookpot says:

    Played this game too early, im going to have to come back because it looks much more solid now.