Serious Sam 4 trailer visits Planet Badass

The unpausing yell of a headless bomb-handed man charging towards me should fill me with dread, and yet I’m happy to see the daft gits again in a new trailer for Serious Sam 4. Four years after the game was once due to launch, developers Croteam are finally starting to open up more about their frenetic backpedalling first-person shooter. It’s called Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass now, for starters, in case anyone missed how daft it’s all meant to be. And it seems to be leaving deserts behind, venturing into lush countryside. Here, watch this morning’s new trailer.

I’m up for that foolishness.

Croteam don’t reveal too much about the game, saying that they’re saving the marketing blast-o-rama for E3 in June. However, the few bits of text they do sling around mention hordes of enemies, explosions galore, and one-liners, and teases of “a brutally bigger scale” – with “not a single desert level”.

Serious Sam 4 is coming via Steam. It was once due in 2014 but Croteam made a load of other games instead, from philosophical puzzler The Talos Principle to VR versions of Serious Sam. Wisely, Croteam now say nothing about when it might be out. When riffing off Duke Nukem, you don’t want to follow his footsteps too closely.


  1. Snowy007 says:

    I bought and played the whole CroTeam VR package not long ago. Had not played Talos Principle or any of the Serious Sam games before that, but they where absolutely amazing in VR. The VR conversions are really well done. I’m actually hoping that this will come with a VR version as well, or at least shortly after they release this.

    • GepardenK says:

      Croteam are absolute tech geeks. If something is trending they’ll do everything they can to shove support of it into pretty much all of their games. Hell, when the Vulcan API was new the very first game to support it was the Talos Principle; followed shortly by their entire Serious Sam back catalogue (‘leave no game behind’ seems to be the motto). Sufficed to say I would be very surprised if Sam4 dosen’t get a VR version.

  2. SBLux says:

    I love me a bit of Sam, seriously.

  3. ferret says:

    Will this takes place in France ? I mean, in the trailer we can see a panel with “Centre culturel de la mémoire combattante” on it. Which is in Carcassonne. Beautiful city by the way.

    • GepardenK says:

      Yes. France as a setting was confirmed for the original version of Sam4 back in 2014, and it seems like they haven’t changed their minds since.

  4. tangoliber says:

    But, I want desert levels. It’s Serious Sam.

    Hopefully they mistyped and meant ‘dessert’.

  5. dahools says:

    Think they should try ancient Egypt don’t think they have quite done enough of it over the previous games.

    Kleers are gonna be nails in tall grass!

    Looking forward to seeing where they take it but not sold in France though. Doesn’t seem “Mental” enough to me.

    • GepardenK says:

      You know what would be Mental? A Lost World style raptors in the grass scenario; with Kleers. The horror would be real.

  6. bill says:

    I love the Serious Sam games, but I’ve always found the level locations and design to be rather dull.

    The ending of this looks great, but the location looks rather dull.

    I realise that SS needs big open spaces, but it seems like the perfect kind of game to have a variety of awe-inspiring locations that a more ‘serious’ story driven game couldn’t get away with.

    Basically, mix it with the levels from Painkiller and you’d have the perfect FPS.
    – Serious Sam had great combat and enemies, but dull levels, dull settings and dull weapons (except the huge ball)
    – Painkiller had great settings and weapons, but dull combat and enemies.

    Why not have one level take place on icebergs, the next on top of a volcanic eruption that’s been frozen in time, the next at a microscopic level on a table top, the next on the rings of saturn, another in Carcasonne, etc…
    I’m sure their engine could handle it, and it’s not as if they need to worry about tying all the levels together thematically or naratively.

    Oh, and give us a stake gun and a gravity gun.

  7. Jeroen D Stout says:

    It is about at this time that I realize the consonating relationship between Mad Max and Serious Sam.

  8. Freud says:

    Was that a public domain version of Born to be Free?

    • Zenicetus says:

      Born to be Wild (Steppenwolf). First thing I thought of when the clip started. Used in the Easy Rider movie too, for a motorcycle reference.

      And yeah, sounds like a copyright-avoidance version. I think it’s a bad marketing move, because it just sounds like the devs are too cheap to license the original.

  9. Blake Casimir says:

    Hopefully there will be level design this time? Rather than just endless arenas…

  10. Darth Gangrel says:

    Aaaahhhhh, overkill at its finest.

    I simultaneously feel like Serious Sam 3 (2011) wasn’t so long ago and like we’ve been waiting for a sequel for years now. There are several other old-school shooters with sequels now (Shadow Warrior and Wolfenstein), but there’s nothing like a bit of ultraviolence in the Serious Sam way.

  11. Person of Interest says:

    I thought Alice had made another Coil reference but it’s actually a quote from a 50’s horror film that I guess should go on my watch list?

  12. haldolium says:

    I seriously hope they bring back the silly and colorful fun from the earlier games. That gritty war torn shit from SS3 was just the worst. Not to mention all the game design things that should not be in a Serious Sam title.

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