Arma 3’s Tanks DLC rolls out alongside big free update

Military sim Arma 3 today launches Tanks, the last of its announced DLC packs. Tanks adds a sleek new main battle tank and several other types of big cars with guns, along with new missions where virtuasoldiers will get roll inside those clanky boys.

The paid expansion is accompanied by a free update improving fightcars for all players, including modelled interiors for all armoured vehicles.

So, Tanks! The eponymous rumbleguns are the T-140 Angara main battle tank in two variants, the AWC Nyx armoured weapons carrier in four variants from anti-tank to recon, and two variants of the Rhino MGS armoured fighting vehicle, a four-wheeler with big guns on top.

To show them off, Tanks has a three-scenario mini-campaign named Altis Requiem as well as a showcase scenario. Brum brum, bang bang.

As with Bohemia’s other vehicle-focused expansions, the free update accompanying Tanks improves them for everyone. Update 1.82 gives every armoured vehicle in the game a proper modelled interior, improves their handing, makes the armour damage model more complex, whacks in new sounds for ’em, and more. New anti-tank missile launchers help fight the new fightcars, and several vehicles from the Apex have tank-busting variants too.

See the version 1.82 patch notes for more details.

Arma 3’s Tanks expansion is out now for £9/€12/$10 on Steam and from Bohemia (who give a Steam key anyway). If any of youse played Tanks when it was on the game’s test branch, do tell us: how is it?


  1. Delliardo says:

    Okay but can I drive a tank like in War Thunder, or will I be encumbered by the AI? I’m sure if I had friends who played Arma 3, we could handle a tank pretty well together, but I’m all alone, and the AI driver is a piece of shite.

    • SuicideKing says:

      If you’re slotted as a commander then you can control the tank as if you’re in the driver’s seat. (You can change to the gunner seat and this effect will remain).

      • Delliardo says:

        Yes, you had that ability before the DLC and update, but did they improve it so the AI driver doesn’t kinda follow your orders, but actually follows your orders the moment you press the button?

        For me it’s always: Pres D to turn right, AI driver begins turning right then stops, or goes way too far. It made fine tune control impossible.

        • wengart says:

          I believe that was in a more recent update. From the Commander/gunner seat you now directly control the vehicle rather than relay orders to the driver.

  2. SuicideKing says:

    They’ve also added a new “HEAT warhead simulation”. Basically, HEAT rounds (missiles, rockets and shells) now explode and spawn an armour piercing submunition to simulate the shaped jet of molten metal.

    If any of youse played Tanks when it was on the game’s test branch, do tell us: how is it?

    It’s quite nice actually. Interiors are good, although I don’t know how they’ll lend to gameplay in multiplayer (should improve things and give the driver more to look at, at the very least).

    New damage model was shaping up well too, but the devs were working flat out until the end so there will likely be some issues here and there, until they fix/tweak it further. Major changes include less “shoot thing until it explodes” and more crew kills and mobility kills.

    New camo paint, SLAT cages and other customisation options are quite nice too.

    NATO and AAF finally have a dumbfire rocket, CSAT have their new SACLOS missile which is pretty cool. Oh and did I mention cannon launched missiles for tanks?

    Vehicles are cool, especially the Nyx variants. Open up interesting mission options, and the AAF finally have a mobile SAM. New SPG technicals are very welcome! Although they are way too quiet at the moment. There’s also a surprise: the Zamak truck now has two rocket launcher variants (one for AAF and one for CSAT)!

    They had published a longer dev diary about the new features too:
    link to

  3. Pulstar says:

    The feel and recoil of the tanks still seem too futuristic. And it’s no fun playing against AI tankers either.

    • DeepFried says:

      Yeah I think the whole premise of AMRA3 is flawed, every time you step in a vehicle you’re dead inside a minute due to some hyper accurate insta-lock shoulder fire future rocket.

      Its just a shame they didn’t stick with contemporary military kit as with ARMA2

      • wengart says:

        The only reason Arma 2 wasn’t equally as deadly was due to scenario designers using fewer modern AT weapons. The Javelin was available along with two wire-guided rockets.

        • DeepFried says:

          I’m well aware, but the javelin was hard to use and slow. The AT in ARMA3 is easy, fast, and deadly.

          • wengart says:

            The Javelin has the same control scheme as the Titan, if I recall they practically share the same sighting system.

          • DeepFried says:

            if thats how you see it then fine but I stand by my point. The javelin was a mess, half the people who picked it up couldn’t even figure out how to attach the sight to it, and when they did the damn rocket turned right-angles through the air and missed often. Very far from the idiot proof insta-kill we see in ARMA3.

            Actually I wasn’t even thinking of AT when I made my first comment, I was thinking more about AA, practically the moment you take off in a helicopter you’re blown up, the AA never bloody misses.

          • wengart says:

            And that really all comes down to the proliferation of these weapons in Arma 3 scenario design.I really have to wrack my head to remember any Arma 2 scenarios that really used modern AAA or AT weapons. The vast majority of the time you’d be dealing with maybe a ZSU-23-2 but usually DSHK and AT weapons were AT-4s and RPG-7s.

            You can have the same experience in Arma 3 by not using Titan AT and AA missile systems and avoid placing down vehicles like the Cheetah.