If wishes were horses, GOG’s latest sale would ride

In this hectic modern society, lists are the best way to keep track of desires and obligations: shopping lists, to-do lists, playlists, blacklists, whitelists, hitlists, shitlists… heck, this here is a listlist. It’s wishlists that GOG are celebrating today, having launched a sale on 150-odd games and DLCs that they say are among the most-wishlisted items on the store. These include The Witcher 3, Planescape: Torment, The Witness, Hyper Light Drifter, Grim Dawn, Darkest Dungeon, and other peachy video games.

The sale is splattered all over GOG’s front page or you can see all discounts on the site in one big list.

The discounts aren’t all mega-huge and some games have been on sale cheaper at times but I wouldn’t grumble. My understanding of wishes is that if yours are granted and you’re not left maimed, turning people to gold, or otherwise using your final wish to undo the other wishes, you’re coming out ahead.

GOG had last week talked about “granting thousands of wishes to GOG users for free” today, urging users to add to their wishlists, but the reality is slightly more mundane. As PR fella “elcookelcook” explained on the forums:

“Sorry for not communicating this clearly that all gifts were already sent a few hours ago. So check your mailbox if you haven’t already, to see if there is something from GOG.

“Yes, we had thousands of games to give out, but as you can probably imagine we have many, many more active users eligible for this giveaway. Hope the sale will sweeten it a bit for you, if you did not receive a freebie.”

So you might have a free game but probably not. But still: many good video games are cheap right now.


  1. ezelkow1 says:

    Meh, maybe at some point gog will start having good discounts on the actual OG in their name and port more of them again. Once they got in to this whole indie thing and bigger games they gave up on their namesake, and worse actual discounts on their namesake.

    I dont have a single game in my wishlist on sale, along with a lot of my friends, because they rarely discount the old games anymore.
    Just the same schlock you find on steam and everywhere else, and at worse discounts to boot

    • simontifik says:

      You could also buy the old games you want at full price to encourage GOG to continue bringing old games to their store.

      • SaintAn says:

        Didn’t most of these GOG games used to be free because of abandonware laws or something? Now they’re very overpriced.

        • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

          I’m not sure about laws outside of the US, but there is no such thing as abandonware in the US; I don’t know of any other jurisdictions where such a thing exists, though there may be some.

        • tomimt says:

          Abandonware still doesn’t exist anywhere legally. But GoG does have a collection of free games, still available to any customer. These games are just the usual games that have been dropped to free status by their creators, so GOG hasn’t really done nothing else but gathered them in one location.

        • Halk says:

          “abandonware laws”


        • Janichsan says:

          The legal truth is that “abandonware” boils down to piracy. In some cases, no one really cares about that anymore, as the games are too old, e.g. when it comes to many C64 games.

          GOG only sells “Good Old Games” for which they actually were able to get the license to sell it. Which means there has to be still someone who actually *owns* the license or is willing to grant GOG the selling rights.

          If you take a look at the list of the games most demanded by the community, you’ll see titles like Diablo, No One Lives Forever, or Age of Empires – many titles where the license owner either has no interest in selling their games DRM free (Blizzard, Microsoft), or the licensing rights are unclear (NOLF).

          If GOG.com would just grab free “abandonware” on the net and slap a price tag on it, they wouldn’t have any qualms to sell these titles.

          • modzero says:

            In just ~67 years the copyright on eighties games will start to expire, effectively making them “abandonware.”

            One should therefore hydrate properly, exercise, and not smoke, if they want legal old games for free.

          • Stromko says:

            I’m pretty sure IP laws will just continue to be updated to push the date back every time certain properties (*cough*Mickey*cough) might lapse into public domain, so I wouldn’t hold your breath on anything becoming public domain in our lifetimes or that of our great great grandchildren for that matter.

          • Stromko says:

            Of course I realize a copyright on software isn’t the same as the rights to a character, I just think similar “principles” apply.

    • 2late2die says:

      Yeah there are plenty of indie games – nothing wrong with supporting those guys, and titles from bigger studios, but just on the front page, some of the games that immediately jumped at me: Everspace, Baldur’s Gate, Caesar IV and even Forgotten Realms games. These all qualify as “old” and at least two of them are considered classics in their genres. Anyway, are you seriously complaining about a sale?? Talk about first-world problems.

      • napoleonic says:

        I never understand the smuggery of the “first world problems!” jibe. Just because there exists a greater problem in the world, doesn’t mean that a lesser problem is somehow not a problem.

        Perhaps there should be an official ranking of all problems in the world, so that we know which one of them is the exclusive worst problem that you will allow us to talk about.

        • Sandepande says:

          Complaining about games being not cheap enough (but still cheap) in that particular fashion deserves some snobbery.

        • Scraphound says:

          You’re being overly literal and sensitive. OP was making a point about whining, not actually criticizing first/third world issues.

    • Halk says:

      >Once they got in to this whole indie thing and bigger
      >games they gave up on their namesake, and worse actual
      >discounts on their namesake.

      I am very happy that GOG also offers new games, as otherwise I could not buy them in most cases (as I never buy any cultural goods that come with DRM as a matter of principle).

      >they rarely discount the old games anymore.

      Actually, they do that all the effing time.

      >Just the same schlock you find on steam

      No, not the same. GOG offers them for purchase; Steam only offers them for “licensing”, or whatever they call it nowadays.

    • Jerkzilla says:

      In addition to what others have said, Steam generally also doesn’t make sure the old games they sell actually work on modern systems. While some of these games would be easy to run in dosbox, on the whole, this effort on GOG’s part saves us a lot of hassle.

      • MajorLag says:

        GOG still gets it wrong though. For instance Sim City 2000 is the DOS version (in DOSBox) even though the Windows 95 version works very will with a patch.

    • Quadruplesword says:

      I just got Deus Ex, System Shock 1 and 2, and Thief 1, 2, and 3 for about $12. I’d say that’s a pretty good sale.

  2. Czrly says:

    Dejavu, much? I guess I could have recited those meagre four pages of specials. In order.

    I do wish they’d stop discounting the same old stuff every sale. How about discounts on something entirely different or something esoteric for a change? Can we have some diversity?

    I know, I know. This is a sale driven by wishlists. It is always going to be the same. But how about a sale driven by the top rated games (with a certain number of ratings) sorted by the *fewest* wishes, first, to bring out some unknown gems instead of Geralt and the unnamed one, every time?

    • Halk says:

      There are weekly sales on GOG, and it’s different games all the time.

    • tomimt says:

      At least the whole catalogue of Interplay titles isn’t on sale like it is on every other week. So that’s something, I guess.

  3. Gus314 says:

    Worth mentioning that games planet have also just started their spring sale and as somebody in thrall to the Steam DRM gods I found it significantly better.

  4. Apologised says:

    A sale on GoG? It must be a Tuesday!

    Seriously, GoG is very rapidly becoming the DFS of video games.

    • CrackedMandible says:

      Steam has weekend madness sales. And midweek madness sales. And individual title sales. And publisher sales. And sundry other sales constantly.

      Humble Bumdle’s website seems like it has a sale every day.

    • Celcos says:

      I too wish you could pay more for stuff.

  5. shadow9d9 says:

    It is just a gimmick. I don’t care if the games are on sale again if the discounts still suck. 20% off on shovel knight still? Haha. No thanks.

  6. Quadruplesword says:

    Wonder if publishers will ever get past their big piracy boogie man and realize that DRM hurts paying customers and does very little to prevent piracy. Probably not, but I can dream, right?

    I also appreciate that the GOG team actually makes an effort to ensure old games work on modern hardware before selling them. Every old game I’ve gotten from GOG has worked flawlessly on my computer, which I very much appreciate.

  7. klops says:

    “Sale? On GoG? Fuck you GoG! Too often, too cheap, too expensive! I don’t like getting Witcher 3 GotY for 20€! No!”

    “Crusader Kings 2 for free from Paradox? Fuck you Paradox! It’s not the complete experience! I demand all the DLC as well! I deserve that! No!”

    • Sandepande says:

      I liked it better when sales were once a year, or never…

  8. kud13 says:

    Sigh. I just bought “Dying Light” in the St Patrick’s sale for 50% off, because “it never goes on sale”

    Now it’s on sale for 60% off, lol.

    The problem with this sale is, I own most of these.
    Ah well, I guess it’s time to buy Divinity: Original Sin now.

  9. Slander says:

    The top picture is great, but there’s no way Dandelion would be caught in the back of any depiction in which he is included.