Ghost Recon Wildlands commits to a 2nd year of updates

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Good, bad or otherwise, you can’t keep an online, service-focused Ubigame down. Following in the footsteps of the likes of Rainbow Six Siege and For Honor, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is the latest in the publisher’s stable of multiplayer games to be signed on for a second season’s worth of content updates. Much of it looks to be free, which is always a reasonable price.

Over the coming year, Wildlands will receive four major updates called Special Operations, each of which is set to be built around a specific theme, and will include both PvE and PvP stuff in addition to cosmetic gubbins and community wish-list items. While no concrete date is pinned down for the first, Ubisoft are at least willing to give us a peek at some of the first Operation’s content in the trailer below.

Making good on their promise of fulfilling community wishes, the first Special Operation is adding the conspicuously absent option to dress up your NPC squadmates in offline play. Previously, while you could alter your own appearance, your unit of gruff, amoral drug-war enforcers remained tragically unfashionable. At least now you can commit international high crimes in style, eh?

On the PvP side of things, the new Sabotage mode looks more than a little like Counter-Strike. One team has an objective to defend, the other team has to plant a bomb on it. You know how this goes. Sadly, the operation’s name and the rest of its content (including the theme, a new PvE mission and new PvP class) haven’t been detailed, but at least we know that there’s a little something for everyone that’s still roaming the jungle and not playing the clearly superior Predator mode on loop.

While a lot of the goodies on the way will be free, Ubisoft have announced a Year 2 season pass for the game in the vein of Rainbow Six Siege, with pass-holders getting early access and automatic unlocks of upcoming multiplayer classes, plus a handful of loot crates. Yeah, those are still a thing in virtual South America, apparently. Probably stuffed to bursting with cocaine or somesuch. Pricing hasn’t been announced on the season pass yet, although if Rainbow Six is any indication, expect it to hover around the £25/$30 mark.


  1. Lurid says:

    Too bad the driving in that game was about as smooth as throwing a brick in a dryer.

    • Anti-Skub says:

      And the aircraft don’t so much feel like they are flying than they are being held in the air by a giant, invisible child.

      • Viral Frog says:

        People keep saying this, yet the helicopters and planes of Wildlands are easily my favorite flying vehicles to handle outside of proper simulators compared to any other game.

        All the land vehicles besides motorcycles are absolutely awful.

    • haldolium says:

      Driving itself was okay, collision physics not so much. Helicopter flying is totally fine in Wildlands.

  2. gabrielonuris says:

    Why The Division didn’t get this attention, I wonder…

    • Dominic Tarason says:

      It’s getting a full sequel. I think the timing was just off – Ubisoft’s other online games were close to ending one season when they made the decision to support stuff long-term, while The Division had been left awkwardly between updates for a while.

      They’re still running a season of minor events from now until the sequel’s launch though.

      • Jabberslops says:

        The Divisions biggest issue was the lack of new and compelling story content and was instead supplanted by yet more bullet sponge enemies in the free updates and paid DLC. In fact the best part about the game once you get through the story missions is the Survival mode DLC.

        If you took out the player hubs where everyone gathers, you are left with a game that is basically just Borderlands 2, but set in Manhatten with less gun variety and fewer regions/zones and even less story. The Division and TD2 just needs to be less bullet spongy to attract and possibly sustain a community.

        • Blackcompany says:


          Loved the Division…loathed enemy design. It’s just obnoxious.

          Even Destiny 2 realized no one likes sponges, and has fixed it, much improving The game.

      • Anti-Skub says:

        I really think more was off about The Division than the timing. The only thing the Division did well was the city. It did it brilliantly.

        But they clearly didn’t know what they wanted to make, and so much of it’s design conflicted with itself.

        They wanted to make it a looting/stats game but they also wanted to make it a shooter. So what we got was a game that played like a shooter but had the enemies of an RPG. In other words bullet sponges.

        They wanted to make it tight scripted experience, but also an MMO. So what we got was a story that went nowhere because they didn’t want to close any doors for the future. The entirety of the plot felt like a prologue to a story that never materialised.

        They wanted to make it a coop RPG as well as a DayZ style PvP Survival game. So what we got were combat mechanics that didn’t work well for either.

        All The Division was was a fairly enjoyable 10 hour coop game, with about a dozen terrible ideas bolted onto it. Playing through the campaign once was great. Everything else was shite. The max level loot grind was boring, the high level combat was tedious and frustrating, the PvP was terribly balanced and ill thought out.

        What the game needed was episodic coop campaign DLC. What it got was just random crappy game modes tacked onto it to try and create “end game” in a game that had no business having one.

        • Blackcompany says:

          Spot on assessment. You nailed it.

          I like the core idea…but the implementation was pretty awful.

        • gabrielonuris says:

          You nailed it indeed; I played throught the game once just to finish the campaign, like a single player experience, rarely playing coop; It was a blast, the game is beautiful, although I didn’t get an ending to the plot, because it obviously lack that.

          But as Dominic Tarason said above, it’s getting a sequel, but I’m afraid I won’t be playing that. Not because the first was bad, it wasn’t, but because I’ll probably move on by then.

  3. Catchcart says:

    I still haven’t commited to using the free code for the game I got with my GPU a year ago.

  4. Kollega says:

    Someone please tell me… why can’t we have this same sort of four-player co-op with an array of weapons and vehicles, but instead built over the world, story, and mechanics of Just Cause 3? Or something comparable? The one thing that completely turns me off Wildlands, even before the loot crates and similar, is that you play as a group of unlikeable assholes with the conduct of pretty much a death squad, as if this were the 1990s again and you were in the middle of Youngblood’s early issues… and are supposed to take the whole thing seriously. Contrast that with Just Cause 3, where you are the good guy no matter how much destruction you wreak, because the world operates on the logic of a wink-and-a-nod action movie homage.

    Context matters. At least, it matters to me. I don’t think I will ever buy Wildlands, simply because its pretense to grittiness will be annoying. But I would be all over the same gameplay formula (co-op focus, space for tactics, post-launch support) crossed with the color and life and wackiness of Just Cause 3. Why can’t we have that?

    • Chaz says:

      If you can find a friend to play with, then you can pretty much ignore all the ingame chatter as you’ll be drowning it out with your own conversation. I’ve been playing with a mate or two and we’ve barely paid any attention to the plot etc. It’s been more a case of “What are we doing here again?”, “I think we’ve got to steal a car or something.” That’s about as much attention as you need give the plot.

  5. chudbabies says:

    i think this is a v stupid simulation of playing GTA military, and I am INTO it.

    I really like the overlay of possibility offered by the HUD. I am really into MULTIPLAYER games with a PvE. I like games that even game designers are able to play, or the ones they want to play… becuase.. I’m a dirty casual gamer. I do not want to climb the ranks of LoL. I do not want to dominate a meaningless leaderboard in BATTLEFIELD ONE. I am entertianed by the notion of, for a week, choosing to get involved with a persistent battlefield scenario, where I am open to exploration of relationships, but, I don’t want my ENTIRE LIFE to be CONSUMED by this game.

    I also play Hearthstone and H.o.t.S.
    Hearthstone is lacking in multiplayer interaction, and, instead, rewards multiplayer innovation and mathematical homework.
    H.o.t.S. rewards military minds. It is a game all about positioning, and bluffing a Leopard jungle cat which you are hunting.

    This Ghost Recon Wildlands game, I like the jungles. I like this simulation of a peaceful environment, full of peasant peoples who do not want to swear at me. I like the limitations of pretending to be a person. I ALSO ENJOY the breaking of this illusion when I am able to comandeer ambient environmental sets to my advantage.
    I like the communication offered by example of the Ubisoft demo. I find this demo to be rewarding, as it expands the minds of the player base, into adopting NEW approaches to playing with other hu-man beings on teh planet Earth.
    I don’t like playing with guns. That is why I have not pursued this game, without a group of co-players.

    But, I like the jungles of this game so much, I decided I like this game. I am unable to invest in a… in further exploring my enjoyment of this game, because it would be superficial. I like the three-dimensional measurements of teh game architecture, itself a simulation of South America, I dont remember which country. I like the illusion of movement, as I trek a strong military outfit around with a backpack and a strong, or exciting tool. I don’t want to shoot more people, thouhg. If that is the end game of this game, then why the hell am I still playing?

    Anyway. I hope the expand on the aestheticlly pleasing elements of this game. It LOOKS fun.

  6. zoog85 says:

    Too bad there is only one PvE mission per update, or at least in the first update. Where are the times you got a good selection of new SP/coop content for a game after release?