Spintires: MudRunner’s Steam Workshop adds map

Probably the main reason to buy Spintires: MudRunner if you already owned the wonderful original is the prospect of ongoing support, of what the game might become under the stewardship of publishers who aren’t publicly feuding with the game’s creator. Today saw the release of a new update expanding the muddy drive ’em up’s Steam Workshop to support maps too, making it easier to download and play other players’ creations. Another free content update will follow, and work has also begun on some American mud.

Maps are already going up in MudRunner’s Workshop. The game already supported player-made maps but players would need to go through fan-run websites then download and install them themselves. Steam Workshop support means you just click Subscribe on a map you want to get stuck into and Steam does the rest for you. Handy. And the Workshop already has loads of mods adding new vehicles.

As for official new content, publishers Focus Home say they’re working on a new free update that’s “similar” to the one they released in February. That added one new map, three new vehicles, and some new truck bits.

Work also continues on what they’re tentatively titling MudRunner USA, which will get stuck in some American trucks stuck in good ol’ American mud. They’re planning to release that this year, and I assume it will be a paid expansion? I don’t know. All their talk about it is hazy.

Do also check out Andy Sellick’s recent celebration of the joys of driving very slowly through mud.


  1. teethslapper says:

    I love MudRunner and the improvements it brought but as an owner of the original Spintires, if they try to release the American version as another stand alone with no significant improvements and charge full price for it, I think it’s going to put a sour taste in a lot of people’s mouths.

    • UncleLou says:

      Define “full price” – MudRunner is 30 EUR, which is half of what, say, Far Cry 5, costs. I’d be fine with a new game for that price.

      • teethslapper says:

        I wouldn’t mind paying $30 for a game with some significant improvements but the original Spintires and Mudrunner:Spintires weren’t different enough to justify paying full price for the latter, IMO, so I just waited for it to go on sale. For people just getting into the series I suppose it won’t make much difference though.

  2. Henke says:

    Cool! Finished the game (as in completed all singleplayer maps and challenge levels) a few days ago, time to get stuck in the usermade maps!

  3. Siimon says:

    Wait, what, MudRunner USA was NOT an April fools joke? Color me excited then.

  4. April March says:

    The last thing I want from a game is to have levels based in the one country 90% of games already take place in… but who am I kidding, if it’s Spintires I’ll take as much mud as I can get.