Super Mega Baseball 2 slides home on May 1st

Hey batter batter batter swing batter ’em up Super Mega Baseball 2 will launch on May 1st, developers Metalhead Software announced today. The first one is a decent b-baller with more serious gameguts than its cartoony look might suggest, and the sequel will bring online multiplayer along with a new art style that makes players look less like geese. Here, have a watch of the new dev video explaining more about Super Mega 2:

Samuel Horti celebrated the first game on this site last year, gushing about the contrast between the “surprisingly deep systems” and “colourful cartoon visuals.” He said:

“Everything is over the top, and hitting a home run is the perfect example. When you catch a ball just right sparks will fly from your bat and the ball will sail miles into the stand. The stadium will erupt in applause as fireworks clap overhead, and you’ll get a hawkeye tracer showing you the exact trajectory of the ball you just hit. Your character will joyously wrap around the bases, stopping for a high five before hopping on home plate as the on-looking pitcher shakes his head.”

Take me out.

Super Mega Baseball 2 is coming to Steam on May 1st, priced at $30. It had once been due in September 2017 but ended up delayed. Better late than rubbo, and all that.


  1. ColonelFailure says:

    You there! Kindly take my money forthwith.

  2. jeffy777 says:

    Nice. Looks like a lot f solid improvements over the first one.

  3. cadwallader says:

    I am sorry about this, but the inner sports pedant in me screams to be heard: “b-ball” is basketball, and basketball only. If this error was made on purpose or in jest to troll: well played.

    *I am also well aware baseball might not be the most popular topic around here.

    • funky_mollusk says:

      Agreed. Basketball is “b-ball”, baseball is just “ball”. (As in “play ball”)

  4. trashmyego says:

    It’s almost here :D

    Been waiting for this sequel since I heard that it was going to happen. The original is a true gem of a game, and all the improvements and additions they’ve put into this look wonderful. Can’t wait to throw more money their way.

  5. funky_mollusk says:

    Love this. The first one was fantastic. It looks cutesy but it’s mostly very deep and realistic. I’ve never found another “ball” game that achieves SMB’s level of immersiveness. Like the feeling of actually being in the batters box, trying to figure out how the pitcher is going to attack you. Figuring out your two-strike approach etc.