Podcast: Good game, bad story


“I love to shoot the men!” you shout, as you pump 100 bullets into the prostrate torso of a dead soldier in Far Cry 5. “I’m so glad there are no cutscenes to–


“Oh no.”

And lo, the lord delivered unto ye a sermon of the highest tedium, and the Four Ubisoft Writers of the Apocalypse rode over the earth and reaped the souls of all humanity with pointless exposition and dull characterisation. It was a bad time. But it’s not the only strong game let down by a bad tale. The latest episode of the RPS podcast, the Electronic Wireless Show, is unable to discuss all the offenders, but we can take a punt.

Alec is semi-suffering through the aforementioned Far Cry 5, adoring the woodland and the idle joy of a good gunfight between the trite, enforced storytelling. Brendan has been deriding a powerful serpent Goddess in Final Fantasy XV while navigating plot holes the size of a Regalia. Meanwhile, Katharine has been partnering up! That’s right, she’s been playing co-op prison break game A Way Out. Oh, she also got married or something.

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  1. Railway Rifle says:

    I was slow to see Katherine’s married name. If she’d gone double-barrelled she would have sounded like an invading army.

  2. grimgi says:

    It cracks me up that in this game Ubisoft -literally- knocks your character unconscious and drags you into story sequences. I’ve heard people compliment the story but as much as I like the gameplay it’s been awful so far for me. The voice acting is really great, and the facial animations and overall direction of the cutscenes is incredible. But none of that really matters when the writing/dialogue is terrible and the story is dull. So much wasted money and effort.

    • Stromko says:

      If you’ve heard people compliment Far Cry 5’s story, those people need minders so they don’t hurt themselves.

  3. FreonTrotsky says:

    I think Double Fine are pretty much the kings of great stories and settings burdened with generally lackluster game play. I might even say that’s true of all Tim Schafer’s work. I always love his stories/concepts, characters and production design elements, but the games themselves are always flawed, uneventful, or saddled with uneven play mechanics. Even the minor Double Fine releases (Stacking, Costume Quest, etc.) are given to bouts of tedium.

  4. Servicemaster says:

    Okay, fine. The story is absolute shit in Far Cry 5 but at least I laughed along the way. Kinda weird how they literally made a deluxe figure out of the cult leader like… cults be damned but capitalism is still at work here.

  5. h4f93nh2 says:

    Hey y’all,

    This is a very niche request, but I was wondering if you could make this available on Spotify? It does podcasts now and is the most accessible medium for me. Thanks :)

    • mavu says:

      Seconded, but maybe upload to youtube? For whatever reason a coin toss is more reliable than soundcloud for me.

      And if it works (for which I need to use Firefox), the player generates a system load of 60-80% with one tab open thats just playing sound. Riddiculous.

    • Jamison Dance says:

      Spotify is a curated list of podcasts, not an open registry like submitting to iTunes or whatever. You have to apply and they choose to let you in or not, so it might not be up to RPS if they get added to Spotify or not.

  6. Josh W says:

    ~Staring eyes~ oo