Fast tactical FPS Due Process resurfaces with a new look

Due Process

Breach, clear, blow yourself up like a moron and do it again in a fresh new building. Due Process is a game about tactical, SWAT-style 5v5 team combat in procedurally generated buildings, where both teams begin each round at the planning table, drawing up plans and barking orders. Naturally, everything after that is pure chaos.

We first saw Due Process way back in 2014. Graham got to play a few rounds of it, and was sure that even as an internal alpha with blocky programmer-art visuals that it could well be the next big thing for multiplayer team shooters. And then it just quietly fell off the radar, leaving the door open for Rainbow Six Siege to come and shake things up.

Now, the game has resurfaced with a shiny new trailer, a publisher (Annapurna Interactive, who recently signed the likes of What Remains of Edith Finch and Gorogoa) and a new, semi-realistic look. On top of a promise that the game is now coming ‘soon’, we’ve got some footage highlighting that under the hood, not much has changed about the formula; this is still a game where you’re as likely to be blown up by yourself or teammates as any defending enemies.

While the look of the game is significantly changed, the heart of Due Process is still that same quickfire mix of tactical planning and execution in procedurally generated buildings. One team of scurrilous crime-doers are on defense, wheras the second team are excessively well armed police willing and able to blow down any wall getting between them and the people they want to shoot.

Developers Giant Enemy Crab have been busy bees these past few years, of course. They went and consolidated their remote-working team in a proper office space, and have been on the convention circuit, demoing the game live. Only now are they confident enough in Due Process to show it off to the great unwashed internet masses. Quite frankly I would have been happy with the old chunky look, but I can see this version having broader appeal.

Due Process doesn’t have any release date beyond ‘soon’, and there’s no store pages up for the game yet, but you can read a bit more about it on the official development blog here, though the latest update was back in February.


  1. PepperTitan says:

    I’ve played this at a couple PAX Easts, most recently a couple times last weekend, and its a ton of fun. The resource management and frantic pacing really help set it apart from Rainbow Six Siege or CS:GO

  2. BobbyDylan says:

    This looks like a giggle. Cant wait to draw South park style phallus on the map.
    “Everyone above this line is already dead”.

  3. Laini says:

    Looks kinda neat but I wonder how the planning stuff would work in pug games. Not that I’m sure it’s a super deep part of the game anyway but still.

    I’d love to see a new single player SWAT style game though, SWAT 4 is one of my favourite games of all time.

    • Menthalion says:

      Same. Ubi has everything it needs in Siege already, just needs a (co-op) campaign as standalone expansion / DLC

    • JustAchaP says:

      Look up Ready or Not

  4. poliovaccine says:

    Oh wow, this looks awesome. When I was a kid, I grew up on the very first Rainbow Six titles, and my favorite part of em was omitted by some later titles: the detailed, point to point, top-down planning. Surprisingly few games have done that since then, and even fewer have done it well. Would be pretty cool if this one hits the right balance, especially considering how attractive the more arcadey pace seems to be.