What are we all playing this weekend?

We’ve got one last weekend before half of RPS is off to That London for EGX Rezzed, the show run by our corporate siblings. Various folks among us are chatting with developers on stage, wandering around looking confused, and probably telling youse back home about the games we play there. Ah, That London! I’ve heard so much about it from video games.

What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on!

Adam: I’m going to complete Darkest Dungeon. Obviously I’ve already completed it, many times, because it’d be weird if I hadn’t considering I’ve played it for more than a hundred hours.

So, yeah, I’m going to complete Darkest Dungeon. Again.

I wonder what happens at the end.

Alec: Alec has been fired.
Alice: I’ll be running the weekend’s Isaac: Rebirth and Slay The Spire daily runs, but saying that is like noting I’ll be breathing and eating – it’s just what people do. Honestly, beyond these vital functions of human existence, I’d like to be outside this weekend. Winter has been long and grim and somehow it’s still snowing.
Brendan: I’ve yet to have anything resembling a coronation or a wedding in Final Fantasy XV and I am starting to become a very upset heir-mage. I’m currently at the bottom of a quarry, so hopefully the weekend is long enough to scramble out of that and into another pantomime whirlwind of melodrama and monsters.
Graham: I upgraded my computer to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 this week, almost entirely so I could try out Sea of Thieves. Yes, I’ve heard the stories about its flaws and its emptiness and I’m not expecting to play it for more than a few hours, but a few hours of jaunty ocean adventures seems like a fine thing to do on a weekend.
John: John has been fired.
Katharine: I caved and surrendered myself to the cult of Far Cry 5 earlier this week, so naturally the first thing I’ll be doing this weekend is making friends with all the bears and wildcats Hope County has to offer. I know they won’t live up to the saber-tooth tigers and woolly mammoths in Far Cry Primal, but hey, who can?
Matt: Matthew is still on holiday.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. Aetylus says:

    Trying to decide if I can be bothered in with the Total Warhammer Mortal Empires endgame… or if I’ll just pretend to myself that I played it through.

    While I decide, playing Atlas Reactor and also playing the Crusader Kings Steam forums, which are particularly active because of the free giveaway.

    And otherwise choosing between some actiony stuff in GTAV or some thinky stuff in Distant Worlds.

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  2. Premium User Badge

    Big Dunc says:

    Just started playing The Secret of Monkey Island. I played it 20 odd years ago but never finished it for some reason. With the recent re-release of Curse, I plan on playing all four games back to back, assuming that I can get Escape to work.

  3. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    I got my weekend fill of the now officially mostly-dead game Lawbreakers last night, and I’ll be out for a BBQ during its usual weekend community bash anyway, so the rest of my weekend will consist of exploring the galaxy and trying not to fly too close to stars while refueling my ship in Elite: Dangerous VR, plus blowing up bad guys and manufacturing near-miss fly-bys with friends in the same. I’m a bit tempted to get a joystick+slidyThing set because of this game, but at the same time, I’m getting used to a gamepad+mouse setup that’s working pretty well for me.

    I may get back to Subnautica VR, too, as I finally worked out that the persistent but randomly starting stuttering I was getting in multiple games seems to have been ironed out with a switch back to the beta version of Steam VR.

  4. Herzog says:

    Multi-player weekend again for me. Some rounds of tdm in Quake Champions, some rat punching in Vermintide 2 and trying to get some chicken dinners in PUBG. But first have to get rid of that hangover… Hf everybody!

  5. brucethemoose says:

    I spent LAST weekend and a few weekday nights modding Skyrim, following this (with some exclusions):

    link to wiki.step-project.com

    And now I feel so burned out, I’m not sure I can even play it.

    Why do such a terrible thing? Well, I’m a masochist. But also, Skyrim Special Edition modding is finally at a point I would call “mature”. The 64-bit refresh seems to behave and run infinitely better, and since SKSE is stable enough, many of the best mods are ported over anyway, if not overhauled and outright improved. I realized Skyblivion, Skywind and the big Beyond Skyrim provinces are still ages away from release, so now is as good of a time to dive back in as any.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Ah, TES modding purgatory! That nearly prevented me from playing Oblivion, and, in a sense, from finishing the Dragonborn expansion. I think I might just go the vanilla + unofficial patches + annoyance reduction route next time around – at least to start with.

      • brucethemoose says:

        TechAngel’s step guide is pretty perfect for something close to vanilla. I actually have it setup for a friend’s first Skyrim playthrough, as I know it’ll just work.

        The bigger ones… Yeah, that’s a deep rabit hole to go down.

  6. Vandelay says:

    Been playing a couple of PS4 Plus games. I’ve had a subscription since I got my PS4 about 3 years ago, but have barely touched many of the games I have received through it. So, thought with this year’s sub I would actually go back and play some of these “free” games.

    Started with Until Dawn and Ratchet & Clank. Until Dawn has been a fun bit of horror, even though it is using the most derivative set-up and clichéd characters. But, like an interactive Cabin in the Woods, that seems to mostly be the point. It pushes you to take the stupid option, just as the dumb jock would in a classic horror film, as you almost want to see these characters meet a grisly end. I’m not so sure about the chapter separating “therapy” sessions, as they are very unsubtle and almost feel a bit like a Funny Games style audience ticking off, but will have to see where they go.

    Ratchet & Clank is a big burst of colour and has also managed to raise a fair few smiles along the way. I’ve not played any of the previous games, but this remaster of the first game has clearly seen a massive upgrade over the original. There is something that has a very old school feel to it (the characters, the linear open level design, etc) but it looks like a brand new game and combat feels fittingly kinetic.

    Will likely play some more Battlefield 1 too, which I’m enjoying greatly.

    • brucethemoose says:

      Classic R&C weapons were amazing, even by today’s standards.

      I have yet to play a modern PC game that goes all out in the same way, in the name of fun gameplay. One where the devs say “Screw it, were going to add a gun that spits out lava. Oh, and a plasma whip. And one that turns enemies into exploding ducks!”, along with equally over-the-top enemies to use them on.

      The original was (relatively) subdued IIRC, 2 and 3 were where things really got wild.

  7. Hanimalle says:

    Currently doing a playthrough of Pillars of Eternity in anticipation to the release of its sequel next month. I’ve already finished the game once back when it first came out but haven’t been back since.

    Looking forward to playing the White March content for the first time.

    • Hoot says:

      I’m doing the same, mate. Tried months ago but ended up hating my character and my squad so binned it and started fresh. Enjoying it much more now.

      I will say, however, that the expansions are pretty dry. Standard RPG stuff. There’s an evil. Go stop it. That kind of thing.

      • Premium User Badge

        Aerothorn says:

        White March part 1 is pretty dry/Icewind Dale throwbacky. Part 2 definitely isn’t, and builds on Pillars’ themes and does some significant fleshing out of its universe. And has some really grueling decisions.

        • Hoot says:

          This is encouraging as I never actually got through the second part of the expansion. Binned the save file just as I started it. Thought the whole “White Forge” thing was fairly boring so glad the second part changes it up.

  8. c-fan says:

    I’m mostly gaming on my PS4 with Realm Grinder running on the PC.

    Been having fun in Tera that just launched on PS4. Never got far on PC long ago, so decided to give it a go. Pretty fun, being a pet-class healer.

    Also, DJMAX Respect finally got the DLC’s released for EU and NA versions. So I’m mashing buttins to the beat, starting on 4 Button normal, Max Comboing all the charts and enjoying the tunes.

    Also grabbed Ni No Kuni 2 so might start that when Tera gets a bit to grindy.

  9. Hoot says:

    More than likely attempting to blast through as much of Pillars of Eternity and it’s expansions as is possible, the final aim being to have a completed save ready to import into the sequel when it’s released next month.

    Other than that I’ll probably dip into Slay the Spire or finally get around to starting Stardew Valley, which I hear is just the ticket for listless, aimless but fulfilling relaxo-gaming.

  10. SaintAn says:

    I’ve just returned to Monster Hunter World after a two week break. My Lance fighting style started doing poorly against monsters like Rathalos and Diablos because they were doing damage even with me blocking, and they were too fast and hit too hard even with me wearing up to date gear. Trying to learn other weapons that are quicker and more mobile now. Doing the event too (I need that Aloy skin).

    Also started on Homeworld Remastered which I am absolutely horrible at. Wish I could pause combat like in Total War, it would be a lot less overwhelming while I learn.

  11. DThor says:

    I’ve obviously been living in some sort of vacuum, because since picking up an M16000 FCS Thrustmaster a couple of weeks ago I had imagined I would be using it primarily for XPlane and Elite Dangerous, but I’ve since found out that not only has IL-2 Sturmovik been actively developed with not only new modules but a recent massive update to the engine which is awesome, but there’s been something called DCS World I had never heard of but has been around since Seinfeld and also just celebrating a massive update release on Steam and is the bees knees in terms of awesome study level fighter craft. Now I’ve gone and bought a TrackIR and I’m hopelessly down a well, with my strategy games staring down at me, single tears rolling down cheeks.

    I’ve only fired up ED once, FWIW.

    • Zenicetus says:

      Have you bought rudder pedals yet? Your rabbit hole isn’t complete without ’em. They’re essential for flying helicopters, and fun for combat maneuvers in fixed wing.

  12. bramble says:

    Looking forward to taking a deep dive into Divinty 2 finally. Spent an hour getting off the boat before bed last night, and am finding the UI, writing, and combat much improved over the first game.

    Also, Stellaris, because it’s a game I can never go more than a week without. When I can’t read any more dialogue, follow any more story, or compete with any more twitch reflexes, Stellaris remains as my happy meditation space where I put out little fires while living in a sci-fi fantasyland.

  13. Faldrath says:

    I finished Bloodborne, so now I want to play… Bloodborne again, because I know there is a ton of things I missed. Best game ever? Very, very likely. Shame it’s not on PC, but if there’s one game worth buying a console for, it’s Bloodborne.

    On PC land, I’m still having fun with Forza 7’s career mode. Even Nascar races are amusing.

    • mitrovarr says:

      Exclusives are so annoying. I would love to play Horizon Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, or for that matter some of the games on the switch, but it just doesn’t make sense for me to have 2-3 platforms to play video games on.

      • UncleLou says:

        Money aside, it makes a lot of sense. It gives you greater choice, and hence the quality of games you decide to spend your time with rises on average. I am a dyed-in-the-wool PC gamer, and yet 4 of the 5 best games I played last year were Switch or PS4 exclusives (although Nioh isn’t anymore).

      • Premium User Badge

        Ninja Dodo says:

        On paper getting another machine that does the same thing sounds superfluous but some console games really are THAT good, and there simply isn’t anything quite like them. This was true of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus on PS2 for example, or Mario. I do know the feeling though. When your Steam backlog numbers in the hundreds it can be hard to justify adding another platform to that list… Nevertheless, I’m definitely glad I got a PS4 to play The Last Guardian (it’s extraordinary) and I’m looking forward to playing Horizon Zero Dawn and maybe Bloodborne later when I have more time.

        I’ll also get a Switch at some point I reckon, but definitely not right now. I can wait, plus it’ll be cheaper and all the good games will be out when I finally do get around to it.

      • fish99 says:

        Why doesn’t it make sense – for financial reasons? PS4 is pretty cheap now and so are plenty of the games if you shop carefully or wait for sales. Plus you can sell it all on once you’re done.

        There’s no way I would miss exclusives like Bloodborne, it’s just too good.

  14. juan_h says:

    I expect I’ll be playing a little Mark of the Ninja, which is all Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s fault for passing on the announcement of the remastered version and reminding me how good the game is.

    I also expect I will be playing a lot of Crusader Kings II. I started an 867 game as the Count of Zeeland, fought and intrigued my way to King of independent Frisia, and now I’m conquering all the various independent counties and duchies that used to be part of East Francia before the Magyars showed up and started wrecking things. The goal is to create a Dutch Holy Roman Empire, hopefully sometime before the Umayyads swarm up out of Iberia and take all of western Europe.

  15. Sandepande says:

    Inkscape, Word, Spotify.

  16. kiank37 says:

    I think I’ll be finishing Tacoma this birthday weekend and I’ll definitely be playing more Far Cry 5 (aren’t capture parties the worst). I found a key to the PUBG closed experimental server and I’m having fun trying out the new jungle map.

  17. Ejia says:

    Terraria is my go-to craft-em-up, but I hadn’t really touched it in years, so I decided to give it a spin again recently. Apparently it’s impossible to actually flood hell, so I’ve given that up and am going to concentrate on building sky castles.

    • brucethemoose says:

      If you enjoy flooding boss realms, give Dig or Die a shot.

  18. geldonyetich says:

    Looks like my poison of choice is Skyrim VR and Stellaris for awhile.

    Skyrim VR is what it says on the tin, and a pretty good implementation overall. It definitely puts a fresh perspective on my Dovakiin adventures. Granted, the game was already pretty poorly balanced, and in VR I can pretty much swing or fire my bow as fast as I motion it.

    Stellaris just keeps getting better, as Paradox epics tend to do. My current race is a bunch of buglike robots who excel at harvesting minerals and building. They’re absolutely steamrolling.

  19. Zenicetus says:

    After bailing out of Far Cry 5 at the midway point, I’m still in the mood for some stealth and gun action. So I’m thinking of giving Wolfenstein New Colossus another shot. That’s another one I quit partway through, but at least the plot is more coherent.

    And then some Endless Space 2 or Stellaris for strategy relaxation.

  20. Teugeus says:

    I’m finally getting round to playing The Witcher 3 since my previous save was on my old PC and it didn’t sync to my new one. Really enjoying it, the music is stellar.

  21. kud13 says:

    I’m getting very close to finishing Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. So it’ll probably get done this weekend.

    I’ve also tried playing “psychonauts” last weekend, but my GOG version is prone to crashing, and I don’t really feel like re-downloading it to reinstall (since for some odd reason, GOG galaxy is not detecting that I installed this game).

    Because of that, I dunno. I might do more action/adventure with another attempt @ “Beyond Good and Evil”; I might try “Bayonetta”, which I apparently also have installed on Steam; Or I might feel more shooter-y and give Dead Space a whirl.

  22. mitrovarr says:

    Playing Overwatch again. Really, really hating the new hero, who feels pretty badly overpowered and particularly obnoxious to fight, but otherwise I’m having pretty good fun.

    I think I want to get into Soma this weekend, too.

    • PiiSmith says:

      I also returned to Overwatch, after a really long break. (So it is ranked season 9 now and I left in season 3, if I remember correctly.) With enough distance I can tolerate the dysfunctional teams better again. ;)

  23. Grim Rainbow says:

    Nothing. Got bored of SWG emulator. Looking for a good MMORPG to no avail. Got kinda bored of Stellaris too. Fiddling around with Fallout New Vegas. I wanna start a game of Civ 4 though with no winning conditions and play it for years.

  24. nitric22 says:

    More than 50 hours of “tutorial” later, haha, and I’ve finally got a grip on Stellaris. I’m having what I would call my first ever great play through. I’m currently holding the, shall we say western front(?) against the Unbidden at the Galactic Center. An awakened empire is dealing with them from the south and to the east the galaxies’ largest federation is taking blows but doing alright.

    I’ve also acquired two vassals this game by swooping at the last moment while they were involved in wars of their own that would have wiped them out. I’m a good big brother, what can I say. I really credit this being a good game above all else to getting a very early jump on technological progress. It feels good to open the diplomatic panel and see a swath of “inferior” and “pathetic” relative power notifications for the first time ever.

  25. Rainshine says:

    Black Flag. I ticked over 50% this week, which I’m not actually sure what it’s measuring. I’m one of those players who tends to completely avoid the main quest line if at all possible; after it turns out a ton of the content is gated, or certain parts of the minigames are gated in certain areas, I progressed far enough so I can dive on wrecks. And found out there was a ton of upgrades I’d never seen because you have to keep scrolling.
    Considering firing up Bloodlines again after this, it’s been a long time. Have to go find all the patches for it though, I remember it being super buggy like… well, everything Troika.

    • DeepFried says:

      The latest community patch is all you need, make sure you don’t get anything with a mod bundled in. The vanilla game (official patch only) is playable, i’ve seen a youtuber lets play it all the way through without too many issues, personally I wouldn’t risk it, just go with the community patch.

  26. Shiloh says:

    Pillars of Eternity and Elite Dangerous.

  27. caff says:

    I’ve been playing:

    – Blackwake. This is getting better, more tactical. It’s a good multiplayer Navy vs. Pirates ship-em-up. Excellent when you get on an organised boat.
    – Holdfast. Massively multiplayer British vs. French-em-up.
    – Minit. Thanks to John’s WIT. Really been enjoying this so far.
    – Far Cry 5. Stupid, loud, fun.
    – Jalopy. It’s still wonky (I broke the tutorial) but I need to experience the whole thing.
    – Rocket League. Because I can’t stop.

  28. fish99 says:

    This week I have been playing Skyrim VR and watching the Nolan Batman trilogy for the first time.

    Skyrim VR is solid, but it’s also a game I’ve finished twice and it’s hard to escape that feeling of retreading old ground. It is great to see the world looking a realistic scale, and to feel more immersed, but at the same time there isn’t enough depth to the stereo image, so things don’t look as far away as I was hoping, or maybe the world just isn’t really that big. The other way VR changes things is you shoot a bow like a real bow, which is very satisfying.

    The Batman films were tremendous.

    • brucethemoose says:

      Since they’ve already been ported to SSE, I bet some of the big quest mods will make it to Skyrim VR. Might be worth holding out if it all feels too familiar atm.

  29. KenTWOu says:

    What a pleasant surprise. Ubisoft gave me a wallpaper… a tiny musical game ODE for free for my participation in their April Fool ‘admin_console’ hoax, it was a very short text adventure within the Uplay client. That’s why I’m playing ODE this weekend. It’s great.

  30. DeepFried says:

    subnautica although i’m pretty much done with it. I think i’ll just finish up my hardcore run then file it under ‘completed and bored now’.

    Rocket League, always Rocket league.

    And something else. Need suggestions I guess, feeling like a survival game or something with fine twin stick control.

  31. pertusaria says:

    I played something for the first time in ages! Having managed to snag the tile-laying board game Azul on its second printing, I played through that and then played two-person exploration and construction game Akrotiri, which I’d picked up last year but not got round to. It was really nice to sit down and have some difficult but not too challenging puzzles to work through with my partner for an hour or two. All thanks to the cheeky RPS fan site Shut Up and Sit Down.

    (Still nothing on the videogames front recently, apart from some Cosmic Express on plane journeys. Too busy / distracted between work and other commitments.)

  32. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    This weekend I’ve been playing Life Is Strange: Before the Storm shortly after completing the (excellent) first game. Had heard good things, but damn… yeah, if you enjoyed the original LiS you need to play this.