Super Bomberman R returns a classic to PC with portals

Super Bomberman R

Hard to believe, but the PC hasn’t seen a new Bomberman game since 1997. A thousand clones and imitators, yes, but nothing official outside of some emulated compilations. Boundaries between PCs and consoles are crumbling, though, and Konami’s recent Super Bomberman R is headed to PC this June, along with a platform-exclusive playable character: P-body, one of the two co-op robots from Portal.

As with the best games in the long-running series, Super Bomberman R boasts a singleplayer/co-op Story Mode, tasking players with clearing mazes of semi-predictable wandering enemies and wrapping each set of levels up with a multi-stage boss battle. It’s a good warm-up for the main event: Competitive play. Up to 8 players can join in either locally (hope you have a USB hub or two) or online, and all the classic game-modes are present and correct, plus a good range of maps to play on.

The arenas are a bit more complex than you might be used to, if you’ve not played anything official in the series since 1997’s Atomic Bomberman. Interactive items, bounce pads, multiple levels of elevation, ramps and other such gimmicks are all over the place now. Purists can still play on the tried-and-tested green n’ grey grid that everyone remembers. That said, half the joy of Bomberman is embracing the chaos, so the more weird quirks the better, I say.

One of Super Bomberman R’s defining traits is the introduction of guest characters. For the most part, they’re lifted from Konami’s back-catalogue (including some worrying tonal mismatches, such as Dracula from Castlevania and Pyramid Head plus one of the horrifying nurse-monsters from Silent Hill), each with some kind of special power. The PC version comes with P-body from Portal, able to open portals to warp between points on the map and escape potentially nasty traps.

While I do have some issues with Konami cramming every single character they can (including Master Chief on XBox and Ratchet on PS4) into Super Bomberman R without really pausing to think if it’s a good idea, it’s good to see the series coming back to PC after more than 20 years away. As a quickfire multiplayer game, it really hasn’t changed much, and that’s fine, because it’s as fun as it’s always been.

Super Bomerman R is due out on June 12th with an RRP of £35/$40. You can wishlist it here on Steam.


  1. KaiUno says:

    Wow, pricey!

    • Dominic Tarason says:

      Same price as the Switch version, but yeah, I agree it feels a little high after the likes of Puyo Puyo Tetris made the jump at budget price.

      • treat says:

        Not to mention, this is a port of the Switch game which wasn’t exactly well received. That alone should justify the same sort of pricing treatment, especially since it’s major selling points (being portable and one of only a handful of Switch launch titles) are irrelevant here.

        I love bomberman, but the franchise is utterly burried in mediocre attempts. A great bomberman game would be worth *maybe* $30 to me, but another janky, messy one?

        Anyway, we computer people have, which I’m now realizing has been doing a sort of Battle Royale thing since long before Plunkbat popularized it. It’s fun enough, if a little bogged down by latency issues and F2P garbage.

  2. Pich says:

    I see Konami’s price guy is still snorting glue.

  3. PersianImm0rtal says:

    Konami needs to go back to their roots and re-release, and remake classic gems from the 16bit era on the SNES and Genesis.

    • Dominic Tarason says:

      Funny thing is, they did during the Wii era. They did a new Contra (it was even weirder than Hard Corps), a new Gradius, and a heavily improved remake of Castlevania: The Adventure from the Game Boy.

      Sadly, Konami of today are far more conservative.

  4. Ribonizer says:

    The fact that they have all these bombermens (Can I even say that? Bombermen. seems weird.) based on their IPs is really insulting. There’s even Goemon in there. It’s like, “Yes, we know we have all those IPs, oh you wanna play more games of these characters? TOO BAD, HERE PLAY A MEDIOCRE BOMBERMAN WITH THEM IN IT!”

    It’s a real who’s who of their dead and burried franchises. And it’s even more ironic that they’re using one of Hudson’s IP. (RIP Hudson, murdered by Konami in 2012)

  5. iainl says:

    How on Earth are Konami not doing 100-player online Bomberman right now? As the original last-player standing violence fest it seems ludicrous.

  6. Avioto says:

    Crazy high price for one of the worst Bombermen

  7. SaintAn says:

    The Switch version is poorly optimized and runs like crap so I don’t expect much from this. If they’re going to port stuff to PC they need to port old games like Bomberman 64.

  8. Plunkbat Oranges says:

    The evolution of the theme song through the four SNES installments is a thing of beauty.

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