Worlds Adrift swings to Steam Early Access in May

After a year of swinging around in paid beta, Worlds Adrift will enter its next phase of development and officially launch on Steam Early Access on May 17th, developers Bossa Studios announced today. Our boy Brendy ventured into the sandbox explore-o-crafting MMO’s world of floating islands last year, swinging around with his grappling hook, building an airship, and getting into a fight over a parking space. You can’t take him anywhere. Officially going to Early Access will usher Worlds Adrift into the next phase of development as it seeks a wider audience.

Brendy explained the game:

“Worlds Adrift is a universe of islands separated by large patches of cloudy abyss. At first glance, it is a game about punching wood and building an airship. In reality, it’s a Spiderman game forced at gunpoint to wear MMO clothing. You have a grappling hook from the moment you are brought into being, you see, and it is wonderful.”

It is meant to be a good place to explore, with a persistent world and player-designed islands. The Island Creator tool is freely available, and you can poke around its Steam Workshop to see the sorts of things people are building: ringworlds, colossal gardens, lost temples, ornate outposts, taverns, and so on. The plan is to roll select player-made islands into the final game.

Worlds Adrift will cost £19.49/$24.99/€22.99 on Steam Early Access. Though it’s been on Steam for a while, officially that was closed-ish “paid beta”, unlisted in search results and split across several backer tiers. You can see Bossa’s plans for future additions on the development roadmap.


  1. Artist says:

    Be warned – the state of the game is still rather awful. The devs build their concept on tech that cant handle it. The netlayer is causing lags, throws you randomly off your ship or just delocates you from your ship. This was reported since years and never solved. (trying to sync physics, lots of floating point vars + latency over a network in an MMO-like environment was a stupid idea from the very beginning.)
    If the game might run ok-ish for a few mins its still frequented by lots of griefplayers, who are bored of the lack of content and focus on the only thing left: destroy you by any (usually very easy) means.
    Sadly, this is the game the devs want to build. What a waste.

  2. Marr says:

    Despite everything, I was really into exploring the islands in this until they addressed the client hack cheats. Rather than moving more game logic server side, Bossa added a mandatory third party rootkit to the installer. Hard pass.