What are we all playing this weekend?

It’s Rezzed time! This weekend, half of RPS will descend upon That London to visit the games show run by our corporate siblings. We have our own room with some strange games on custom controllers (look out for my sloppy work on the Tenya Wanya Teens controllers), we’re talking with makers of Into The Breach and Heat Signature, and we’ll be in a pub on Saturday night. Well, some of us will. Maybe we’ll see you there?

What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on!

Adam: Adam is busy at Rezzed.
Alec: I have a weekend full of five year olds’ birthday parties to endure so time will be tight – as such, I shall endeavour to establish whether it is possible to play the blessedly quick Minit in between bouts of wiping chocolatey mouths clean and arbitrating between bouncy castle-based blood feuds.
Alice: I’ve been putting off Bloodborne’s DLC section because so many of its bosses are so fast and I am so very committed to destroying all monsters using only my deathly slow gravestone on a stick. But I have only a straight run of three bosses left in the main campaign, so I should bite the quicksilver bullet and get hammering. It does feel good when I nail a zippy boss with a big smash.
Brendan: I’m not going to Rezzed, but I did get my “Certificate of Completion” for Final Fantasy XV just in time to go on ANOTHER STAG DO this weekend. I think I’ve been hexed by some ridiculous warlock with curser’s block. “You shall, uh, you shall forever more, uh, lose your weekends to, um… to the shouts of Lads Lads Lads!” Yeah. Good one, mate. Good one.
Graham: I’m joining the RPS crew at EGX Rezzed, which means I’ll be playing many games. Some of those games are called “stressing about the show.” Some of those games are called “drinking down the pub.” Some of those games will hopefully be spent playing with Adam, because it’ll be my last chance to see his lovable mug before he departs RPS for good. [sniff]
John: John has been fired.
Katharine: Much like a lot of the team, I’ll be supping on the delights of EGX Rezzed this weekend. I’m particularly looking forward to tucking into shopkeep/dungeon crawler Moonlighter, as well as the incredible-sounding Disco Elysium. Frostpunk, Below and Ooblets are all on my list of must-visit stands as well, and hopefully there won’t be a 50ft queue for the lovely Tala in the Leftfield Collection either.
Matt: I’m at Rezzed, which means I’m playing loads of fab stuff that you can’t because nuh nuh, you’re not at Rezzed. Unless you are, in which case you might spot me trying out the likes of Disco Elysium, Wargroove, and the fancy new upcoming version of Regular Human Basketball.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. Morte66 says:

    Some years ago there was a game called Skyrim, and I bounced right off it because the controls were conceived by a moron and implemented by a moron’s unquestioning lackeys, and apparently reviewed by blind sycophantic gaming journalists. My mage/alchemist spent more of a fight paused navigating nested menus than he did experiencing “action combat”. It seemed an utterly ill-conceived gameplay experience, without the tactical richness of a party RPG or the slick… action of an action game. The worst of both worlds.

    About seven weeks ago, something persuaded me to make a sneaky archer. 326 Steam hours and 86 Nexus mods later, with a Special Edition (not discounted) purchase in the bag, I have finished my second play through and I will not be playing Skyrim this weekend. Oh no sir. I will not be making a she-Orc with heavy armour and two handed weapons, and smithing and enchanting, and no main quest so no shouts to get me into the sodding menus, to do the Companions and the orc tribe quests and some Daedric quests and the Bruma expansion/mod.

    Instead I will be concentrating on that Microsoft Certified Professional exam I’m supposed to be studying for. Yeah, I’ll be doing that.

    • SBLux says:

      A sneaky archer with strong alchemy skills is my choice every time. I just can’t help myself. The bow is a joy to use in combat and makes melee weapons feel very clunky in comparison.

      • Morte66 says:

        With the bow, it’s almost an atmospheric first person shooter with quests and crafting/leveling. It feels closer to playing STALKER (carefully) than to Dragon Age.

      • jssebastian says:

        I played oblivion with archery plus alchemy… practically turned it into flower-collecting-simulator, did so much potion and poison crafting that my alchemy skill was 20 points ahead of my next-best skill, which with oblivion’s enemy scaling led to some problems. Dipping every arrow in triple-effect poisons worked great, except when I was dealing with poison-immune enemies.

        So when skyrim came around I mostly skipped alchemy for a change. I only play through these games once (they’re long enough as is, I poured 130 hours into skyrim) so I try to make the most of them in one go…

        • Morte66 says:

          I have done Skyrim once as an alchemy character without cheating who leveled it to 100 and I still have the mental scars. I was still selling off the potions I ground out a fortnight later (real time).

          Since then I’ve never touched Alchemy, and I’m so much happier.

          It would probably be better if you just looked up the ingredients for “Restore Health” and “Fortify Archery” on a wiki and stuck to those, or whatever you need, rather than playing properly.

    • napoleonic says:

      “Sneaky archer” is the best way to play most such games, I find. I play Fallout as a sneaky sniper, for example.

      • klops says:

        Most, perhaps, since the hand-to-hand combat sucks in Bethesda games. Weightless flinging. But in the old classic, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, I’d strongly recommend everyone to play at least the first playthrough with a heavy hitter.

        Too old game, I know but I love to spam its name around, and repeat my wish about transferring the combat system of DMoMM to Bethesdas. That would make sense.

    • Kurokawa says:

      Another totally-not-playing-Skyrim weekend here.

      Thanks to countless restarts (due to my endless quest to find the one, perfect, ever-stable mixture of mods) and some forays into the realms of screenarchery and mod building, I somehow managed to spend 2000+ steam hours in the game without finishing any of the guilds, the civil war or the story DLCs even once. Not to mention the many as of yet unexplored corners of the map or the big quest mods…

      So I threw the one-big-playthrough concept out of the window and am now having a blast catching up with a bunch of different characters focusing on specific parts of the game and my ever changing mod list each.

      This WE will be spent dealing with the aftermath of the mage college line. Bit weak in terms of story (even for Skyrim level of writing) but I love my new magic-y penthouse…

      • Morte66 says:

        I have always found that multiple playthroughs on specialist characters for particular aspects of the game works well in TES. The (non-)scaling fails if you try to do the whole game on one character, and you get more variety.

        I played Morrowind (non-scaled for bosses) five or six times to do all the factions/expansions, and in each case I leveled about as fast as I needed to to match the bosses at the end. I did the main quest on my final play through. If you take too wide a path through that game you over-level the content and it gets trivial.

        Skyrim has leveled enemies, but most stop at 35 or so. Once you get past 45, which will happen if you do lots of factions and smithing/enchanting/alchemy, it’s too easy most of the time. Plus the more factions/quests you do, the more powers you acquire, the more inadequate the user interface is.

    • KieranFurie says:

      I am definitely no playing Skyrim either. Bough it years ago and first played it a couple of weeks back. Is it worth picking up the special edition?

      • Morte66 says:

        TBH, I’m not sure.

        People say that if you mod the bejazus out of “Oldrim” it looks as good as SE, though you would have to do lots of modding for that. Special Edition looks miles better out of the box, I found the lighting in Oldrim very drab.

        OTOH my AMD 7970 3GB graphics card was glued to 60fps on Oldrim with the free hires textures DLC, but it will drop into the mid 40s outdoors on the Special Edition.

        Some Oldrim mods aren’t available in Special Edition. E.g. there is a house mod in the Riften canals/ratway I would have liked to use, but it’s Oldrim only.

        Overall I’m glad I bought the Special Edition, but not jumping up and down.

        Whatever you do, on whichever version, get the “unofficial patch” mod.

        • KieranFurie says:

          Thanks for that feedback. With the special edition on sale this weekend I had thought about upgrading but I’ll stick with what I have.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      Similar here, but with guns (AKA Fallout 4)

    • geldonyetich says:

      I’ve finally kicked the Skyrim habit. Instead, I’m playing a virtual reality game where you try to avoid picking up wooden plates and tankards, try to plumb the mysteries of a world with different physics than our own, banish scary things with rapid chopping motions, and flog a constant deluge of useless junk on merchants with shockingly inadequate gold supply.

      Waaaiit a minute, this is just Skyrim in VR! Just when thought I was out, Bethesda drags me back in!

      • fish99 says:

        It’s hard not to smile at the ridiculousness of ‘chopping’ someone in Skyrim VR like you’re wielding a kids plastic sword.

        Scratching someone to death as a werewolf like you’re a dog frantically digging a hole is just as comical :)

  2. OpT1mUs says:

    Giving Stellaris a shot for the first time, and obviously some Distant Worlds. With some Spy Party in between. And maybe some Titanfall 2 later on.

    • Vacuity729 says:

      Honestly, between Stellaris and Distant Worlds, I think you don’t have enough weekend. Not unless you have the whole of next week off on holiday or something.

    • nitric22 says:

      Stellaris is a real joy. After sinking 30+ hours in over the last week or two I “finished” a game to my satisfaction. I was then struck with a sense of need to have a deeper combat experience and so I have reinstalled Sins of Solar Empire. I shall now be conquering a solar system for the TEC Rebels this week.

    • dare says:

      Yep, Stellaris here as well. Bringing enlightenment to the galaxy, even if we have to conquer other civilizations for their own good.

  3. Vacuity729 says:

    Glad to see someone’s fired! Wouldn’t want anything getting in the way of a good tradition.
    I’m finally playing Hearts of Iron IV. I’ve owned the game for a while, but have kept getting distracted by other shiny things.
    Last night I sat down and played through the tutorial. It certainly is a *lot* less fiddly than HoI III! Or at least, it has tools that allow you to do much less micromanaging. I’m thinking of having a go as Spain for my first game. No particular reason why; it just seems like it could be a good place to start.

  4. elsparko says:

    I thought I would alternate between FF XV and AssCreed Oranges but after spending a few hours modding Gothic 1 to my liking it sucked me right in again.

    Currently trying to do a run of “Die Welt der Verurteilten” which is basically Vanilla G1 with a little restored original content and some minor additions and alterations to bring it in line with Gothic 2. This already cost me a lot of my sleep during the work week and even if I manage to lay down I keep playing the game in my dreams…

    This Gothic addiction will get interrupted hopefully by my obligation to attend my nephew’s first communion early (too early) this Sunday.

    • mmandthetat says:

      Always nice to see some love for the true OG of open world RPGs. Still some of the most rewarding frustration gaming has to offer.

  5. SBLux says:

    I have recently discovered the joys and terrors of Subnautica and as such will be playing that and nothing else.

    I have just completed assembling the Moonpool, now on to finding the pieces of this mysterious Cyclops vehicle…

    • Ben King says:

      I’ll also be playing some subnautica- i’m not quite so far along having only just acquired the multipurpose room, so i’m looking forward to finding a good base location finally. Also some shooting flaming arrows at robot dinosaurs in horizon zero dawn again, and probably a fresh run through of “overcooked” with my GF.

    • DeepFried says:

      Subnautica is wonderful, if still a little buggy. The cyclops is cool but sadly doesn’t have much of a purpose, you do have to build one however, you can’t finish the game otherwise.

  6. celticdr says:

    I’ll be driving my blue Kenworth W900 (not a euphemism) through the mighty Yosemite Park on State Route 120 in American Truck Simulator, there’ll be a glass of whiskey by my side and the hottest tracks of 2017 pumping through my headset. This experience will be total Zen.

    Really looking forward to the Oregon DLC and hoping that Washington State will be next on SCS’s list (though I would begrudge Texas or Utah either).

    Hope Rezzed goes well for all involved and wish I could be there were it not for living on the other side of the globe!

  7. Someoldguy says:

    Working on completing the White March content of Pillars 1 before Pillars 2 ships. Streaming some Battletech lets-plays in between to try and understand which streamers are good at tactics that apply in this game and which merely think they are because it worked like that in MWO.

  8. caff says:

    I’m coming to Rezzed! And it’s a lovely sunny day. Hype.

    Haven’t been to a computer gaming or whatever thing since those hardware expos at Crystal Palace in the 90’s.

    • caff says:

      Ok Rezzed was amazing. Not only did I hear my hero Julian Gollop talking about Phoenix Point (which looks amazing) he even came to the brilliant Crate and Crowbar live session! Just a great day.

      The C&C lot were heavily reccommending Disco Elysium. The way they described it sounds amazing. That’s top of my wishlist now.

      I think I saw Katherine ManySurnames but couldn’t find a Matt or Adam shaped creature. But saw a Graham.

      • cairbre says:

        I was going to try and get to rezzed as I was in London this weekend but the plane was delayed so I couldn’t make it. I’m going to go next year specially for rezzed no messing around next time.

        • caff says:

          Shame, it was good. I highly recommend it to all fans of gaming. I saw so many happy people just enjoying games, even though I didn’t play much it was great to see people playing stuff and discovering a ton of new games.

          Another one that caught my eye was Bushy Tail, it had beautiful graphics and what I sensed was a deeply emotional and funny story http://www.bushytailgame.com

  9. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    I’ve just started Mass Effect 2, and have been experiencing a sense of wonderment as I jump into that universe again. Specifically, I’ve been wondermenting things like “why the fuck did they add ammunition to the game” and “why does velcro-ing yourself to cover feel so horrible compared to MR1”, but I suppose it’s not a Mass Effect game if the combat isn’t kind of horrible.

    • Hoot says:

      I gotta say you’re in the minority there, pal. The combat in the 2nd and 3rd games in the trilogy was much improved over the original game.

      I mean on the whole they are just awesome games but the combat and inventory management of the first one (specially going back now and replaying it as I did a few months back) is a proper pain in the balls.

    • malkav11 says:

      Yeah, pretty much every mechanical change in ME2 is terrible and I find the combat in that game an utterly joyless slog. Fortunately the writing mostly makes up for it.

  10. Morcane says:

    Ghost Recon Wildlands, since it’s such a comforting game. And a little indy game called Maelstrom, which is a multiplayer / single player with bots game about ships duking it out and that is proving incredibly fun – more content than Sea of Thieves. I might fit in Tower of Time as well, and I’m toying with the idea of starting up another No Man’s Sky play run.

  11. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Loads of boring real-life stuff, plus exploring the galaxy according to Elite Dangerous, and maaaaybe play some other games, depending on what all I get done, and when.

    In E:D, I very nearly stranded myself at a brown dwarf last night due to ignoring my upcoming fuel needs during a long traverse. Meanwhile, I’m quite enjoying trying to manually dock at and exit from stations/outposts as fast as possible, because I am a mature and responsible human being. Mail slot collisions are probably the most giggle-inducing, particularly when I get scolded for them, but only once so far have I gotten a financial slap on the wrist for my antics – specifically, ramming into someone else’s landing pad and/or hovering around it for too long thereafter.

  12. EgoMaster says:

    I finished Blackguards yesterday. Today is Blackguards 2 day. This is the last game in my The Dark Eye universe Marathon. I had a blast with the first game. It was hard, and that’s what I liked about it. Challenge breeds a sense of accomplishment. I can understand why some people left it unfinished though. It’s a good thing I’m experienced with the universe (this was my 9th TDE game), and The Dark Eye games are really consistent, otherwise I would be lost. The second game seems more streamlined. I hope not to the point of dumbing down.

    I will also play downloading, cracking, modding and back-upping GTAIV: EFLC before Rockstar and their accomplice Steam removes the songs from Vladivostok FM.

  13. Ghostwise says:

    A week end of feverish Grim Dawn obsession.

    I thought I was over it, but I ain’t. :-(

  14. nifft.batuff says:

    Still working on Dragon Quest VII using an emulator on a Laptop. ~80 hours and counting.

  15. SaintAn says:

    Monster Hunter World.
    It’s cool how stuff just clicks when playing MHW like you’re gaining experience and leveling up but in real life.
    Can not wait to get this game on PC.

    Thinking of replaying GTA4. The physics in that game felt so so good.

    Also started Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. I guess this is supposed to be a parody of 80’s anime? It’s fun and weird so I like it. Want to watch the more recent Hunter x Hunter anime next because Monster Hunter.

  16. Hoot says:

    Still wrapping up Pillars of Eternity and it’s expansions. I’m close. Starting The White March Pt2 content before I progress into Act 3 of the main game. Not being a masochist (at least in a gaming sense, wink wink) I’m doing it on Normal difficulty with High Level Scaling enabled whenever the game asks me to. I just want a save to import into the sequel at this point.

    This is the third time I’ve played it through (first with the expansions) and it’s as good as I remember it. The writing is great, and although I was enchanted by the relative daffiness of Divinity: Original Sin and it’s sequel, replaying Pillars feels like coming home.

  17. nitric22 says:

    I accidentally clicked on Uplay the other day and remembered I own Ubi games. I hadn’t taken note of the icon because it was covered in dust. I’m going to finally play Black Flag. ARRRR! Pirate time.

  18. criskywalker says:

    I’m finally getting into Final Fantasy games thanks to FF XV. I am alternating it with FF IV and FF VII. Heck, FF VII graphics are horrible, but finally I’m learning to play it and somewhat enjoying it. Even FF IV looks better and is the first one I was able to get into, but FF XV is the one that truly made me interested. And they’re all different enough that I don’t feel like playing the same game.

  19. kiank37 says:

    I will be trying the zombies mode in Call of Duty: WW II. I don’t have any expectations for it really. I’ll also try the new DLC maps. I’m excited for Dunkirk cause I thought the movie was visually beautiful and I’d love to relive that. I recently started the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered campaign cause I felt bad for barely touching that game when it came. So far it seems over cliché and racist but what do you expect from Call of Duty? I’ll be continuing with my Far Cry 5 play through. The story sucks, a lot. But the game is really fun, I just dread story missions. I’ll be also playing both Retribution and Uprising in Overwatch, while they will never be good as Mei snowball, I am enjoying it at the moment. On the PC I’ll be playing some Life is Strange if I have the time and I will continue to make all the wrong decisions. I think I’ll be dabbling in a little bit of the new Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds’ new team death match mode which is actually really fun. Overall, this weekend will be filled with outdoor adventures both in game and out in the real world. I’d also like to finish the second season of The Crown!

  20. fish99 says:

    Skyrim VR for me, 30 hrs in. The more I play it the more I’m appreciating experiencing it in VR. Wondering if I should try modding it since I believe the SE graphics mods will work with the VR version. It’d be nice to get some better environment textures if it doesn’t hurt performance too much.

    Combat with a bow is especially fun in VR, so stealthy archer seems like the way to go (again).

  21. Ossian says:

    Snow and sleet and icy road conditions this weekend…*sigh* I’d like some spring, please.

    But that means tons of time for gaming, so…huzzah?

    Continuing with the first Witcher. Probably some Out of the Park Baseball because it’s spring (sort of). I’m finally getting the hang of Motorsport Manager so hopefully some progress there, and maybe some bouts of Nuclear Throne. Also, for the first time in months, played some Fortnite matches so probably get a few of those in as well.

    Hmmmm, busy weekend. Better get to it.

  22. Zenicetus says:

    It will be a mix of Endless Space 2, where Cravers have shown up on my United Empire’s border and must be dealt with, and getting back into Subnautica. Also I should spend some time in X-Plane re-learning how to fly a helicopter, because I “own” one in the FSEconomy game and I’m not flying it enough.

  23. kud13 says:

    I’ve had to take soem work home, and it’s a friend’s birthday tonight, so gaming time is fairly severely limited.

    That being said, probably same as the entire week: slowly chipping away at “Bayonetta”.(My first ever Platinum Game. My first ever “spectacle fighter” (unless you count Legacy of Kain: Defiance that tried very hard to ape the Devil May Cry combat of its time). It’s going about as bad as you could expect, with some evenings me not even progressing a chapter. I’m enjoying the spectacle, even if the enemies are confusing and don’t telegraph their (various) attacks nearly good enough for my clumsy, button-mashing self. It’s fun, which is what matters, I suppose.

    Also, totally unrelated, after years of waffling, I’ve committed to buying the StarCraft II Battle Chest sometime this summer. So I’m now slowly re-playing the (un-remastered) original StarCraft story in anticipation of that. This time, I WILL actually finish the Brood War Zerg campaign without cheating. So I vow.

  24. Rainshine says:

    Mostly dancing at a music festival, some WoW to keep trudging away at maxxing all professions… Black Flag, I think I’m about 75% finished with all the various distractions collecting and such. And another game that I’m not terribly fond of, and I need your help, dear readers.

    Hardware shopping. My Logitech G500 has seen fit to start giving me fits by intermittently ceasing to work, as if unplugged. It’s something like six years old, so we’re well outside warranty. Seems to just be the mouse, so… I need to start hunting for a replacement. But it’s been a while since I seriously had to look for hardware, and I’m not sure what sites have quality reviews/evaluations of a decent variety of hardware. Specifically, I’m looking for a wired laser mouse with at least five buttons, preferably adjustable speeds, and.. that’s it. Don’t need no fancy branding or led lights or bluetooth speakers or thirty-eight programmable macros, but I would like a website that might help me in locating and evaluating possibilities. Suggestions?

  25. Kitsunin says:

    I’ve been playing Throne of Lies. A really cool online social deduction game. At first it was too complicated for me, so I played Town of Salem for a good while. Then I went back to it and gosh, it’s MUCH better.

    I kind of hate ToS after getting used to it, because you can almost always figure everything out if everyone just openly says what they do (which is always done by experienced players who don’t like having fun via “Vote for Role”). Sure mafia can kill the key town players, but it takes too long and all the good people will have long since had their abilities confirmed.

    In Throne of Lies, you might be able to figure out many actions, but evil people can actually convert key good people into evil people (even despite protection), meaning it’s actually risky to just throw everything on the table, and you can’t necessarily trust someone just because they proved they can, for instance, heal people. WHICH means it’s actually a social deduction game! Not just a dang puzzle!

    Also the roles individually have much more capacity to influence the outcome of the game, which makes each individual game more engaging. No more being medium and almost always having nothing at all to do.

  26. varangian says:

    I’ve just finished Tacoma – it’s been on sale, Phillipa (late of this parish) liked it and it works fine on Linux so I gave it a whirl. Really enjoyed it, doesn’t take long to complete but it’s a good bit of storytelling and a pleasant contrast from the majority of my games that involve either face-shooting or painting a map of the world my colour.

  27. Daymare says:

    After allocating ten Ashen Estus flasks and gitting gud at dodging, I managed to solo Midir with my FTH/STR Lightning-infused Longsword/Sunlight Spear character in Dark Souls 3, who I’ve played almost exclusively in coop with a good friend I gifted DS3 to. I then managed to solo Gael with my other character (high DEX/END with Washing Pole).

    Having thus managed to down who are considered the strongest DS bosses, I’ve returned to DS2, which I’d abandoned in 2014, because I couldn’t beat Flexile Sentry or Pursuer, or pretty much anything else. I think I didn’t know about ADP, and didn’t use any guides which just made these games impossible for me to beat.

    Turns out I couldn’t kill Flexile this time around either, until I’d upgraded my Broadsword to +3, having previously thought my unupgraded Fire Longsword could do the trick, but no. That was … an interesting stat check.

    I always try to play as long as I can with +0, even though I hate it, because I’m like ‘I need to find a weapon I like before I upgrade it’. DESPITE KNOWING the game’ll shit upgrade materials at me in no time and that it’s absolutely awful to play it that way.

    So now I’ve collected 4 Giant Souls and killed Vendrick, leaving me with but a few non-DLC bosses in DS2 on a STR build. I’ve switched from my Bastard Sword and a Tower Shield to a Red Iron Twinblade and Havel’s Shield, wearing squishy unupgraded clothes. That Twinblade is absolutely insane with its second R1.

    • Daymare says:

      … and I’ve made it to Shulva after the final main game spawned three bosses on me without a break, lol

      Running around in that labyrinthine place, the same red phantom player spawned on me four times, and killed me every time, such fun.

  28. Gomer_Pyle says:

    I’ve had Civ VI for a while now, but haven’t gotten around to playing it. Well this is the weekend! I’m not sure who I’m going to play as first, though I’ve been considering Harald Hardrada.

    Besides that, I’ll be playing the usual War Thunder and maybe a bit of BF 4 as well.

  29. jssebastian says:

    Zelda Breath of the Wild still, though the expansion is not quite as cool as I was hoping (thought I’d get to play as the 4 champions), I’m squeezing a bit more fun out of this fantastic game.

    On PC (meaning my linux laptop) I might give “All walls must fall” a more serious chance (only dipped into it for an hour or two so far), or start Tacoma, which I bought some time ago after I finally got around to playing Gone Home.

  30. Seyda Neen says:

    Well, I was playing Mass Effect 3 (SPOILERS HERE), but I was doing a renegade trilogy playthrough and it honestly stopped being fun. Killed Mordin, Tali killed herself, and then I killed Wrex, and finally lost the will to continue. I thought it would be like a tragic story, but I couldn’t establish any consistent motivation for my Shepard to do the stuff she did, so it all felt empty. Killing your buddies just isn’t fun, who’da thunk it?

    Soooo I bought Gorogoa and Assassin’s Creed: Orangutans on sale. Gorogoa is great, haven’t tried AC yet.

  31. Sin Vega says:

    I am playing the Impossible To Sleep game after playing Outside Where Other People Are for the first time in a gazillion years. Turns out I’m quite good at both.

    Also had a quick go at Damn I Forgot To Insult Adam. That was disappointing.

  32. DeepFried says:

    Still not quite finished with Jalopy so there will be some more of that, i’m also playing Escape from Tarkov and possibly some Rocket League.

  33. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    I replayed the final episode of Life is Strange Before the Storm. After playing Farewell, which is great but without going into details ends on a note that kinda makes you want to go back and play original Life is Strange again (which, not right now, since I just played through it for the first time a couple weeks ago)… but after learning some details about how things can go ending-wise in Storm and already having some doubts about my final choice, I was stuck with the nagging feeling that that was not the note I wanted to end it on if I’m not replaying the series again for a while… and since Storm doesn’t allow you to jump directly into sub-chapters (other than collecting tags) I ended up playing EP3 again from the start, with a couple different choices.

    I do think the post-credits bit is unnecessary and alters the tone for the worse (I don’t like it when movies do this either, it undermines the rounded completeness of a story), but otherwise that was a good way to wrap it up.

    Maybe everything was heightened since I pretty much played original LiS and this game back to back, but I *loved* Before the Storm. Added further depth and layers to the events and characters of the original and also worked very well as its own thing, and still feels like LiS even without the time powers. The back-talking mechanic fits Chloe’s character perfectly, and the tagging too…. Wonderful game. It makes me wish for more games like this about small personal stories.

    • Premium User Badge

      Ninja Dodo says:

      btw For a first playthrough they should definitely be played in order of release (given references and foreshadowing), but for a complete replay if/when I do one I’d be tempted to go chronological, or perhaps Storm > Farewell > and then ending on original LiS.

  34. icarussc says:

    Playing more and more of the Magic the Gathering: Arena beta. I really love this implementation, though the holds at the ends of steps are a bit wonky still. Can’t wait for them to implement some single-player for people like me who are Terrible At This Game.

    • malkav11 says:

      You should check out Hex: Shards of Fate. It’s not Magic, but it’s similar enough to be a pretty short learning curve for people who have played Magic, the card design takes way more advantage of the digital format than Wizards apparently has any willingness to do in their games, and it has a much more extensive singleplayer mode than any of the competition does or Arena is likely to.

  35. Chorltonwheelie says:

    Still ploughing through the wonderfully daft and violent The Darkness II.
    S’pose I should have a bash at Hellblade now. With Edith Finch getting a gong too it looks like the wider world may be accepting that games can do more than shooty bang bang even though some core gamers can’t see it themselves.

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