New Beyond Skyrim project promises to go even beyonder to Iliac Bay

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A proper modding community can keep a game world alive long after the studio behind that title has put it to pasture. Or, more accurately in this case, when the studio just keeps porting the original game to new devices instead of, you know, making new entries. Skyrim has some of the most in-depth world building teams on the mod market, and instead of merely remastering or HD’ing their way through old titles, they’re re-inventing the wheel. The Beyond Skyrim team just released the trailer and description for their expansion Iliac Bay and the production values are awe-inspiring.

The Beyond Skyrim project wants to revisit lands from older Elder Scrolls games, exploring how they’ve changed through new stories which are contemporaneous with the events of Skyrim. For example, in an earlier mod we covered, Beyond Skyrim took a look at the volcanic post-destructive hellscape that Morrowind has evolved into.

(Admittedly, I’m a much bigger Fallout fan, and so I want to make a comparison regarding which locations I would like to see revisited via mods in Fallout 4, but I’m not sure how any of those timelines work out. Needless to say, this is such a cool approach.)

Beyond Skyrim: Three Kingdoms will be the first release from the Iliac Bay: Tower of Dawn project. Covering the eastern Breton kingdoms of Farrun and Jehanna, as well as the Abecean Isles off the western coast of Hammerfell, it will provide a fresh, updated take on the classic lore and locations, complete with all the depth, choice and rich content that fans have come to expect from Beyond Skyrim. Each area will feature fully voiced NPCs, new adventures and locations to explore, and of course, new magic, treasures, and equipment.

To the north of Iliac Bay lies the land of High Rock, ancestral homeland of the Bretons. Every Breton city is a Kingdom in its own right, with its own laws, armies, and rulers answering only to the Emperor himself. It is a land of shining chivalry and treacherous, scheming politics, of immense wealth and grinding poverty. But it also provides almost limitless opportunity for any enterprising adventurer who is bold and skilful enough to catch the eye of the great noble families of Bretony…

You can read the entirety of the press release right here, but first I suggest taking a gander at this impressive expansion’s trailer yonder:

There is no set release date for the project, but you can follow along or get involved at the official site.


  1. dangermouse76 says:

    I’ve really enjoyed the Elder Scrolls games and love these expansions. Such a great community.

    On my wish list though for Elder Scrolls games going forward is to add some good physics interactions. The world can feel a little static sometimes.

  2. brucethemoose says:

    I dont know how all these massive TES projects keep their momentum going all these years, but it’s a truly amazing thing.

    That being said, the relative stinginess of the Skyrim modding community gets on my nerves. Being unable to pack mods together or even auto-download them like Curse creates a huge barrier to entry, and ultimately makes the dev’s lives harder because so many people are reporting bugs from unstable, unpatched setups.

    • Xzi says:

      People hate it, but it really helps momentum when the game you’re modding gets consistent re-releases. Skyrim VR was released just this month, and it’s a much better way to play this game in particular IMO.

  3. Seafoam says:

    The Beyond Skyrim project is what Elder Scrolls Online should’ve been back in the day.

    Or atleast what it seemed like to be in everyone’s heads until the grave dissapointment.

    • April March says:

      It does have a characteristic I’ve seen many people desire out of TESO, namely, that it is not an MMO.

      • brucethemoose says:

        “MMO” is such a tainted word now.

        Its a shame, as I have no problem with multiplayer. What people don’t want is WoW-style hotbar gameplay. We really need a new word for that.

  4. Elric666 says:

    Man, Skyrim… for all of its faults, it is truly a masterpiece and with the Creation Kit and the modding community, a game for the ages. After every year or so of taking a break, I start longing for it again to replay it with some new mods and expansions. I practically have to force myself not to dive in again, just so I get to finally play some of the other games on my list.
    I guess one of the reasons it’s so compelling is that it is a true role playing game where you can lose yourself in a fantastic world and live another life. The term RPG is being used quite inflationary, yet there are only very few games that really allow you to play a customized role in a sandbox world, and Skyrim is one of the best.

  5. The Velour Fog says:

    seems we are forever hearing about these massive mods being “in development” but none have ever been finished

    Can’t wait until the next Elder Scrolls is out then we can start hearing about how Skyrim is being modded into the new engine

    • Elric666 says:

      That’s not correct.
      Beyond Skyrim: Bruma, Moonpath to Elsweyr, Darkend, Beyond Reach, and of course the huge Enderal… plenty of massive mods have been finished.

      • jeremyalexander says:

        BS:Bruma is a demo for a project that isn’t anywhere near completion, Moonpath is a linear set of levels, not a massive project in any way, Darkend isn’t even close to this scale, Beyond Reach is garbage, and Enderal has nothing to do with the Elder Scrolls, and is it’s own separate game in it’s own world. None of the big content add ons for an actual ES game have ever been released and there are projects dating back to Morrowind’s release. Modders can’t do what a dev team with the backing of a studio can do and not a single mod ever released has challenged that. Even Nehrim and Enderal, as impressive as they are, aren’t very polished at all and just reuse a ton of Bethesda’s assets. Call me when a single one of these Beyond Skyrim projects is done in full, playable from beginning to end without game breaking bugs and is up to the level of a pro studio then I’ll give them 1% of the credit of a pro-studio. Until then this is all wishes and hollow promises.

        • Elric666 says:

          What did I do to deserve u trolling me so hard, bro?

        • Auditormadness9 says:

          1. They are called Mods, for a reason. They are not payed, they work on it only in their free time, they work on it if they want to and whenever they want. If you expect these modders to release a 2025 engine for you in Skyrim, you’re a long way off from reality or any type of comprehension about how modding works.
          2. >playable from beginning to end without game breaking bugs and is up to the level of a pro studio

          Don’t even tell me that Bethesda’s games and their content don’t have game breaking bugs. It’s the nature of the engine itself, by Bethesda themselves. Plus, I haven’t even seen a damn bug in BS, not at all, maybe one or two but certainly not game breaking. Don’t understimate the talents modders over the misfunction of the engine that the game developers themselves created the game with bugs with it.

        • SwiffFiffteh says:

          Do you even troll bro

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