Overwatch switches its new co-op event Retribute-on


Overwatch is normally an excellent place to shoot at fellow first-person shooters, but for a few weeks every year you can take a crack at AI-controlled folk too. I’m not talking about those AI training robots – I’m talking about the game’s annual four-player cooperative event, previously seen in the form of last year’s Uprising. This year’s event is called Retribution, and has you playing McCree, Moira, Genji and Reyes (Reaper, pre-reapaning) as they carry out a mission that “ultimately led to the fall of Overwatch.”

It’s live right now, though the update’s 14 gigabytes should leave you plenty of time to read the rest of this post while it downloads.

I have to admit, I’m struggling to remember what I thought about last year’s Uprising event. That’s partly down to the fun jet lag + cold combo I’ve got going on right now, though it probably also means that it just wasn’t very memorable. That said, I do remember liking how it wasn’t simply about surviving waves of enemies. I recall those bits dragging as a Reinhardt + Bastion combo did all the heavy lifting, but the parts where you had to move from one objective to the next provided opportunities for every team member to shine. This one revolves around escaping to an extraction point, so hopefully there’ll be a little more exciting dashing from place to place and a little less turtling.

If you’re into your wave survival though, you’ll be pleased to hear there’s a separate mode that allows you to fend off Talon’s forces with whichever hero you fancy. (Fancy playing, I meant, though I’m not judging.)

If you’re into your cosmetics, Blizzard have been showing off the new Blackwatch skins on Twitter. Here’s Mei, Hanzo, Doomfist, Winston, Sombra and Moira.

If you’re into your PvP maps (wait, that one includes me) then it’s worth noting that the PvE Retribution map serves as a sneak peek for Rialto, a Venetian escort map that will arrive in the main game “soon”.

Both Retribution and the Uprising mission from last year will be playable until April 30th.


  1. Excors says:

    As far as I can tell, it’s not literally downloading a 14GB patch (despite what the Battle.net UI says). It’s constructing 14GB of packed archive files containing all the individual content files for the whole game; some of those content files are new and have to be downloaded, some are unchanged and are copied from your old archive files with no network traffic.

    Normal small patches just add new content onto the end of the archive files, but occasionally they do this kind of defragmentation to clean things up (improving performance, saving disk space, etc).

    But even if most of the 14GB is being copied locally on your hard disk, it still takes a long time, and is a bit unfortunate when it coincides with a highly-anticipated event.

    • Excors says:

      To be specific, I think mine only downloaded about 4GB (per info_download_bytes in the Battle.net logs). Then it took like another hour of disk chugging before it finished.

      Played through Retribution a few times and I think I like it – it feels much more dynamic than Uprising (where you mostly stood in one spot for minutes, then moved to the next spot and repeated), and the bosses are more interesting to fight (at least at the harder difficulty levels).

      Helpful tip: As Genji, if you dash into one of the enemy dropships, make you sure you get out again before it closes its doors and traps you in, and flies off and despawns and drops you in the sea.

  2. Zorgulon says:

    The mission is similar to last year’s, but instead of being objective based, it’s mostly running and gunning, with a couple of types of boss enemies thrown in for variety (new ones, albeit inspired by some Overwatch abilites, rather than Bastions or Orisas with more hitpoints). It’s good fun. Like all the PvP events, “Normal” difficulty is a breeze, and the difficulty ratchets up seriously in the higher levels.

    The new cosmetics are pretty nice though – the Doomfist and Moira skins in particular are high on my list.

  3. SaintAn says:

    Was way too short. And they are restricting game modes still so I can’t play what I want because they’re incompetent. I’d like to play CTF but there’s no CTF, just a bunch of game modes that aren’t fun so grinding is a nightmare.