The Forest v1.0 launching at end of the month


Add this one to my list of games that I thought was released released more than a year ago, The Forest is finally unlocking v1.0 at the end of April. I… I really have to keep better track of these things. My time in The Forest was super enjoyable (that’s not the word for mutant cannibal island) but knowing that so much content was locked off until now, I’m ready to dive back in.

Next to Subnautica, this is probably the biggest survival sandbox out there. And probably a near record setter now for time spent in Early Access.

Our own Dominic Tarason summed up the appeal of the game that’s releasing, theses some four years after we first started playing:

What defines The Forest is that it’s as much Survival Horror as regular Survival. It’s not long before the game takes on a slightly Lovecraftian spin, with the woods being inhabited by tribes of cannibalistic mutants, and the caves that run under the hillsides contain some creatures that really should not exist. There’s also a number of plot threads to pick up as you explore, and the deeper you dig, the more aggressive the locals become, requiring increasingly advanced fortifications if your camp is to survive each night.

On the Steam forums, the dev team simply posted:

Hey Everyone,

Today we are officially announcing April 30 as the release date of the PC version of ‘The Forest’

It’s been a long journey and we’re really excited to show everyone what we have in store.

The team at Endnight

Yay! Cheers all around. This video gets into some of the specific tweaks and upgrades that players should expect to see.

You can follow the game at the Steam page here. And don’t be a dingus like me, who clicked the wrong Youtube video and accidentally saw the game’s ending? Don’t Be Like Brock.

This is not that video.

We also have footage of John from our site shouting “You can’t come into my fancy treehouse” at a bunch of cannibals. I, for one, find it to be a delight. Fancy Treehouse just flows off the tongue.

Let us know what you’re hoping for in the full release and what kind of frustrations you had with the earlier builds.


  1. Talsted says:

    “And don’t be a dingus like me, who clicked the wrong Youtube video and accidentally saw the game’s ending?”

    Um, on that note, you might have wanted to warn us that the update video does show a big honkin’ monster while talking about how the end boss been fixed.

  2. neotribe says:

    Looking forward to playing this again after the 1.0 release, now that there’s a reason to get past midgame. Previously, I’d set a goal of building some variation of fortress — most grindingly, dragging materials out to one of the small offshore islets — which, once complete and self-sufficiently supplied, left me safe and unmotivated.

  3. Someoldguy says:

    Released released? Theses?

    Run, Forrest, run!

  4. bretfrag says:

    “My time in The Forest was super enjoyable (that’s not the word for mutant cannibal island) ”

    Why did you use that word then?

    This whole piece is horrifically written. Typos and grammatical errors everywhere.

    Sort it out, RPS.

  5. Vastial says:

    I played The Forest a few years ago and enjoyed the experience though imagine my disappointment when upon loading it up again a few days ago I discover that they’ve actually not added any new content besides a few new weapons and tweaks. The map is the same, there’s no new locations and very little to do for those who have already setup a fortified base.

    The Forest seems to get a free pass when it comes to early access. They’ve not really expanded on the sandbox element over the last 3 years but no-one seems to care. There’s no point in veteran players to return as they’ll still find the mobs underpowered and little threat once you have the katana, there’s also no reason to go caving either.

    The Forest is one of the most dissapointing ganes on EA for me personally.

    • OmNomNom says:

      Doesn’t sound like you’ve actually played the game recently. There is an entire story with plot and everything which you HAVE to go underground to actually play. Also the katana was nerfed to hell and is one of the worst weapons now.

  6. OmNomNom says:

    Had this since it started EA in 2013/2014 but resisted playing it. Played it from start to finish last week with a friend amd had such a great time!
    The ‘hard survival’ mode is really well tuned so that any combat can keep you on your toes and you’re always looking for nourishment.
    If you are going to play this game don’t read anything about it online or wiki/map etc. The fun with this one is the exploration and discovery. Heavy ‘The Descent’ vibes in places.
    30+ hours of gameplay.

  7. angelsdream says:

    I love the game just one thing wrong stop being feminist and add a girl avie we just as good as men