Guacamelee! 2 has absolutely zero chicken Illuminati


This is… odd. Guacamelee! 2 has been announced for PC/Steam at PAX. But also, this game was announced for PC last year? So it was unannounced and re-announced, and along the way it became a PlayStation 4 exclusive. And now it isn’t. Guys, we’re trying to run a news website here and you’re making my life a living hell. Stop Press-lighting me. To sum up: the game is absolutely coming to PC now (and probably other platforms) but it looks great and honestly I just would rather be playing it than talking about when and where I might be playing it in the future.

Guacamelee! 2 picks up after the story of the first game and brings luchador Juan Aguacate out of retirement for a stunning new Metroidvania-style adventure, where he must face his greatest challenge yet – one that threatens to tear apart the very fabric of the Mexiverse. The electro-beat lucha-dance tracks you’ve come to expect will back a world full of sassy villains and bizarre allies. You must learn new wrasslin’ moves and pull off challenges to unlock a (reset) skill tree of powers. Mexican folklore provides a backdrop to a dazzling hand-crafted world that in no way includes a Chicken Illuminati.

There’s a lot of promises here about how there isn’t a secret chicken cult. Perhaps too many promises?

(small peak here behind the curtain on how much grammar checkin’ i do before publishing these pieces)

Juan’s ability to turn into a chicken, which was present in certain areas in the first title, have been greatly expanded in the new game. Now there are multiple chicken forms that he can assume, and the chicken powers are the source of a lot of the Metroid-ish abilities to access new areas, including the ability to float between platforms or to turn into a gigantic chicken. If this leads to a genre of Pollovania titles, I’m goddamned done with games writing. Not out of anger, but just because playing said titles is all that I will do with the remainder of my days.

Check out the new trailer for PC below:

Follow along at the official Steam page here. The game’s tagline of “Evil chose the wrong day to double dip” made me laugh way too hard. *tips cap at marketing team*

Here’s some less than official footage of multiplayer combat from the floor of PAX. There’s obviously no game audio, but all the pretty colors make me feel feelings.

John wrote an incredible piece on the first game for us that’s worth a read, which describes it as so good that it makes you want to skip living your life, so that’s… that’s high praise.

So the game is coming to PC… again… for the first time… exclusively. Consider this covered.


  1. mitrovarr says:

    Guacamelee was a great game, although I wasn’t thrilled that it held its good ending hostage for doing a bunch of ridiculous challenge areas I didn’t really want to do, and also you had to fight the last boss in a particularly difficult manner.

  2. Merus says:

    The first game came out when we had a little drought of metroidvanias, and the fact that it was drowning in memes and didn’t really get what was good about these games wasn’t as much of a problem. But there’s been so many good ones in the last couple of years, from Ori and the Blind Forest to Hollow Knight to Rain World to Dead Cells to Iconoclasts, that I can’t really see Guacamelee 2 justifying itself if it doesn’t step up in a big way. Colour-coded blocks for obstacles and big samey temples aren’t going to cut it if I can play a game where I get a lightning wrench, or discover a perpetually raining underground city, or have to escape a tower that’s flooding in front of me.

    (Psst Severed was really good but it targeted Vita so almost no-one played it. It’s on mobile, they ported it.)

    • hobueesel says:

      Severed is sadly only ported onto ios it seems. I’d rather buy a vita :s