Overwatch launches 6v6 Competitive Elimination

Blizzard have launched a 6v6 Competitive season for Overwatch‘s Elimination, the respawnless Arena mode where teams simply murder each other. What makes this interesting is that the season is running the Lockout variant of Elimination, where teams are blocked from picking characters they’ve already used to win a previous round. So sure, you might mash the other team with your strongest lineup in the first round, but what then? With best-of-5 matches, your team might end up with some odd and underpowered lineups – a mode rewarding flexibility.

Blizzard explain that this short season started last night and will end at 1am on May 8th. The usual Elimination maps are in the rotation, and now with Ayutthaya too.

If you want in, look for Competitive Elimination in Overwatch’s Arcade.

If you’re not the competitive sort, remember that Overwatch has cooperative PvE event modes live right now too. The Overwatch Archives event has added the new Retribution mission, revisiting a historical (in the fiction) Blackwatch operation which ended in gunning through the streets of Venice. Last year’s Uprising mission has returned as part of the event too.


  1. Don Reba says:

    Will there be a free weekend?

    • basilisk says:

      There will very likely be one for the Anniversary event, in late May or early June. That was the case last year, anyway.

  2. mitrovarr says:

    Sounds fun. I like lockout modes, it gives a chance for the non-meta heroes to come out and play.

    • Excors says:

      I haven’t seen many crazy hero choices in the games I’ve played, but there’s still a lot more variety than a normal competitive match. Since they added Moira and Brigitte there are enough heroes to run sensible 2-2-2 compositions in all three rounds, which I think is good – you’re no longer forced to solo-heal (at least not by the game’s rules). I’ve nearly always had the standard tank pairings (Winston+D.Va, Orisa+Roadhog, Reinhardt+Zarya) with two healers and two arbitrary DPS, which works well enough. Then, since the maps are pretty small, everyone just hurls themselves at the main chokepoint until one side loses a player and spirals out of control. Not very strategic but it seems fun for a while.

  3. SaintAn says:

    Still can’t play what I want when I want. Why don’t you report how shitty their treatment of the players is instead of announcing their new modes for them like some Blizzard PR site?

    • ogopogo says:

      This was a fairly bloodless post– 3.5 paragraphs, mostly concrete & descriptive, not really trumpeting anybody’s PR.

      If Overwatch has been mistreating players then idk if RPS is your enemy, they’re kinda sympathetic about that sort of stuff. They might actually want to hear more about that.

      Like what’s going on with play modes, what’s been removed? You got any juicy tidbits or vids of admin shennanegans going down? Maybe email ’em to Alice or somebody, it’s likelier you actually get consideration from RPS then you might from most lamestream gaming news.

      Seriously if you’ve got a rant justifying why I’m smart to not have played Overwatch then I’d kind of like the update and vindication, what’s it been like out there? You look at youtub vids, the combat seems reasonably fair… the problems must start beyond the basics, eh?

      • Zorgulon says:

        I believe they are referring to Capture the Flag. CTF has never been a core game mode of Overwatch, and was introduced last year and reintroduced this year as part of the Lunar New Year event. During the event, it is available in the Arcade as a game mode. Outside of the event it is only available sporadically as a daily-rotating Arcade mode, or as part of a Custom Game. I imagine this is frustrating if you are a fan of the game mode, but personally I can’t stand CTF.

        I think Blizzard’s rationale for doing this is not wanting to divide the player base too much (this is debatable, as they already have Competitive, Quickplay, Deathmatch, Mystery Heroes, Elimination and any special Event brawl running simultaneously). At any rate, CTF has never been a core game mode, and I’m not sure it enjoys much popularity outside SaintAn’s persistent comments on RPS.

        • Excors says:

          In particular, I think SaintAn only wants to play CTF with the 2017 rules, not the improved 2018 version.

          And they can still play it – “CAPTURE THE FLAG – 2017” is one of the presets in the custom game browser. But whenever I’ve looked, nobody is running a CTF game. So I guess what SaintAn really wants is for a large number of other people to be forced to play 2017 CTF so that there’s always enough for a decent match.

    • Rindan says:

      …are you 12? You started your post by literally whining. If you are going to whine, could you just go ahead and assume that we can’t see inside of your head and tell us what your complaint is? Just petulantly whining doesn’t contribute anything. At least whine about something specific.

  4. Daymare says:

    Why did that cowboy think he could take on a person obviously armed with some sort of cryoweapon?

    What a weird game.

    • beleester says:

      Just because other weapons exist in the future doesn’t mean bullets lose their effectiveness. Shooting bits of metal at high speed is a good way to kill things. It’s true today, it’ll be true in the future, for as long as humans continue to be made out of meat.